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Overview is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize physical security through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology. It enhances security operations by providing automated threat detection and visual verification, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams.

One of the key benefits of is its ability to automate security monitoring with a consistent level of accuracy, unaffected by human limitations such as distraction or fatigue. Research indicates that human operators may overlook up to 45% of screen activity after just 12 minutes, escalating to 95% after 22 minutes. In contrast, maintains a constant vigilance, filtering out irrelevant alarms and focusing on genuine security incidents, thus enabling real-time dispatch for effective responses​  ​. stands out by using a comprehensive approach to threat detection, incorporating behavioral analysis to identify unexpected changes in human behavior within specific contexts and locations. This approach allows for the detection of specific threats, such as perimeter breaches or weapons, by focusing on nuanced changes in behavior rather than relying on more intrusive or biased methods like facial recognition​  ​.

The platform's use of leading-edge computer vision research and AI to automate repeatable tasks results in significant gains in human productivity. By freeing human operators from the manual review of extensive video footage, they can focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall security operations​  ​.'s effectiveness is not limited to small-scale operations; it has proven to be significantly effective for monitoring large-scale operations, including those of Global 2000 companies. Its ability to reduce false alarms by up to 97% during trial runs with Fortune 500 companies demonstrates its capacity to enhance threat detection capabilities while reducing the workload on security personnel​  ​.

By integrating video intelligence into dispatches, provides security personnel with contextual knowledge of the scene they're responding to, enabling faster and more informed decisions. This feature, along with its Graph-Powered Forensics, allows for rapid post-incident investigations by facilitating efficient searches across video feeds based on the visual traits of objects involved in incidents​  ​. represents a forward-thinking solution to the challenges of modern physical security, leveraging AI and computer vision to transform reactive security operations into proactive ones. Its focus on privacy, bias reduction, and the efficient use of existing camera and sensor infrastructure positions it as a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enhance their security measures without compromising on ethical standards.

Use cases utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology to transform physical security operations across various sectors. Here are some practical use cases where has been applied, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in enhancing security and operational efficiency:

  1. 24/7 Proactive Threat Monitoring:'s system is capable of detecting over 150 different threats in real-time. This includes monitoring for unusual activities or security breaches around the clock, providing an immediate response capability that significantly reduces the risk of incidents​  ​.

  2. Reduction of False Alarms: One of the significant challenges in physical security is the high volume of false alarms that can overwhelm security personnel. addresses this by verifying and clearing Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) alerts with Signals Intelligence, thereby reducing noise and allowing teams to focus on legitimate threats​  ​.

  3. AI-Powered Investigations: The platform significantly speeds up the investigative process by automating the analysis of video footage, which enables security teams to conduct investigations 90% faster. This is particularly useful for post-incident forensics, where time is often of the essence​  ​.

  4. Gun Detection: has the capability to detect firearms within the camera's field of view. This feature is crucial for early warning and swift response to potential active shooter scenarios, enhancing the safety of occupants in schools, corporate campuses, and public spaces​  ​.

  5. Occupancy Insights: Beyond security, provides valuable insights into space utilization and occupancy trends. This can help businesses and institutions manage their facilities more efficiently, ensuring safety compliance, and optimizing space usage​  ​.

  6. Education Sector Applications: Schools and campuses are leveraging for enhanced security and safety. For instance, the system can detect someone scaling a fence after hours, enabling immediate notification to security personnel and swift action to address the potential threat​  ​.

  7. Tailgating Detection: In a corporate environment, has been used to reduce "tailgating" incidents, where unauthorized individuals gain access to secured areas by following closely behind someone with access. The system identified thousands of such incidents at a Fortune 500 company, allowing security teams to address and significantly reduce these breaches​  ​.'s innovative approach to physical security, leveraging AI and computer vision, not only enhances security response capabilities but also offers operational efficiencies through advanced analytics and insight generation. Its application across various industries showcases its flexibility and the broad potential for integration into existing security infrastructure to future-proof organizational security measures. For more detailed insights and specific case studies, you can visit's website​  ​​  ​.

FAQ is a company that specializes in AI-powered computer vision intelligence, aiming to transform physical security by moving teams from reactive to proactive operations. Their technology is designed to process and analyze video feeds at scale to automatically identify security incidents​  ​​  ​.

No, has made a clear stance against the use of facial recognition technology. They prioritize privacy and security without the need for facial recognition, focusing instead on understanding the context of human behaviors in a scene to identify potential security incidents​  ​.'s platform is capable of detecting a wide array of threats by looking for unexpected changes in human behavior, combined with the context of locations. This includes everyday health and safety concerns, tailgating, perimeter breaches, and weapon detection, among others​  ​. utilizes computer vision intelligence (CVI) that goes beyond traditional motion and deep learning video analytics. CVI allows the system to deeply understand the context of a scene, including the location, time of day, and interactions between objects, to evaluate security risks with near human-level perception​  ​.

Key features include 24/7 proactive threat monitoring, PACS alarm reduction, AI-powered investigations, gun detection, and occupancy insights. These features enable organizations to identify potential incidents before they happen, dispatch security professionals in real time, and reduce false alarms significantly​  ​​  ​.'s solutions are used by large enterprises, schools, museums, and other organizations to secure property, people, and assets from physical security threats. Their approach has led to significant reductions in false alarms and improved response times to real threats​  ​.

Pricing & Discounts

Specific pricing details for's services are not publicly listed on their website or on third-party review platforms such as TrustRadius​  ​​  ​. This is common for enterprise-grade solutions, where pricing often depends on the scale of deployment, specific features required, and the level of support or customization needed. offers a range of services designed to enhance physical security through AI and computer vision intelligence. Their offerings include 24/7 Proactive Threat Monitoring, PACS Alarm Reduction, AI-Powered Investigations, Gun Detection, and Occupancy Insights​  ​. These services are tailored to transform security operations from reactive to proactive, emphasizing the reduction of false alarms, speeding up investigations, and enabling faster responses to real threats​  ​.

For organizations interested in's solutions, it's recommended to directly contact their sales team for a detailed discussion on pricing, tailored solutions, and to schedule a demo. This approach allows to provide a customized quote that aligns with the specific needs and requirements of your organization, ensuring you receive the most accurate and relevant information​  ​​  ​.

Given the complexity and custom nature of enterprise security solutions, this direct engagement with the vendor is essential for obtaining a clear understanding of costs and the comprehensive benefits their platform can offer to your security operations.


The team at is composed of a diverse group of leaders and visionaries committed to driving innovation in the field of AI-powered physical security. At the helm are the company's founders, Shikhar Shrestha, serving as CEO, and Vikesh Khanna, who holds the position of CTO. Both founders bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company, focusing on the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies to enhance enterprise security operations.

Supporting the founders in their mission are key executive members who bring specialized skills and experiences to the table. Jeff Huisman, as the Senior Vice President of Sales, leads the company's sales strategies to drive growth and expand market reach. Kiran Palan, the Vice President of Engineering, oversees the engineering team, ensuring the development of robust and reliable security solutions. Katy DeWitt-Drew, in her role as Vice President of People, focuses on cultivating a dynamic and inclusive company culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Howard Lau, the Vice President of Finance, manages the financial strategies of the company, ensuring sustainable growth and fiscal responsibility. Dave McCargar, serving as the Senior Vice President of Customer Success, Services, and Support, ensures that clients receive exceptional service and support throughout their journey with Lastly, Colby Wren, the Vice President of Growth Marketing, drives the company's marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Together, this executive team combines their strengths and industry insights to position as a leader in AI-driven security solutions, dedicated to providing innovative and effective security measures for organizations worldwide.


Shikhar Shrestha

CEO & Founder


Vikesh Khanna

CTO & Founder


Jeff Huisman

Sr. Vice President, Sales


Kiran Palan

Vice President, Engineering


Katy DeWitt-Drew

Vice President, People


Howard Lau

Vice President, Finance


Dave McCargar

Sr. Vice President, Customer Success, Services and Support


Colby Wren

Vice President, Growth Marketing

Funding has successfully secured significant funding over multiple rounds to support its growth and expansion in the AI-powered physical security sector. The company has raised a total of $72.1M across 5 rounds, with the latest funding of $20M received on October 30, 2023, from a Venture - Series Unknown round​  ​. This strategic growth investment was led by Allegion Ventures, marking a pivotal moment for as it aims to accelerate its mission of preventing every possible security incident and expanding its partner ecosystem​  ​​  ​.'s funding journey includes a previous raise of $52M in venture funding across Series A and Series B rounds, led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and supported by SV Angel and Y Combinator. The company also boasts backing from notable enterprise technologists such as Jyoti Bansal (Founder/CEO of Appdynamics), George Kurtz (Founder/CEO of Crowdstrike), Frederic Kerrest (Founder/COO of OKTA), and Mark Leslie (ex-CEO of Veritas)​  ​​  ​.

Founded in 2017, is leveraging this funding to further develop its AI-powered computer vision intelligence platform, aiming to transform enterprise security operations by enabling proactive and automated responses to physical security threats. Its platform is trusted by large enterprises across tech, energy, manufacturing, and more, including high-profile organizations like Adobe, VMware, and Impossible Foods​  ​.

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