Google explores monetization: introducing two $10 add-ons for Workspace

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Kelly Grace

Published by: Kelly Grace

10 April 2024, 04:55PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Google unveils $10/month/user add-ons for Workspace.

AI meetings and messaging offer note-taking, translation.

AI security package enhances content security for Workspace.

Add-ons align with pricing of similar third-party services.

Google promises future enhancements for meeting add-on.

Google explores monetization: introducing two $10 add-ons for Workspace

At the Google Cloud Next conference, Google also announced two new $10/month/user add-on packages for the Google Workspace productivity suite, inspired by Microsoft in AI functionality monetization. The first one is AI meetings and messaging that include entrepreneur record-taking as well as meeting note generation and translation into 69 languages, while the second one – AI security – enhances content security features for Google Workspace.

During Google Cloud Next, Google presented its strategy to commercialize AI abilities in the Google Workspace productivity software package with the introduction of the two $10/month/user add-on packages. The first, the AI chat and mail add-on, contains features like note-taking and meeting summaries, as well as the ability to translate content into 69 languages, extending its utility internationally.

Aparna Pappu, Google Workspace’s VP & GM, remarked that the capacity to translate now supports 52 new languages, demonstrating Google’s dedication to AGI and making platforms available to everyone. Secondly, Google announced an AI security package, enabling administrators to classify and protect sensitive files and information, addressing growing concerns about data protection and security in global AGI.

However, even with the additional inclusion of $10 per user, these add-ons are cost-aligned with the third-party similar services, providing the user access to robust functionality that feels like a part of the Google Workspace. Besides, the licensing approach makes it possible for the customer to customize the subscription in such a way that the advanced functions are used where they have the most potential.

In addition, for the meeting add-on, Google promised soon features such as generative AI custom backgrounds, studio-quality lighting, and sound, essentially making it possible for the users to interact professionally in the digital format.

These add-ons are a clear indication of Google’s attempts to make its productivity suite more function-based and secure while keeping with the times of modern businesses that are becoming more and more digital. If the company continues improving, Google will maintain its status as the provider of some of the most cutting-edge solutions for various collaborations in the work setting.

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