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Anyword is a powerful AI writing tool that stands out for its ability to generate high-quality content across a wide range of formats. It is particularly designed to cater to the needs of marketers, aiming to enhance content creation and optimization with a special emphasis on driving business results.

This tool is capable of producing a diverse array of copy, including but not limited to long-form articles, blog posts, ad copy, social media posts, and more. A distinctive feature of Anyword is its predictive performance analytics. This functionality scores your copy against millions of top-performing marketing assets, providing you with a data-backed confidence score on how your content is likely to perform across different platforms and audiences.

One of the key benefits of Anyword is its user-friendly nature, making it accessible to over one million users who rely on it for removing the guesswork from writing. This AI tool is built from the ground up with marketers in mind, leveraging advanced algorithms to create effective marketing text that converts. Furthermore, it includes predictive copywriting models that may increase conversion rates and attract more customers by understanding your brand, audience, and what truly resonates with them.

With Anyword, marketers have the advantage of generating content that is not only engaging but also tailored to the preferences of their target audience. This aids in significantly boosting marketing performance and results. Additionally, Anyword's AI-powered copywriting assistant is highlighted for its efficiency in transforming ideas into high-converting text, thereby becoming an indispensable tool in the marketing toolkit.

In summary, Anyword's AI tool is a game-changer for those looking to elevate their content marketing strategy. It combines the power of AI with insightful analytics to help users create impactful, on-brand content that drives business results effectively.

Use cases

Anyword offers a suite of tools designed to streamline content creation for various marketing needs, making it a versatile asset for businesses and individuals alike. Here are simplified use cases for Anyword, focusing on its practical applications while keeping the language straightforward:

  1. Blog Post Creation: Quickly transform your ideas into comprehensive, engaging blog posts. This tool helps you efficiently fill blank pages with compelling content, effectively cutting down writing time.

  2. Amazon Product Descriptions: Craft persuasive product descriptions tailored for Amazon's platform. Enhance your product listings with optimized descriptions that aim to boost sales through a structured, bulleted format.

  3. Email Marketing: Elevate your email campaigns by generating powerful, engaging email content. This tool is designed to increase open rates and attract potential customers, enriching your email marketing strategy.

  4. Landing Page Development: From product descriptions to fully-fledged landing pages, this tool allows for the creation of entire landing pages. It simplifies the process of conveying your product's value, aiming to improve conversion rates.

  5. Product Descriptions: Create detailed, persuasive descriptions for your products or services in just a few clicks. This tool focuses on optimizing your content to better describe and explain your offerings.

  6. Ad Copy Creation: Produce ad copy that has the potential to convert viewers into customers. The tool facilitates the generation of AI-crafted ad text designed for high engagement and conversion rates.

  7. Content Writing for Various Needs: Whether for marketing, creative, or any other purpose, this tool enables the creation of content tailored to a wide range of use cases with just a few clicks.

  8. Content Optimization: Optimize your existing copy with a tool designed to reword and restructure your sentences, enhancing the overall impact of your content.

  9. Meta Description Writing: Unstick yourself from the challenge of writing meta descriptions. This tool helps improve your website's SEO with optimized meta descriptions.

  10. Social Media Engagement: Generate captions for Instagram that capture attention and headlines for Facebook that engage your audience. These tools are crafted to enhance your social media presence and interaction.

  11. Professional Networking: Create LinkedIn posts that engage your professional network and promote your expertise or services, aiming to expand your reach and influence.

  12. Content Summarization: Condense your content into concise, impactful snippets. This tool is perfect for creating summaries of longer texts, making information more accessible and digestible.

  13. Content Repurposing: Revamp your existing copy to make it more compelling and optimized, ensuring your content remains fresh and relevant.

In essence, Anyword serves as a comprehensive content creation and optimization tool, capable of addressing a wide array of marketing and communication needs with efficiency and effectiveness.


Anyword is an AI tool designed for marketers to generate various types of content, including blog posts, ad copy, and social media posts, with predictive performance analytics to forecast content success.

It's ideal for solo marketers, freelancers, and marketing teams of any size, aiming to create on-brand content efficiently.

Anyword can produce blog posts, product descriptions, email marketing content, landing pages, ad copy, social media captions, and more.

Key features include unlimited copy generation, predictive performance scores, marketing templates, a blog wizard with a plagiarism checker, and the ability to create targeted audiences.

By leveraging AI and data-driven insights, Anyword helps marketers craft content that resonates with their audience, thereby potentially increasing conversion rates.

Anyword offers four plans: Starter, Data-Driven, Business, and Enterprise, catering to different needs and scales of operation.

The tool provides predictive analytics, performance scoring, and suggestions for content improvement.

Pricing & Discounts

Anyword offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to different needs, from individual freelancers to large enterprises. Here's a comparison of their plans, focusing on the pricing and the features included in each. The objective is to present the information in a straightforward manner without delving into the technical aspects of AI.

Anyword Subscription Plans Comparison

Monthly Price (Billed Yearly)$39$79Starting from $349Custom Pricing
Seats Included133Custom
Brand Voices115Custom
Unlimited Copy GenerationYesYesYesYes
Marketing Templates & Prompts100+100+100+100+
Predictive Performance Scores & AnalyticsYesYesYesYes
Blog Wizard with Plagiarism CheckerYesYesYesYes
Create Target Audiences in 1-ClickYesYesYesYes
Google Chrome ExtensionYesYesYesYes
1-Click Boost Performance & Content Improver-UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Integration--5000 rowsUnlimited rows
Copy Intelligence & Analytics--YesYes
Automated Website Messaging A/B Testing--Yes-
Onboarding & Account Setup--Yes-
Roles & Permissions Management--Yes-
Enterprise-Grade Security & SSO---Yes
Private Language Model---Yes
Custom-Built AI Models---Yes
Full API Access---Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager---Yes

Key Differences:

  • Starter Plan: Ideal for solo marketers and freelancers. It provides the essentials for generating on-brand content with access to Anyword's data-driven insights.

  • Data-Driven Plan: Geared towards marketing teams, offering more seats and enhanced content improvement features for collaborative work.

  • Business Plan: Offers advanced features like copy intelligence and automated A/B testing for marketing channels, suitable for teams seeking to leverage AI for better performance across channels.

  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable to fit the specific needs of large organizations with enterprise-grade security, private language models, and dedicated support.

Each plan is designed to accommodate different scales of operation, from individual content creators to large marketing teams, providing tools and features that align with the specific requirements and goals of the users.


The Anyword team is led by innovative minds and dedicated professionals who are at the forefront of revolutionizing how marketing messages are crafted and optimized across digital channels. Key figures include Yaniv Makover, who co-founded Anyword and serves as its CEO. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Makover is committed to solving the challenges marketers face daily. Under his leadership, Anyword aims to eliminate the common issues of bias, high costs, and ineffectiveness in digital marketing messages, positioning itself as the world's first Language Optimization Platform. This platform is designed to assist publishers and growth marketers in enhancing the performance of their communications across various platforms including web, social media, email, and ads.

Another notable team member is Abdourahamane Barry, an Account Executive at Anyword. Barry's role involves leveraging his analytical skills to support the company's growth and ensure customer success. His career path in sales reflects a strong commitment to finding long-term, fulfilling careers within innovative companies looking to expand and evolve.


Yaniv Makover

Co-founder, CEO


Abdourahamane Barry

Account Executive


Anyword has successfully secured a total of $30.1 million in funding through two rounds. Their most recent financial backing came from a Series B round on November 18, 2021, where they raised $21 million. This followed an earlier Series A round on March 24, 2015, during which they acquired $9.1 million.

The company has attracted a diverse group of 13 investors, with Innovation Endeavors leading the charge in the most recent Series B round. Other notable investors include Howard Lerman, alongside several individual investors such as Tomer Cohen, Tomer Tagrin, Michael Ronen, Nir Eyal, and entities like Matias Ventures and the Gandyr Group.

Post the Series B funding round, Anyword was valued in the range of $50 million to $100 million. This valuation reflects the company's potential and the confidence investors have in its growth trajectory and capabilities in the market.

The investment rounds have enabled Anyword to continue developing its AI-driven content creation and optimization platform, furthering its mission to help marketers and businesses enhance their content strategies with data-driven insights.

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