Poe pioneers message-based pricing model for creators of AI bots

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Greg Russell

Published by: Greg Russell

10 April 2024, 10:05AM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Poe, Quora-owned AI platform, introduces new revenue model for bot creators.

Creators can set per-message price, earn money when users message bots.

Program follows October 2023 revenue-sharing release.

Poe offers variety of AI chatbots from companies like OpenAI, Google.

CEO emphasizes covering operational costs to foster thriving bot ecosystem.

Poe pioneers message-based pricing model for creators of AI bots

Bot creators get to earn money off their creations on Poe – Business Wire, an AI chatbot facility powered by Quora. As of Monday, creators have the option of charging a fee per message for their bots. Creators can thus benefit anytime a user interacts with their bot using this new income model. This addition comes on the heels of the introduction of a revenue-sharing initiative in October 2023. It features a mechanism where bot creators receive a percentage of Poe’s premium product subscriptions.

Poe, introduced by Quora in February 2023, gives customers access to a range of AI chatbots from companies like OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google. The corporation is a one-stop shop for customers to test out a broad range of AI technologies. Quora hopes to not just offer customers a hassle-free AI experience with the new platform but also persuade bot creators to aid in their growth thanks to the new revenue model.

When asked, Adam D’Angelo, the CEO of Quora, commented that the pricing of the platform is all the more important than the previously unavailable pricing mechanism for the developers, who frequently face disproportionate model inference or API costs. Therefore, he emphasized that the new company should enable the vibrant culture of model developers and bot creators while promoting the need to cover their operating expenses. Potentially, the revenue model proposed would foster the development of the bot for distant tutoring, regular acquiescence, support chatbots, consulting, arranging, novel image or story creation, and various others.

This offering is only available to bot creators in the United States for now. In the future, however, it hopes to become a worldwide platform. With the per-message revenue model, Poe has introduced an improved analytics dashboard that high-channel bot creators can utilize to view their bots’ average earnings ranging from both paywalls and subscriptions to per-message, delivered through check intakes. With daily updates, creators can constantly adjust their monetization strategies and increase both engagement and revenue.


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