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Ask AI Lawyer

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Instant access to legal information, automates routine advice, simplifies complex legal queries.
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Ask AI Lawyer is like a friendly neighborhood  law advisor , always on standby to help you out. This tool gives you quick, reliable answers to legal questions for free, making it easier for anyone to get a little legal guidance without the big bills. Whether you're a student, a small business owner, or just curious about legal matters, you can pop your question into the  free legal artificial intelligence  platform and expect a clear, well-explained answer in just five minutes. It's a fantastic first step for simpler  legal  queries, but for the tricky stuff, it’s still a good idea to chat with a real-life lawyer. This approach makes legal info more approachable and digestible, especially for those who might feel overwhelmed by traditional legal avenues.

Use cases

  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers can use Ask AI Lawyer for preliminary case research or to quickly find relevant case law, speeding up their workflow considerably.
  • Students: Law students can benefit from the platform to understand complex legal concepts and explore case studies, aiding in their academic studies and exam preparations.
  • Small Business Owners: This tool is great for small business owners who need swift  legal  advice on matters like compliance and contract issues without the overhead of hiring a legal consultant.
  • General Public: Individuals seeking clarity on personal legal questions such as tenant rights or estate planning can get quick answers.
  • Educational Purposes: The tool can be used to learn about a broad spectrum of legal issues, making it a valuable educational resource.


Think of Ask AI Lawyer as your go-to helper for legal questions. It's an online tool that gives you legal advice quickly and for free.

Just type in your question, and the tool uses its AI smarts to give you an answer in about five minutes.

It's great for quick advice, but for anything serious or complex, you'll still want a real lawyer’s help.

No, it’s completely free. Just ask your question and get help without spending a penny.

From getting advice on a rental agreement to understanding patent rules, it can handle a wide array of legal topics.

It's designed to be very accurate, but always double-check complex issues with a human lawyer to be sure.

Pricing & Discounts

Ask AI Lawyer is completely free to use. This means you can access its AI-driven legal advice without any fees or charges. There's no subscription required, and you won't encounter hidden costs along the way. This makes it a cost-effective option for anyone needing quick legal insights without the financial burden of traditional legal consultations.


LexisNexis Legal & Professional, part of the UK-based RELX Plc, has been actively expanding its innovative AI tool, Lexis+ AI, beyond the USA into the UK and Canada. The expansion follows a successful five-month commercial preview in the USA that started in October. Lexis+ AI is recognized for its robust content and has engaged several top UK law firms such as Eversheds Sutherland (International), Macfarlanes, Pinsent Masons, and CMS UK in its preview program.

The development of Lexis+ AI has been heavily backed by LexisNexis' prior work with extractive AI, which helped build a strong foundation for integrating generative AI capabilities. These capabilities allow Lexis+ AI to perform complex tasks such as interacting with, summarizing, drafting, and reviewing legal documents. The tool's features, including conversational search, enhanced summarization, generative document drafting, and document upload for comparison insights, are designed to streamline various aspects of legal practice, making it a significant step forward in legal technology. This strategic development aims to transform the legal sector by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of legal work through advanced AI-driven tools.



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