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Guide to Notion AI: How to Use Notion AI and Become More Productive

11 mins

Marko Georgiev

Published by: Marko Georgiev

18 June 2024, 08:20PM

In Brief

Notion recently added AI tools, which we will help you to find and utilize.

Notion AI, released in 2023, uses GPT-3.5 for productivity and collaboration.

Access Notion AI by downloading the app, signing in, and exploring the dashboard.

Notion AI offers features like "Continue Writing," "Summarize," and "Translate."

Guide to Notion AI: How to Use Notion AI and Become More Productive

Every day, more and more companies are starting to integrate artificial intelligence into their websites and apps.

Maybe not today, but with AI's rapid evolution, most people will have to learn how to use it properly.

Notion is one of those companies that has recently integrated AI tools into their apps, and many users struggle to utilize them properly.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use Notion AI to improve your Notion workplace.

Let's not waste any more time, so jump right in!

What is Notion AI?

Notion has been around for nearly a decade, and when it was released, it revolutionized how people scheduled their workload.

It has gained over 30 million users and has become one of the most popular productivity applications.

In 2023, Notion released its AI tool, Notion AI, which used the GPT-3.5 model to help users with everyday tasks such as productivity, work performance, collaboration, and more.

With even further testing and training, Notion AI has become optimized and ready to take on any task you have.

How to Use Notion AI?

1. Download the App

Notion is a very accessible platform. It’s available on almost any device and can also be used directly from a browser. 

I’ll be using the desktop application, but the steps covered will be the same across all mobile, desktop, and web devices.


The first thing to do is to download the app. 

If you’re on a computer, open any browser and visit the Notion website. If you’re on a mobile device, use the store and download the Notion app from there.


By clicking ‘Download for (Your device),’ the download will start, and you’ll have to continue with the installation process.

There are many benefits of using the desktop version, such as:

  • Stability
  • Faster Performance
  • Better User Experience

After your download is complete, start the setup and let it do its thing.

2. Sign up or Log in

When the installation is complete, the next step to use Notion is to create an account or log in with an existing one.


You can also choose to continue using an Apple or Google account.

If you decide to use your email, you’ll be sent a verification code to gain access to Notion.

By clicking continue, you’ll be prompted to enter your preferred name and password. 


Furthermore, you have the option to add a profile picture of yourself to make your profile unique.

Lastly, Notion will ask you about your intentions and use of their platform, such as:

  • For my team
  • For personal use
  • For school

I’ll be choosing personal use so I can test the platform and check out all of its current functions, but you should pick whatever is best suited for you.

Moreover, you can select subjects that interest you so that Notion can tailor your experience, but that step is skippable.

Your Notion workspace has to have a name, so think of a catchy name or write something bland as I did, and maybe add an icon while you’re here.


And with this the login and setup phase is done.

3. Dashboard

When you first enter the app, your dashboard should look something like this. 


This design has existed for a couple of years, so it’s nothing new. The menu is on the left, and the text is in the center. 

Feel free to play around for a bit to get a grip on the user interface.

Familiarize yourself with Notions' many features, such as their Calendar, Feedback, and Templates.

4. Accessing AI Tools

There are multiple ways to access Notion AI.

Pressing the Spacebar

By pressing the spacebar on your keyboard, a search bar will appear with the text ‘Ask AI.’

ask AI

You can write anything your heart desires and even choose some of the options Notion AI gives you, which we’ll discuss later.

ask AI

In the picture, I prompted Notion AI to continue writing in the ‘Getting Started’ document and generated the result.

Hovering Over Text


As you can see, I undid the changes from the previous step and hovered over the last bit of text on the list.

By clicking on the ‘Ask AI’ button, the same search bar from before will appear with the same suggestions.

With the same action, ‘Continue writing,’ a similar text will be added to the Notion page. 


Ask AI Button

This last method differs from the other two as it doesn’t change or add anything to the document. Instead, it’s primarily used as a chatbot.

AI chat

You can ask Notion AI anything related to the workspace, and it’ll try to give you an answer. 

AI chat

Feel free to ask anything, from your coworkers' progress to your weekly to-do list. Notion AI will answer.


Now that you know how to access and use Notion AI, I still haven’t discussed its capabilities. 

Notion AI is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, as the things it can do to help productivity are limitless.

Here’s a list of some of the best features that come up when you prompt Notion AI:

Continue Writing

As shown before, Continue writing is a powerful feature that, as the name implies, autogenerates content to add to the document. 

It scans the document and its already written content to add new paragraphs, list items, or table cells.

Furthermore, on a blank document, it can generate text based on your prompt.


This is kind of self-explanatory, but in hindsight, Notion AI scans the document and gives an estimated summary of the written text.

Moreover, you can select which paragraph or part of the document it should summarize, making it vital for people in a hurry.

This can prove useful for students who need to write a summary of a subject or give you the meeting notes in a short format.


Translating has never been easier. Now, with Notion AI, anyone on your team can feel included.

Although the languages it can translate are limited, this AI feature can be a game-changer for international teams that have trouble communicating.

In addition, collaboration on projects will be more efficient, and workflow organization won’t be a problem.

Fix Spelling and Grammar

Having the possibility to fix spelling and grammar mistakes can be a huge time saver for teams as it eliminates the need to check the content manually or use external apps and extensions.

It can give recommendations if some words are used too often and necessary optimizations if needed. 

Draft with AI

One of the most powerful features in its arsenal. Making first drafts and brainstorming ideas is just two clicks away. 

It can generate various drafts, such as:

  • Brainstorm Ideas: Generates a list of blog topics that resonate with a target audience.
  • Blog Outline: Creates a structure for a blog post, including a title, tags, category, benefits, and challenges.
  • Social Media Posts: Halves the time for content creation and allows influencers more time to study trends and interact with fans.
  • Note-Taking: Drafting some notes from a school or college presentation can be beneficial for students and increase their efficiency.

Custom AI Block

This feature is the cherry on top. You can essentially write your following prompt, and Notion AI will analyze your request and generate a response.

The possibilities for this are pretty limitless, as it can do everything already mentioned and much more. 

Customization and optimization will be needed for this to be useful, and usually, being as thorough as possible will always generate the best response.

The future has AI written all over it, and learning how to use it will be essential.

Notion AI is a prime workflow automation tool with endless possibilities. With the proper updates, it can evolve into the best productivity tool on the internet.

Nobody knows what the future holds for us, but as things go on, AI is here to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Notion without spending a penny.

The free tier is extremely limited but is enough for freelancers or small teams to communicate efficiently.

Moreover, if you’re a part of a bigger team, looking into some of the premium plans and the features they provide may be beneficial.

You can’t compare Notion AI with Chat GPT, as Notion uses the GPT-3.5 model.

It uses the same machine learning techniques and is trained with similar training data, so the correct answer is that they are really similar.

Well, Notion AI is a great productivity tool with many features.

There are hundreds of use cases, such as workflow automation, decision-making, content creation, etc.

It’s used by millions of people and has helped people organize their daily work.

No, Notion AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model.

Maybe in the future, Notion AI will be upgraded to the latest GPT model, but until then, the capabilities and speed of GPT-3.5 are more than enough.

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