Revive your images: the best AI tools for photo colorization in 2024

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Jude Foster

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02 December 2023, 11:23AM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Explore the top AI tools that can bring life and vibrancy to your black and white photos

Learn how these AI tools analyze and interpret images to accurately add color

Discover the potential applications of AI photo colorization in various industries

Revive your images: the best AI tools for photo colorization in 2024

Outstanding AI Platforms for Photo Colorization

Looking to breathe life into your black and white photos? An opulence of AI tools is at your disposal, each with its proprietary techniques to add vibrant hues to those grayscale images. Colorizing old photographs is a burgeoning trend that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to recreate several possible scenarios of what the original colors might have been. They are instrumental in restoring old family photos, making memorable moments even more vivid, or even for professional photographic/ cinematic remastering.

But with a plethora of options available, which tools rise above the rest? Let's delve into the top AI tools for photo colorization, discussing their features, benefits, and how they stand up against the competition. Whether you're a professional or a casual hobbyist, we've got something for everyone. So, it's time to pull out those old albums from the attic and let these AI tools sprinkle their technicolor magic on them!

What to Expect in this Article

Welcome to the world of AI-powered photo colorization. If you've ever dreamed of breathing life back into old black-and-white photographs, you're going to find this article immensely helpful. We're going to explore some of the best AI-based tools that make colorizing pictures an enjoyable and straightforward task. Let's dive right in

  1. An insightful look at the top AI tools for photo colorization.
  2. Features and benefits of each tool.
  3. A comparative view to help you make an informed choice.

A Walkthrough of Renowned AI Tools for Photo Colorization

1. ColouriseSG

Imagine wielding a magic wand capable of splashing vibrant hues onto the austere canvas of age-old black and white photos. That's the power vested in you by ColouriseSG. Initially conceived for the strong desire to breathe life into Singapore's profound history, this AI tool has since grown to not just meet but exceed expectations with its photo transformation prowess. Without further ado, let's leap into a thorough exploration of its unique attributes:

  • Image Quality: It not only brings color to your photos, but also enhances their quality to a significant extent, thereby putting a fresh spin on old images.
  • Free of charge: This is a completely free service. You can colorize as many images as you want without dealing with subscription packages or incurring charges.
  • Privacy and protection: The creators of ColouriseSG understand the significance of privacy. After 24 hours, they permanently delete any image you upload.

2. Algorithmia

Following suit, we have the AI-powered functionality of Algorithmia. Renowned for crafting images with superior colorization, this cloud-based software transforms your uploaded black and white photos into chromatic wonders. Let's plunge into the admirable characteristics of this tool:

  • Effortless to Use: The icing on the cake? Its simple, user-friendly interface. All it requires is for you to upload your vintage grayscale snaps, and voila! Algorithmia takes care of the rest.
  • Fast Processing: Behind its easy-to-use facade, Algorithmia is a powerhouse that rapidly processes colors, delivering remarkable results in the blink of an eye. So, you're never kept waiting.
  • Resolution Enhancement: And, guess what more? Algorithmia does not stop at just colorization. It also enhances the image resolution, thereby improving the overall image quality.

With Algorithmia, you're handed the reins of colorization. You're enabled to play with the configurations of the recolored picture, hence granting you the power to define the ultimate outcome.

3. DeOldify

Not forgetting DeOldify, another gem in the AI photo colorization game. DeOldify shines with its specialized deep learning approach. It entails a tad more tech-acumen than its counterparts to master, but its results are nothing short of breathtaking. Key Features of DeOldify:

  • Render Factor: It comes with a unique 'render factor' option that allows you to adjust the strength and nature of the color applied to your black and white images. This feature is particularly handy when you need just a little more control over the final look of your colorized photo.
  • Neural Network Innovation: One of the key features of DeOldify is the innovative use of a neural network model known as NoGAN, which results in a faster, more stable, and more accurate colorization process.
  • Detailed Colorization: DeOldify excels at enhancing finer image details. For example, if you have a historical black and white photograph, you'll notice how DeOldify meticulously colorizes every feature, from skin tones to background elements.
  • Optimised for Portraits: DeOldify is particularly adept at colorizing portraits. The AI tool manages an impressive balance between color intensity and facial details, providing a natural look to old black and white portraits.

This tool harnesses the power of Github for its operations, hence a bit of coding is the calling card to utilize its extensive capabilities. Nonetheless, even coding newbies can get a hang of it with numerous online guides at your disposal to explore DeOldify's resourceful toolset.

4. CODIJY Colorizer

Allow us to reintroduce CODIJY Colorizer. A prominent name in colorizing world, this tool stands out for its unhindered usage, intense functionalities, and captivating outcomes. Think of any color and CODIJY has 400 more up its sleeves to let your imagination run wild. Let's skim through some of its envious features:

  • Color Selection: With over 400 colors to choose from, craft your images to resonate with your personal touch. The choice for colors is simply endless!
  • Easy-to-use Tool: The user-friendly interface of CODIJY Colorizer ensures even a novice user can navigate easily, making the colorization process as seamless as possible.
  • Stand-out Outputs: When it comes to quality of the colorization, CODIJY equips you with stunning outcomes. The precise and detailed colorization makes the photos come alive.

5. Colorize Images

Meet Colorize Images, a brainchild of Videza, demonstrating altogether remarkable strides in AI-driven photo colorization. By harnessing the power of Videza's proprietary DeepArt effects, monochrome images are resurrected to an enchanting life of color.

  • User-friendly interface: Mirroring simplicity in its web design, you just upload the picture and witness the colorful metamorphosis.
  • Mobile friendliness: Colorize Images comes with a dedicated mobile application, guaranteeing a seamless colorization experience that you could take anywhere and everywhere.
  • Spectacular outcomes: Latterly, this tool's results are distinctive in their high value, wielding immaculate detailing and flawless color blending that breathes life into your photos.

6. Colourize

Avoid confusing Colourize with, as it is another compelling AI-based photo colorization tool, an online service eloped by Colourise AI. Crafting high-quality results, it’s another strong competitor in this field. Curious about its features?

  • Minimalistic Design: The Colourize website sports an intuitive and clean layout where you merely upload your photo and let the AI do its magic.
  • Support for High-resolution Images: A unique feature is its support for high-resolution pictures. Colourize enables you to savor an array of vivacious colors in fine detail.
  • Multipurpose Use: Be it valued family moments or old historical shots, Colourize has got you covered with its versatile photo handling capability.

7. DeepArt

An obligatory mention within the topic of AI tools for photo colorization is DeepArt. Supplementing a remarkable neural network for its colorizing work, it produces visually arresting outcomes. Wondering about its strengths?

  • AI-efficient: DeepArt leverages both AI and machine learning for infusing vibrance into grayscale photos.
  • Artistic Filters: Apart from colorization, it allows you to turn your images into works of art using “styles” influenced by famed artists, providing a canvas of creative expression.
  • Vibrant Community: A unique advantage of DeepArt is its active user community where members share creations, offer feedback, and inspire newcomers.

A comparative view to help you make an informed choice

Choosing the right AI tool for photo colorization depends on several factors such as price, ease of use, the technical capability of the user, and the specific needs and desired outcomes for the project. To make your decision easier, below is a comparative table summarizing the features and benefits of each tool. Pay attention to the factors that matter most to you, and find your perfect match!

AI ToolCostEase of UseSpecific FeaturesBest Suited For
ColouriseSGFreeVery easyWorks best with historical photosNovices, Historical researchers
AlgorithmiaPaidModerately easyAPI for integration into appselopers, Professional users
DeOldifyFreeRequires technical know-howOpen-source, Highly accurateelopers, Tech enthusiasts
CODIJY ColorizerPaidEasyAdvanced color controlsArtists, Designers
Colorize ImagesFreeVery easyMobile appNon-professional users, Casual use
ColourizePaidModerately easyFast processingProfessional users, Quick turnarounds
DeepArtPaidModerately easyVarious artistic stylesArtists, Creatives

At the end of the day, remember that each tool has its unique charm. Feel free to test these tools out individually, play around with them and get a first-hand feel of their usability. The personal 'touch and feel' can often be a good deciding factor. Happy colorizing!

In conclusion, modern AI tools have dramatically transformed the way we interact with images, specifically through photo colorization. From allowing us to add a touch of color to historical moments captured in black and white, to restoring precious family memories, these tools present a wealth of opportunities. We hope this article has provided you with ample insights into some of the top AI tools available, and their respective strengths and features. Ultimately, the choice of the right tool depends on your specific needs and requirements. Nevertheless, whichever tool you decide to use, there's no doubt that this fascinating blend of art and technology will offer a unique and highly fulfilling experience.



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