Boost Your Design Skills for Free with These Free AI Design Tools

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Greg Russell

Published by: Greg Russell

27 November 2023, 11:27AM GMT+00:00

Jude Foster

Updated by: Jude Foster

29 March 2024, 12:00AM GMT+00:00

In Brief

AI boosts creativity and efficiency in graphic design, not replacing designers.

Top free AI tools include Canva,, Artbreeder, AutoDraw, and Photopea.

Canva aids in quick, professional graphics with AI-driven layout and color suggestions. excels at removing image backgrounds automatically with AI.

AI will automate repetitive tasks but can't replace human creativity and emotion.

Boost Your Design Skills for Free with These Free AI Design Tools

Working as a graphic designer, I have seen first-hand the revolution the AI brought to our field. AI applications for graphic design have revolutionized my working process and creativity in a way I did not expect before. In this paper, we will investigate the world of AI for graphic design by providing the best free tools on the market and analyzing common fears related to our profession’s future.

Embracing AI in Graphic Design

AI in graphic design has developed in a short time, bringing many creative game-changer solutions. Whether it’s auto-editing images or intelligent design processing, designers are now more efficient than ever. Certainly, for a graphic designer, AI is not something that takes your job away from you: it is something that enhances your creativity and ability to create even more.

The Best Graphic Design AI Tools

The following are some of the top free AI tools that are transforming the graphic design landscape:

  • Canva

AI for Graphic Design: Canva integrates AI-powered features to help design graphics quickly and easily, whether you are an amateur or a professional. The tool’s user-friendly interface, combined with AI suggestions for layout, font, and color selection, makes it easy to design stunning professional graphics within minutes.


Free AI for Graphic Design: is a tool that automatically removes backgrounds from images using its AI algorithms. The tool saves time by creating clean and precise backgrounds in images, whether you are editing product photos or making a composite sketch.

  • Artbreeder

AI Graphic Design Apps: Artbreeder uses generative adversarial networks to enable users to merge and remix photos in unlimited creative ways. The tool is ideal for character and landscape designers who strive to think outside the box and break the mold of traditional design.

  • Google's AutoDraw

Graphic Design AI: AutoDraw uses machine learning to analyze hand-drawing sketches and then suggests professionally drawn images. Gradient fills are a terrific way to improvise illustrations and ideas. Whether one is a good illustrator or lacks drawing skills, the tool is fantastic for conceptualizing ideas and quickly transforming them into designs.

  • Photopea

Graphic Design and AI: Photopea is an Al-powered tool for machine learning to accelerate your editing and workflow that allows AI features like object recognition and content-aware fill. It’s best for photo editing and design comp but not for a higher-level application such as makeup work, compositing, or professional visual effects.

Addressing Concerns: Will AI Replace Graphic Designers?

The more AI enters the world of graphic design, the more there is a question of whether AI will eventually replace human design. All the design tasks that are mainly repetitive, one by one, can become automated, but the creativity and the emotional intelligence of a person will be the difference. That is why we should not be afraid of AI replacing us; instead, it should be a supplementary companion in our work, allowing us to focus on more creative and cognitive tasks.

Finally, AI tools for graphic design will fundamentally change our industry and bring an entirely new level of creativity and efficiency. I hope that the AI tools I have mentioned in this presentation are indeed free and that their use will be accessible to any designer. Let’s not be afraid of the spread of AI, instead, let’s take it as a light for creativity, and continue to push the boundaries of what can be done.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, AI integration will help to open up new spaces for creativity and efficiency. Try using them completely free of charge and see how they affect your overall design experience. After all, in graphic design, as well as in many other similar areas adaptation and development are the key.



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