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Alibaba intensifies focus on combining AI with e-commerce as executives urged to embrace the new technology

21 March, 08:50PM • E-commerce

Microsoft design exec turns to AI to illustrate son’s book about coping with anxiety

21 March, 08:25PM • Design

Berlin-based Frontnow raises €3.8 million to hyper-personalise the B2B e-commerce experience

21 March, 07:42PM • E-commerce

Shopify’s ‘Magic’ AI image editor can make any product pics look professional

21 March, 04:50PM • E-commerce

SA startup Cue raises $2m to accelerate customer service with AI

21 March, 02:40PM • E-commerce

Thomson Reuters' $100M yearly investment plan - financial strength and AI innovation

21 March, 02:32PM • Finance

Artificial intelligence: a new battlefield for US-China supremacy

21 March, 01:01PM • Business

Omdia: servers for AI processing are big sellers

21 March, 10:05AM • Sales

AI to transform e-commerce returns: Swedish startup eComID raises €2.75M to cover more brands

21 March, 10:02AM • E-commerce

China seeks closer US links on scientific research, use of AI in education

21 March, 10:00AM • Education

Meta’s AI image generator accused of making ‘Woke’ pictures like Google

20 March, 10:14PM • Images

Blu Parrot forges powerful partnership with bright data to harness public web data for advance data analytics & AI

20 March, 09:50PM • Analytics

ICON unveils groundbreaking construction innovations at SXSW: revolutionizing building with robotics, AI, and sustainable materials

20 March, 09:20PM • Design

SoundHound AI impresses with subscription backlog surge: analysts see positive outlook despite top-line miss

20 March, 06:20PM • Customer support

An Australian orchestra is savaged for posting the ‘worst A.I.-generated artwork’

20 March, 06:11PM • Design
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