Google's new vids tool empowers customized video creation with AI assistance

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Jude Foster

Published by: Jude Foster

10 April 2024, 02:10PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Google launches Google Vids, an AI-driven video creation tool at Google Cloud Next.

Aparna Pappu, VP at Google Workspace, introduces Google Vids at the conference.

Google Vids integrates with Google Workspace for seamless collaboration and creativity.

Users can create diverse videos from product pitches to team-building content.

Google Vids currently in limited testing, set for wider release in June.

Google's new vids tool empowers customized video creation with AI assistance

Introducing on Tuesday at the Google Cloud Next conference held in Las Vegas, Google introduced Google Vids – an innovative AI-driven video creation tool expected to be launched via the Google Workspace suite. Aparna Pappu, VP & GM at Google Workspace, made a keynote in which she flowed on the subject of using this tool to create videos for work.

The overall goal for Google Vids is to allow companies to use readily adaptable tools to create videos in the browser in the same way that they use tools like GSuite’s Docs and Sheets to type up notes, sheets, and other documentation output in near-real-time with security that’s integrated with your other security and monitoring systems.

Google Vids has many potential applications, from creating product pitches to producing training materials or simply making team-building videos. Google created the Google Vids tool to apply generative AI technology to video. The goal is to turn the inputs into a variety of possible draft outputs specific to their form and character. As the user changes video elements such as transitions, templates, audio, etc., their colleagues will react in real-time.

Google Vids is currently only available to limited people for testing, but it will become available to more people on Google Labs in June. By the end of 2022, Google plans to make Vids available to all Gemini-level Workspace subscribers. This tool is a theoretical application.



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