Unlock coding success: top 10 AI assistant tools of 2024 you must try

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Kelly Grace

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07 March 2024, 12:47PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Introduction to AI coding assistants: These tools revolutionize coding by offering real-time suggestions, error detection, and code completion.

Benefits of AI coding tools: They boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks, improving code quality, facilitating code review, and accelerating learning.

Practical applications of AI coding tools: They automate repetitive tasks, improve code quality, facilitate code review, and accelerate learning.

Top 10 AI coding assistant tools of 2024: Kite, Codota, Tabnine, DeepCode, Codacy, Infer, AINO, CodeGrip, Sourcery, and Embold, each with unique features and pricing.

Considerations for choosing an AI coding assistant: It depends on specific needs, budget, and preferences, with many tools offering trial periods for testing suitability.

Unlock coding success: top 10 AI assistant tools of 2024 you must try

Unlock Coding Success: Top 10 AI Assistant Tools of 2024 You Must Try

Welcome to the future of coding, dear reader, where Artificial Intelligence is not just a concept, but a practical tool that's transforming the way we write software. 

From predicting typos, to suggesting the most optimal codes, AI coding assistants are like your own personal guide in the complex world of programming. They're more than just helpers, they're learning, evolving entities that adapt to your coding style, your project's unique requirements, and the ever-changing tech landscape. 

Imagine having a teammate who's always there, 24/7, taking on some of the heavy-lifting of coding, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - realizing the full potential of your ideas.

In this ever-expanding universe of AI coding assistant tools, finding the one that fits you best can feel a tad overwhelming. But worry not! We're here to equip you with an insider's look at the 10 best AI coding assistant tools in 2024. Whether you're a seasoned eloper or a coding newbie, there's something for everyone in the list we're about to share with you.

What is AI coding assistant?

Let's unravel the term AI coding assistant. Essentially, an AI coding assistant is your secret weapon in coding, a form of artificial intelligence technology which aids in coding tasks. This advanced tool operates by auto-completing your code, debugging, and suggesting potential fixes. It's like having your very own virtual co-programmer, working round-the-clock to make your coding journey smoother and more efficient. 

These assistants have been trained on a vast number of source codes, making them capable of understanding a myriad of coding languages. Great, isn't it? With an AI coding assistant, you can power through complex projects, uncover new coding strategies, and boost your productivity to dizzying heights!

How to boost productivity with AI coding tools

Interested in understanding how AI coding tools can simplify your coding journey? Allow me to explain. 

First and foremost, the smart code completion aspect of AI coding tools is a game changer. Essentially, it operates similarly to a consultant programmer offering you advice and corrections to circumvent mistakes. This encourages productivity as it leaves you more time to focus on solving the important problems, not nagging syntax hiccups. 

Then, these tools are equipped with real-time debugging. No longer will you be plagued by faults in immaculate yet malfunctioning code. Its AI assistant identifies possible errors, puzzling code pieces, and redundant sections. This allows you to construct clear-cut, optimized code. 

But wait, there's more! Do you dread the laborious task of code documentation? AI tools renders this a cakewalk through their auto-documentation functionality. Manual documentation? More like no documentation. 

In conclusion, imagine having access to a coding savant, with advice available round-the-clock. Large query, small query, it doesn't matter - your AI assistant is there to orient you. If you misuse functions, the tool instructs how to aptly utilize them. It offers continuous learning experiences. 

In essence, AI coding tools could potentially fast-track your coding productivity. They not only conserve your time but also facilitate your growth as a coder. It's akin to having a seasoned programmer by your side, ready to provide guidance whenever needed!

AI coding tools use cases:

You might be wondering, "These AI coding tools sound super useful, but how do they work in practice?" Good question! Let's take a look at some practical applications: 

Automating Repetitive Tasks: 

AI coding tools excel at taking care of repetitive coding tasks like writing basic code or fixing bugs. This gives elopers more time to tackle the tricky parts of their projects. 

Improving Code Quality: 

These tools are a big help in boosting the quality of your code. They provide suggestions for better coding, spot unusual stuff, and may even predict possible mistakes. These features are super handy for keeping your code clean and preventing future problems. 

Code Review and Refactoring: 

When it comes to reviewing and refactoring code, AI assistants are superstars. They can point out potential mistakes or offer ways to write your code more efficiently – like having a seasoned coder reviewing your work and offering tips. 

Faster Learning: 

AI coding tools are also fantastic learning resources. They provide real-time feedback, which can help newbie coders learn much faster, making the early stages of coding a lot less scary. 

So, AI coding tools do more than just make your work easier. They help you boost your coding skills, enhance your efficiency, and shift the way you think about coding.

Best 10 AI coding assistant tools 2024 

1. Kite 

Kite is an AI-powered coding assistant renowned for its ability to provide relevant code suggestions in real-time. It's ideal for both professionals and those learning to code. As of 2024, Kite offers a free plan and a Pro plan priced at $19.95 per month on an annual subscription. 

2. Codota 

Codota helps elopers automate tasks while writing code in Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. It pulls code suggestions from millions of open-source programs. The basic plan is free, while the Pro plan costs around $13 per month. 

3. Tabnine 

Tabnine is another prolific AI coding assistant that provides accurate code completions. It works well on VS Code, Sublime, Atom, and more. Tabnine professional comes at $10/month for users. 

4. DeepCode 

DeepCode applies machine learning to provide real-time feedback and automatic code reviews. It supports JavaScript, Python, Java, and more. DeepCode offers a free tier and paid plans starting from $49/month. 

5. Codacy 

Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps elopers create better software. It supports more than 30 language standards. Prices start from $15 per seat/month. 

6. Infer 

Infer is a static analysis tool that helps catch bugs in your code before it lands. It caters to languages like C, C++, and Java. As of 2024, Infer remains free to use. 

7. AINO 

A reliable AI-powered code review tool, AINO aids in detecting and fixing errors in code. As of 2024, it offers a free trial and subsequent pricing upon request. 

8. CodeGrip 

CodeGrip provides AI-powered code reviews and is ideal for teams to improve code quality. It supports multiple programming languages. Prices start from $8 per repository every month. 

9. Sourcery 

Sourcery refactors your Python code and finds areas to improve. It's a great tool to improve your Python coding skills. The Pro subscription costs around $10 per month. 

10. Embold 

Embold is an AI-driven static code analysis tool that diagnoses issues and suggests improvements. It works with over 17 languages. Embold starts at $8 per user/month. 

Remember, choosing an AI coding assistant depends on your specific needs and budget. All these options have proven to be useful and efficient in the programming world. Try them out and see which one fits the bill for you!

In conclusion, the choice of an AI coding tool will be dependent on your unique programming requirements and financial constraints. All of these tools have established their efficiency and utility. It's advised to test them out to determine the most fitting.

You're likely to find that each of these tools has its own unique strengths. Some might excel with automating repetitive tasks, while others might have a special focus on improving code quality or facilitating faster learning. Take Kite, for instance. It's well-loved for its native integrations and comprehensive libraries that make coding a breeze. In contrast, tools like Embold shine when it comes to analyzing your code and identifying potentials issues or areas for improvement. 

Of course, advancing AI tech means these tools are continually evolving and improving. They're getting better at understanding programmers' needs and filling the gaps where human intelligence might falter. Paired with a robust code editing suite, these AI tools could even become your most trusted coding companion. 

The good news? Most of these AI tools offer trial periods or freemium models. That means you have the opportunity to test-drive their capabilities without a hefty initial investment. Remember, while cost is certainly something to consider, it's the value that truly matters in software elopment. 

So, where do you start? Take a look at your workflow and identify areas where an AI assistant might be beneficial. Then, dive into trials and see which tool meshes best with your style of coding. 

In the end, what works best for you will depend on your personal circumstances, your coding style, and the problems you're looking to solve. We wish you the best of luck on your journey to creating smarter, more efficient code with an AI coding assistant!



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