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Overview is an innovative AI-driven platform that significantly streamlines the lawsuit drafting process. It automates the creation of complex legal documents, including full lawsuits, from just the basic facts entered by the user. This tool is particularly useful for U.S. lawyers and law firms, facilitating the initiation of lawsuits by producing customizable federal complaint drafts that include claim suggestions, dismissal risk assessments, and damage recovery optimization.

The standout features of include its ability to produce detailed lawsuit drafts quickly and accurately. It caters to a range of legal needs, from simple breach of contract cases to more complex RICO lawsuits. also offers a Dismissal Analyzer, which reviews the drafted lawsuit to ensure each claim is factually supported and advises on additional facts that may strengthen the case.

This platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing lawyers to maintain control over the final product while saving time on initial drafts. The integration of's tools into a law practice not only boosts efficiency but also helps democratize access to high-quality legal resources, leveling the playing field between small firms or solo practitioners and larger entities.

Use cases

  • Drafting Lawsuit Complaints: can transform a user-inputted chronology of events into a comprehensive lawsuit complaint in just a few minutes. This includes creating jurisdictional allegations, claim elements, and robust demand sections, drastically reducing the time spent on drafting​​.

  • Claims Identification: The AI Claims Identifier tool within helps legal professionals identify a broad range of potential claims based on the facts of a case, streamlining the pre-litigation process. It provides detailed insights into relevant claims that might be applicable under state or federal law​.

  • Legal Document Analysis: includes features like a Dismissal Analyzer, which reviews drafted lawsuits to ensure that all claims are factually supported and adequately pled, helping prevent potential dismissals for failing to state a claim​.

  • Response Drafting: aids in drafting responses to lawsuits. It can analyze a complaint and generate a detailed answer, including defenses and affirmative defenses, tailored to the specifics of the case, thus saving considerable time and improving accuracy​.

FAQ is an AI-powered legal tool that automates the drafting of legal documents, identifies potential claims, and analyzes lawsuits for dismissal risks.

It converts user-inputted facts into comprehensive legal documents like lawsuits and responses, streamlining document creation​.

Yes, its AI Claims Identifier analyzes case details to suggest potential claims, adapting to both state and federal laws​​.

It reviews legal documents to ensure all claims are supported by facts, reducing the risk of dismissals in court​.

No, supports lawyers by automating routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of legal cases. is designed to provide accurate and reliable legal document drafting and analysis, equivalent to what is expected from experienced lawyers​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Here's a straightforward breakdown of the subscription plans offered by, designed to cater to different needs from solo practices to larger law firms. These plans make it easier for legal professionals to automate and streamline their drafting and analysis tasks.

Plan NameMonthly CostLawsuit Complaints AnalyzedLawsuits DraftedComplete Answers AssembledChats with AI Legal ChatbotUses of Claims and Damages AI FinderOther Notable Features
LawStart$49513505Email support
LawPro$24920515200509 Written Discovery Set AI Responses, 3 AI-Drafted Contracts, Priority Email Support, 25% Off Annual Subscription
LawPro+$6495015251,000150Phone Support, Upload 30MB Documents, 30 Itemized AI Medical Providers/Cost Lists

These plans provide increasing value with more usage limits and enhanced support options, allowing law firms of different sizes and needs to select a package that best fits their operations. This setup helps in managing costs effectively while accessing powerful AI tools for legal document drafting and analysis.



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