Streamlining agent creation with Vertex AI Agent Builder by Google Cloud

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Kelly Grace

Published by: Kelly Grace

10 April 2024, 04:05PM GMT+00:00

In Brief

Google Cloud unveils Vertex AI Agent Builder at Cloud Next.

Tool simplifies creation of AI agents for conversational tasks.

Utilizes Gemini large language models, RAG APIs, vector search.

Implements "grounding" for accuracy, ties answers to reliable sources.

Supports multiple languages, country-based API endpoints.

Google’s Vertex AI Agent Builder was announced on Tuesday at Google Cloud Next and is designed to streamline AI agent creation. Committees of the past are evolving into AI agent vertex agents. Agents designed to communicate, function, and even back-end automation systems are ready to go.

The Vertex AI Agent Builder from Google was just unveiled on Tuesday at the Google event. According to Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, the builder makes it “easy to build conversational agents; deploy them to production... and periodically train them to improve the precision and accuracy of your answers using generative AI technology.”

Building on Google’s existing Vertex AI Search and Conversation product, Agent Builder is based on the company’s cutting-edge Gemini large language models, as well as RAG APIs and vector search technology, known for reducing the number of incorrect answers.

Significantly, the tool uses a “grounding” methodology for unprecedented response accuracy, tying answers to trustworthy online sources and enterprise data sources, such as Google Search. As Kurian explained, the tool is designed to be versatile: during the launch event, he showcased a demo where an agent evaluated historical marketing campaigns to create new campaign ideas suitable for a company’s branding style using data from Google Drive.

Although the tool can generate different types of agents, one of the use cases presented at the event makes it evident that Google might potentially enter the field of competition against Adobe. The presentation of how the Tool can be used to generate content for the end user using brand language and accent was announced.

This feature resembles Adobe’s Firefly and GenStudio, but it is unclear whether businesses would prefer such implementations to custom solutions. According to the same source, Google has stated that the new functionality is available for use, it speaks multiple languages, and there are API endpoints specifically for the US and EU countries.

The introduction of Vertex AI Agent Builder marks a significant step forward in AI agent development, promising streamlined creation processes and improved answer quality. With its robust features and integration capabilities, the tool positions Google Cloud as a formidable player in the AI landscape.

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