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China seeks closer US links on scientific research, use of AI in education

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Markus Ivakha

Published by: Markus Ivakha

21 March 2024, 10:00AM

In Brief

China seeks closer collaboration with the US in science and AI education.

Chen Jie, China’s education vice-minister, invited more NYU students to study in China.

Challenges include US tech restrictions, especially in AI, prompting a call for global cooperation.

China plans to host 50,000 young Americans for study and exchange over the next five years.

This initiative follows President Xi Jinping's efforts to improve US-China relations through educational ties.

China seeks closer US links on scientific research, use of AI in education

China wants to work more closely with the United States in science and using AI in education. This push came from China’s education vice-minister Chen Jie during a meeting with New York University president Linda G. Mills in Beijing this week.

Chen said, “[We] welcome more outstanding students from NYU to come to China for study and exchange,” according to a statement on the education ministry website.

China faces challenges due to US tech restrictions, especially in the area of AI, and has been calling for more global collaboration in this field.

Chen also announced a plan to bring 50,000 young Americans to China for exchange and study over the next five years, inviting NYU to join this initiative.

This move follows President Xi Jinping's announcement last year during a summit with US President Joe Biden to enhance educational, cultural, and business ties to improve strained relations between the two countries.

The number of US students studying in Chinese universities hit a 10-year low last year, partly due to tensions, Covid-19 restrictions, and delayed flights.

According to a US-funded study, only 211 American students studied in China during the 2021-22 academic year, compared to over 11,000 in 2018-2019.

In response to Chen, Mills expressed NYU's willingness to encourage more American students to visit China and hold bilateral youth activities on its campus.

China aims to use AI in various sectors, including education, to drive innovation and boost economic growth post-Covid. The country is also seeking more international cooperation in AI amid US-led tech competition.

During the meeting, Chen praised NYU Shanghai's academic achievements since its establishment in 2012, with Mills affirming NYU's continued support for the campus's development and closer research collaboration with China.

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