Edit smarter, not harder: autopod's AI-powered precision

AutoPod transforms podcast editing with AI, automating multi-camera cuts, social clips, and silence-based edits.
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AutoPod is an innovative AI tool designed to enhance the video editing process, specifically for podcast and video show production. It is a collection of plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro that aims to automate and streamline the editing workflow. Here's a simplified overview of its key features and capabilities:

  1. Multi-Camera Editor: AutoPod's Multi-Camera Editor can handle up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones, editing multi-camera sequences automatically. This feature is highly customizable, allowing users to adjust to different shooting styles and save presets for consistent usage. It's designed to work with various camera configurations, including solo shots, two shots, three shots, four shots, and wide shots.

  2. Social Clip Creator: This feature assists in creating clips for social media in three different aspect ratios. It automatically resizes sequence settings and footage sizes based on the selected aspect ratio and can add auto-reframe, watermarks, and end pages if desired. The clips are conveniently stored in a folder for batch export with a single click.

  3. Jump Cut Editor: The Jump Cut Editor is particularly useful for creating engaging social clips. It automatically creates jump cuts in footage based on silence. Users can input a specific decibel cutoff for their microphones, and the system will create cuts whenever the sound falls below this level.

AutoPod is lauded for its ability to save significant time for editors, allowing them to focus more on creative aspects of their work rather than tedious tasks. It has been shown to save over 4 hours of human editing time per episode for typical 30-60 minute long-form podcasts. This translates to a substantial amount of time saved annually, especially for editors managing multiple shows.

Despite its automation capabilities, AutoPod allows for a degree of customization to maintain a unique style for different shows or brands. Users can define parameters like solo shot frequency, duration of wide shots, audio transition fade duration, jump cut threshold, and custom lower-thirds.

AutoPod is not just about replacing human effort; it's about augmenting it. By handling the repetitive aspects of editing, it frees up editors to concentrate on more critical and creative decisions. This synergy of human creativity and AI efficiency is a significant aspect of AutoPod's appeal.

As for its future potential, ongoing advancements in AI technology suggest that tools like AutoPod could evolve to offer even more sophisticated editing capabilities, like emotion-aware editing and cinematic rendering.

In summary, AutoPod is a powerful, time-saving tool for video podcast editors, blending automation with customization to enhance the editing process while still allowing for individual creative control.

Use cases

AutoPod, as an AI tool integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro, offers a range of functionalities designed to simplify and enhance the video editing process, especially for podcasters and video content creators. The use cases for AutoPod span various aspects of video and podcast production, making it a versatile tool for different types of users. Here's an overview of its primary use cases:

  1. Time-Saving for Video Podcast Editors: AutoPod is particularly beneficial for video podcast editors. Its automation capabilities significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive editing tasks. This includes editing multi-camera sequences, creating jump cuts based on silence, and generating clips for social media. The tool's ability to handle up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones and its batch export feature make it a robust solution for managing complex editing workflows efficiently.

  2. Social Media Content Creation: For content creators targeting social media platforms, AutoPod's Social Clip Creator is invaluable. It allows the automatic creation of clips in various aspect ratios suitable for different social media platforms. This includes features like auto-reframing, adding watermarks, and end pages to ensure the content aligns with the creators' brand image and specifications. This functionality makes it easier to produce professional-looking social media content quickly.

  3. Podcast Distribution and Analytics: AutoPod also serves as a comprehensive platform for podcast distribution, allowing users to upload episodes and share them across multiple platforms. This feature is particularly useful for independent podcasters and businesses using podcasts to engage with customers or employees. Additionally, AutoPod provides valuable analytics to help users understand their audience better and optimize their content accordingly.

  4. Customization and Flexibility: The tool offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to save presets and adjust settings according to their specific requirements. This includes customizing the frequency of wide shots in multi-camera sequences and setting decibel cutoffs for jump cut editors, ensuring that the final product reflects the creator's unique style and preferences.

  5. Educational and Hobbyist Applications: AutoPod is not only for professional or commercial podcasters but also for educational institutions and hobbyists. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality make it accessible to those who might not have extensive technical expertise but still wish to create quality podcasts or video content.

In conclusion, AutoPod stands out as a powerful tool for a wide range of users in the podcasting and video content creation space. Its ability to automate and streamline the editing process while providing flexibility and customization makes it a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their production workflow.


AutoPod is a set of plug-ins designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, tailored for editing video podcasts and shows. It automates various aspects of the editing process like multi-camera editing, social clip creation, and jump cut editing.

The Multi-Camera Editor can automatically edit sequences involving up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones. It is compatible with different camera configurations and allows customization to fit various editing methods.

The Social Clip Creator automatically generates clips for social media in three different aspect ratios. It adjusts sequence settings and footage sizes and can add auto-reframe, watermarks, and endpages. These clips can be batch exported.

The Jump Cut Editor in AutoPod creates jump cuts based on silence, a feature especially useful for maintaining audience engagement in social media clips.

Installation involves downloading and running the installer file and then integrating it with Adobe Premiere Pro. AutoPod requires Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 or a later version of Premiere 2022 to function correctly.

Yes, AutoPod offers a 30-day free trial for those who opt for monthly billing.

Currently, AutoPod is specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro and does not support other editing software like DaVinci or Final Cut Pro.

AutoPod is mainly aimed at radio stations and online audio providers, helping them manage 'On Demand' or 'Listen Again' services and expand their reach on online platforms.

To sign up for a trial of AutoPod, some initial information is required to evaluate the service and get things set up correctly.

Pricing & Discounts

AutoPod offers a straightforward pricing model for its users. The tool is available for a monthly subscription fee of $29. This pricing includes the AutoPod Multi-Camera Editor, AutoPod Social Clip Creator, and AutoPod Jump Cut Editor. Additionally, they offer a 30-day free trial for those who opt for monthly billing. For users who choose the annual billing option, there is a benefit of getting one month free per year.

This pricing plan is quite competitive when compared to other AI podcast editing tools in the market. AutoPod's primary appeal lies in its specific functionalities designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, making it a specialized tool for podcast and video show editors. Its features include the ability to edit multi-camera sequences, create optimized clips for social media, and generate jump cuts based on silence, which are particularly useful for enhancing the quality and efficiency of video podcast productions.



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