Meta confirms Llama 3 open source LLM launch next month

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Kelly Grace

Published by: Kelly Grace

10 April 2024, 12:05PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Meta confirms Llama 3 launch within a month.

Next-gen model aims for versatility and capability.

Model expected to tackle controversial topics.

Meta embraces open source with Llama families.

Company cautious about other generative AI.

Meta confirms Llama 3 open source LLM launch next month

On Tuesday, Meta confirmed it would release Llama 3, its latest large language model, “within the month” at an event in London.

The president of Meta’s global affairs, Nick Clegg, led presentations of a set of next-generation foundation models with “different capabilities and levels of versatility,” said Meta’s president of global affairs. Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, detailed the company’s plans to implement Llama 3 in a variety of products, illustrating its intention to combat OpenAI in the generative AI market.

Llama 3, at over 140 billion parameters, is, by a long shot, the team’s most significant model. Considering criticisms of past variants are frequently stymied by their small number of parameters, the organization expects to gain extra advantages for user engagement and adoption. The parameters of the model or any operational demonstrations were not provided during this event.

Meta’s move to open-sourcing its Llama families signaled a revamping of its underlying strategy in its AI philosophy, designed to inspire developers.

Meta is still hesitant about image generation and other types of generative AI, but it is clear that the company is eager to push for a more competitive vision of AI type in the future.

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