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Brainfish revolutionizes customer support with instant AI-driven solutions, reducing ticket volume and empowering self-service options.
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Brainfish is an innovative AI tool designed to revolutionize customer support without relying on traditional chatbots. It offers rapid self-service solutions, delivering answers to customer queries in under two seconds. This means no more repetitive questions for your support team, freeing them up to focus on more complex issues.

Powered by advanced AI, Brainfish enables customers to find answers to their questions instantly. It provides real-time insights into customer concerns, allowing your CX team to continually improve your knowledgebase content.

One of Brainfish's key features is its ability to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously. Its tailored AI technology learns your content to provide accurate and relevant answers, reducing inbound ticket volume and improving efficiency.

Brainfish also makes content migration seamless, supporting various formats including Zendesk Help Center, Freshdesk, Intercom, HTML, Markdown, and PDF. Integration is straightforward, requiring no training or configuration.

Furthermore, Brainfish offers actionable metrics to help nurture better customer service. By analyzing customer behavior and feedback, you can enhance your content, leading to higher resolution rates and improved answer quality.

With Brainfish, the process is simple: the team adds your content, sets up your site, and you're ready to start providing better support to your customers.

Use cases

Here are some simplified use cases for Brainfish:

  1. Streamlined Customer Support: Brainfish can be used by companies to enhance their customer support services. For example, when customers have common questions or issues, Brainfish provides instant answers, reducing the need for them to wait for a support agent. This helps in improving overall customer satisfaction and retention.
  2. Efficient Knowledge Base Management: Brainfish helps businesses manage their knowledge bases more efficiently. It automatically learns from existing content and updates itself as new information is added. This saves time for support teams who would otherwise have to manually update and maintain the knowledge base.
  3. Reduced Ticket Volume: By providing customers with quick and accurate answers, Brainfish can significantly reduce the number of support tickets received by a company. This frees up support agents to focus on more complex issues, leading to faster resolution times and happier customers.
  4. Improved Self-Service Options: Brainfish empowers customers to find answers to their questions on their own, without needing to contact support. This self-service option not only improves the customer experience but also reduces the workload on support teams.
  5. Seamless Content Migration: When migrating content from one platform to another, Brainfish makes the process seamless. It supports various formats, making it easy to import existing knowledge base articles, FAQs, or other support content into the Brainfish platform.
  6. Actionable Insights: Brainfish provides analytics and insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement in the knowledge base content, leading to better customer support outcomes.

Overall, Brainfish offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their customer support operations, streamline knowledge base management, and improve the overall customer experience.


Brainfish is an AI-powered tool designed to improve customer support experiences for businesses. It helps companies provide quick and accurate answers to customer inquiries, reducing the need for human intervention.

Brainfish uses advanced AI technology to analyze and understand customer questions. It then searches through a company's knowledge base to find relevant answers, delivering them to customers instantly.

The key individuals behind Brainfish include Daniel Kimber, the CEO & Co-Founder; Ajain Vivek, the Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder; and Lucy Tresidder, the Sales Director.

Brainfish has received funding from Black Sheep Capital, a venture capital firm. The investment is categorized as early-stage venture capital, indicating support for Brainfish's growth and development.

Brainfish offers three pricing plans: Basic, Growth, and Enterprise. The Basic plan starts at $159 per month and includes features such as a set number of monthly visitors and articles. The Growth plan starts from $549 per month and offers additional features such as unlimited articles and search analytics. The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and features tailored to the needs of larger organizations.

Brainfish operates with a team size ranging from 11 to 50 workers. This size allows for a collaborative environment where each team member plays a crucial role in the company's success.

Brainfish supports integrations with platforms such as Zendesk, Intercom, and Freshdesk, among others. These integrations help streamline customer support workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

Brainfish provides insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping businesses understand their audience better. These insights can be used to improve content quality and enhance the overall customer support experience.

Pricing & Discounts

Basic ($159 per month)

  • 500 Monthly Brainfish Visitors
  • One Admin User
  • 50 articles
  • Basic Insights

Growth (starting from $549 per month)

  • 5 Admin Users
  • Unlimited articles
  • Search Analytics
  • Integration with Zendesk

Enterprise (price upon request)

  • Analytics: Search Themes
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Expert
  • Integration with Intercom, Freshdesk + more
  • Custom Integrations, Pricing & Terms, and Reporting
  • Priority Support


Brainfish is led by a trio of dedicated individuals. Daniel Kimber serves as the CEO and Co-Founder, overseeing the company's overall direction and strategy. Ajain Vivek, also a Co-Founder, takes on the role of Chief Technology Officer, guiding the technical development of Brainfish's innovative solutions. Lucy Tresidder, the Sales Director, spearheads efforts to build relationships with clients and drive sales forward.

With a team size ranging from 11 to 50 workers, Brainfish operates within a close-knit environment. Each member plays a vital role in the company's mission to transform customer support through advanced AI technology. Together, they work collaboratively to ensure Brainfish remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering impactful solutions to their clients.


Daniel Kimber

CEO & Co-Founder


Ajain Vivek

CTO & Co-Founder


Lucy Tresidder

Sales Director


Brainfish has received funding from Black Sheep Capital, a venture capital firm. The investment falls under the category of early-stage venture capital, indicating support for Brainfish's growth and development. With revenue below $5 million, this funding represents an important milestone for Brainfish as it continues to expand its operations and innovate in the customer support industry. As a minority investor, Black Sheep Capital provides strategic support while allowing Brainfish to maintain its independence and pursue its vision.

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