AI breakthrough: Transforming marketing strategies with enhanced decision-making

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Jude Foster

Published by: Jude Foster

30 March 2024, 10:17PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Jason Smith discussed AI's role in improving decision-making in marketing by reducing biases.

An experiment compared AI and human teams on a Facebook travel campaign, showcasing AI's capabilities.

Smith differentiated between "noise" and bias, highlighting AI's ability to minimize decision inconsistencies.

Although humans initially outperformed AI, the AI quickly surpassed human performance in handling complex data.

AI Breakthrough: Transforming Marketing Strategies with Enhanced Decision-Making

At the AI & Big Data Expo Global, Jason Smith, the Chief Digital Officer of Publicis Groupe, talked about how AI is changing the way we make decisions in advertising and marketing.

Jason Smith's talk focused on an experiment his team did to see if AI could help make better decisions by reducing mistakes and biases that people usually make.

Let’s recognise that we’re not the best at making decisions, that there are some issues when we make decisions—just as there are some issues when AI makes some decisions.

Jason Smith, the Chief Digital Officer of Publicis Groupe

Smith suggested that combining human and AI efforts could lead to better decision-making.

The experiment compared AI to humans in managing a Facebook travel campaign, looking at how humans think with both the amygdala (our gut feelings) and the prefrontal cortex (our logical thinking).

Smith introduced the term “noise,” which he explained is different from bias. Noise is the inconsistency in decisions because of varying factors. He used the example of judges giving different sentences for similar cases to show how noise works. In marketing, handling many variables is tough, like in a campaign with 83 million possible combinations. Smith noted, “There’s no way that a human can realistically go through 83 million [ad variation] combinations. AI is better at picking out important signals in large data sets.”

At first, humans did better than the AI in their campaign. But soon, the AI improved and started doing better.

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