Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell platform to launch on Google Cloud in early 2025

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Greg Russell

Published by: Greg Russell

10 April 2024, 06:11PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Google Cloud Next announces new instance types and accelerators.

Nvidia's Blackwell platform set to debut on Google Cloud in 2025.

A3 Mega instance offers enhanced GPU bandwidth for training.

Cloud TPU v5p processors now in general availability.

Hyperdisk ML promises significant improvements in model load times.

At this week’s Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas, the spotlight will be on new instance types and accelerators, with the unveiling of Google and Nvidia’s latest AI accelerators. Nvidia’s recently announced Blackwell platform is slated for release in late 2025 and will support AI and HPC workloads by delivering high performance.

The other is Google states A3 Mega instance, developed in partnership with Nvidia, which includes a higher level of GPU bandwidth to support the required training for giant language models. Additionally, the general availability of Google’s Cloud TPU v5p processors, which include substantial enhancements to floating-point operations and memory bandwidth, would be announced.

The beating heart of the announcements is the new AI-optimized storage options, with Hyperdisk ML making changes and promising “substantial improvements in model load times”. In addition, there are new instances powered by “Intel’s latest Xeon processors, including the fifth-generation Emerald Rapids Xeons powering the C4 and N4”.

The first ones are performance-focused, while the second is affordability-focused. Furthermore, Google Cloud presents the “C3” bare-metal machines and the “X4” ones as well with memory-optimizing. Finally, it is the “Z3”, its first storage-optimizing virtual machine which has “the highest IOPS of all leading clouds”.

In conclusion, Google Cloud’s development of AI accelerators and increased provision of storage services reveal a strong focus on improving performance and efficiency for developers and businesses that rely on it. With the growing need for high-performance computing systems that incorporate sophisticated AI capabilities, those moves indicate a smart strategy to cater to the rapidly changing customer requirements.



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