AgendaAI by Charma

AgendaAI by Charma

AgendaAI by Charma: Empower Teams, Elevate Results with AI-Powered Meetings Done Right!

AgendaAI by Charma streamlines meetings, feedback, goals, and reviews, boosting team productivity and fostering growth effortlessly.
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AgendaAI by Charma is a software tool designed to help managers streamline their team management tasks effectively. It's equipped with features tailored for meetings, feedback, goal tracking, and reviews, among others.

One of its standout features is the AI-powered meeting agendas. These agendas are personalized for each team member, ensuring that discussions focus on growth and development. Charma keeps track of meeting outcomes and follow-ups, ensuring that important matters are addressed promptly.

In terms of feedback, Charma provides tools for continuous coaching and recognition. Managers can easily provide feedback and recognize achievements, fostering a culture of growth within the team. The system also offers guidance to help managers write meaningful feedback, facilitating constructive communication.

For goal tracking, Charma allows managers to cascade goals from executives to frontline employees. This helps in aligning individual work with team objectives, with real-time progress tracking available for monitoring.

360 reviews are made more efficient with Charma, as it automatically assigns reviewers and deadlines. Templates and examples are provided to assist in crafting thoughtful feedback, enabling managers to track development and growth over time.

Integration with Slack enhances Charma's functionality by automating meeting agendas based on Slack data. This integration promotes accountability and transparency within the team.

Charma caters to various use cases, including managers looking to lead aligned and accountable teams, executives aiming to increase efficiency and retention, HR professionals seeking to build culture and elevate well-being, and remote or hybrid teams aiming to improve alignment and engagement.

The tool is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, including startups, mid-market businesses, and enterprises. It has been adopted by companies such as Citrix, Carfax, and LendingTree, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in enhancing team management processes.

Use cases

Here are some simplified use cases for Charma as a management tool:

  1. Team Meetings Made Efficient: Charma helps managers organize team meetings more efficiently. It creates personalized agendas for each team member, ensuring that discussions focus on important topics. With automatic follow-ups and notes, managers can keep track of decisions and action items easily.
  2. Continuous Feedback and Recognition: Managers can use Charma to provide continuous feedback and recognition to their team members. The tool offers easy-to-use features for giving feedback and acknowledging achievements, fostering a positive work culture.
  3. Goal Alignment and Tracking: Charma assists managers in aligning team goals with individual tasks. It allows them to set goals, monitor progress in real-time, and ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives.
  4. 360-Degree Reviews Simplified: Charma simplifies the process of conducting 360-degree reviews. It automatically assigns reviewers and deadlines, provides templates for giving constructive feedback, and tracks the development of team members over time.
  5. Slack Integration for Seamless Communication: With its integration with Slack, Charma streamlines communication within teams. It automates meeting agendas based on Slack data, promoting accountability and transparency.
  6. Remote and Hybrid Team Management: Charma is particularly useful for managers overseeing remote or hybrid teams. It helps improve alignment and engagement by providing tools for effective communication, feedback, and goal tracking regardless of physical location.
  7. Executive Efficiency and Retention: Executives can leverage Charma to increase efficiency and employee retention. By providing managers with the tools they need to manage their teams effectively, Charma contributes to overall organizational success.
  8. HR Support for Building Company Culture: HR professionals can use Charma to support their efforts in building a strong company culture. The tool facilitates communication, feedback, and goal setting, contributing to employee satisfaction and well-being.

Overall, Charma serves as a valuable tool for managers, executives, and HR professionals alike, helping them streamline various aspects of team management and contribute to organizational success.


Yes, AgendaAI by Charma is available for free, offering its full range of features without any subscription fees.

Yes, AgendaAI by Charma has a mobile version available, allowing users to access its features and manage their teams on-the-go using their smartphones or tablets.

Charma has raised a total of $9.58 million over two funding rounds. In its latest Series A funding round held on August 23, 2022, Charma raised $6.78 million.

Charma has a total of eight investors. Among them, four are institutional investors, including Javelin Venture Partners, and four are angel investors, including Auren Hoffman.

Adam Berke is the founder and CEO of Charma, leading the company with his vision and expertise in team management solutions.

Some key features of AgendaAI by Charma include AI-powered meeting agendas, tools for continuous feedback and recognition, goal tracking, 360-degree reviews, Slack integration, and support for companies of all sizes and industries.

AgendaAI by Charma helps managers streamline team management tasks, such as organizing meetings, providing feedback, aligning goals, conducting reviews, and promoting communication and transparency within teams.

AgendaAI by Charma is used by companies like Citrix, Carfax, LendingTree, and more, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness across various industries and business sizes.

Pricing & Discounts

AgendaAI by Charma is available for free, offering its full range of features at no cost. Users can access the AI-powered meeting agendas, feedback tools, goal tracking, 360 reviews, Slack integration, and more without any subscription fees. This makes it accessible to teams of all sizes and budgets, providing valuable management support without financial barriers.


The team behind Charma is led by its founder and CEO, Adam Berke. As the driving force behind the company, Adam brings leadership and vision to Charma's mission of revolutionizing team management. Alongside Adam, Charma boasts a talented and dedicated team of individuals working collaboratively to develop and enhance the tool's functionalities. From software engineers to product managers, each member of the Charma team plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and effectiveness of the tool. With their combined expertise and commitment, Charma continues to innovate and provide valuable solutions for managers and teams worldwide.


Adam Berke

Founder & CEO


Charma, the company behind AgendaAI, has secured significant funding to support its growth and development. In its latest funding round, known as Series A, held on August 23, 2022, Charma raised $6.78 million. This funding round marks a substantial investment in the company's vision and products.

Overall, Charma has raised a total of $9.58 million through two funding rounds. The company has garnered support from a total of eight investors, including both institutional investors and angel investors. Among the investors are notable names such as Javelin Venture Partners and Auren Hoffman, indicating confidence in Charma's potential and the value it brings to the market.

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