Google integrates generative AI into its cloud security solutions

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Kelly Grace

Published by: Kelly Grace

10 April 2024, 08:15PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Google introduces cloud security tools powered by generative AI.

Gemini in Threat Intelligence enables natural language threat searches.

Updates extend to Chronicle and Security Command Center.

New services aid in access management and compliance.

Microsoft and startups also embrace generative AI for cybersecurity.

Google integrates generative AI into its cloud security solutions

Google also announced more new cloud-based security efforts, proposing to improve on existing offerings designed for enterprises overseeing large, multi-tenant networks. All core launches have been demonstrated from Gemini, Google’s main family of generative AI models.

Among the most amazing is Geminis, a natural language-based search model in Threat Intelligence, now available for public preview. Gemini in Threat Intelligence enables users to look into prospective attacks via Discord messages and abstracts of Creative Commons licensed open-source analysis reports. Gemini conversational search indexes as well with complimentary entry to VirusTotal, Google’s active malware department.

The use of Gemini is more than just threat intelligence. Specifically, Google has integrated it into Chronicle, its telemetry solution to help in cybersecurity investigations. The feature is expected to be released later this month, allowing for a guide of security workflows for analysts; contextual recommendations; and enabling detection of breaches.

Moreover, there is another Gemini-driven feature in the Security Command Center that enables security teams to conduct threat searches using natural language and in return, get vulnerability and misconfiguration summaries. Other updates relate to privileged access manager and principal access boundary services, aimed at improving access control functionalities and limiting risks of privileged access misuse.

Generative AI remains a topic of interest due to its promise to revolutionize the current cybersecurity defense system, affecting not only Google but also its competitors, such as Microsoft, which also presented AI-based security services. However, uncertainties remain about the trustworthiness of generative AI tools, as they are notorious for their mistakes.



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