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The Brave Search Summarizer is a nifty feature within Brave Search designed to help you get to the crux of information faster. It leverages AI to sift through web pages and present concise summaries right at the top of your search outcomes.

What Makes It Stand Out:

  • Seamless Integration: Nestled within Brave Search, the Summarizer offers quick snapshots of web content, significantly cutting down on browsing time.
  • Quality at Its Core: The Brave team ensures these summaries are both precise and respectful, steering clear of any offensive content. This tool is an in-house development by the Brave Search team, independent of external AI technologies.
  • No Cost Attached: The Summarizer is available at no extra charge for all Brave Search users.
  • Yours to Control: If you prefer the traditional search experience, you have the option to disable the Summarizer feature.
  • Ever-Evolving: Brave is on a mission to enhance the Summarizer further and seamlessly integrate it with additional functionalities.

In essence, the Brave Search Summarizer streamlines your web exploration while respecting your privacy, embodying Brave's commitment to delivering a superior online search experience.

Use cases

Brave Search Summarizer can do:

  1. Quick Information: It helps you find answers faster by giving short summaries at the top of search results, saving time.
  2. Academic Help: Students and researchers can use it to understand complex academic topics and articles more easily.
  3. Business Insights: Professionals can use it to stay updated on industry trends and competitor info from the web.
  4. News and Events: You can use it to get quick summaries of news articles and reports.
  5. Health Information: For health advice and medical info, it simplifies information from trusted sources.
  6. Travel Planning: If you're planning a trip, it can quickly give you info about destinations and travel tips.
  7. Legal Help: Legal professionals can use it to summarize legal cases, laws, and articles for initial research.
  8. Content Creation: Content creators can use it to gather ideas and key points from different sources.
  9. Product Research: For shoppers, it provides quick overviews of product reviews and comparisons.
  10. Language Learning: It helps language learners by providing simple translations or summaries of foreign language content.

In short, the Brave Search Summarizer is a versatile tool for various needs, offering quick and easy-to-understand information while respecting your privacy.


It's a helpful tool in Brave Search that provides quick summaries from web search results.

It looks at web pages and makes brief summaries at the top of search results using technology.

Yes, it's available for free to use.

It creates short and helpful summaries, understands what you're looking for, gives you good results, and works well with custom plugins like ChatGPT.

Pricing & Discounts

Subscription PlanPriceIncluded
PRO$9 CPM- 50 queries/second - No monthly limit - Rights to use data for AI inference - Extra alternate snippets for AI - Web search, images, videos, news, goggles, schema enriched web results, discussions, infobox, FAQ, locations, summarizer
BASE$5 CPM- 20 queries/second - Up to 20M queries/month - Rights to use data for AI inference - Extra alternate snippets for AI - Web search, images, videos, news, goggles, schema enriched web results, discussions, infobox, FAQ, locations, summarizer
FreeFree- 1 query/second - Up to 2,000 queries/month - Rights to use data for AI inference - Extra alternate snippets for AI - Web search, images, videos, news, goggles, schema enriched web results, discussions, infobox, FAQ, locations, summarizer


The team behind the Brave Search Summarizer is a group of trailblazers devoted to resurrecting the internet's foundational principles: privacy, neutrality, openness, and freedom. They reminisce about a time when the web was a haven of utility and integrity, far from today's landscape marked by commercialization and data exploitation. This longing for the early days of the internet, where entities like Google genuinely embraced the "Don't be evil" ethos, fuels their mission.

For this team, privacy is far from a mere trend—it's a cornerstone of their ethos, guiding them towards creating tangible solutions that guard user data. With a wealth of expertise in engineering, security, and research, they focus on safeguarding information rather than capitalizing on it. They are always on the lookout for new vulnerabilities, aiming to be a step ahead of any big tech maneuvers that threaten user privacy. By weaving privacy protections directly into their products, they make it easy for users to safeguard their online presence.

The vanguard of this initiative includes several key figures:

  • Brendan Eich, Founder & CEO, leads with a visionary approach, drawing from a deep well of knowledge in web technologies and privacy concerns.
  • Brian Bondy, Co-founder and CTO, steers the technical vision and innovation, ensuring the team's efforts are both cutting-edge and secure.
  • Yan Zhu, the Chief Information Security Officer, is dedicated to fortifying data protection and enhancing security protocols.
  • Josep M. Pujol, Chief of Search, commits to refining search technologies in a way that respects user privacy.
  • Brian Brown, Chief Business Officer, focuses on forging strategic partnerships and business development to propel the team's vision forward.
  • Bill Engles, Chief Financial Officer, oversees the financial strategies and resources essential for sustaining the mission.

This collective, along with the entire Brave Search Summarizer crew, stands united in their mission to foster a web environment that prioritizes user safety and privacy above all. They extend an invitation to those who share their vision of a liberated and open internet to join their ranks, offering roles for individuals passionate about making a difference.


Brendan Eich

Founder & CEO


Brian Bondy

Founder & CTO


Yan Zhu

Chief Information Security Officer


Josep M. Pujol

Chief of Search


Brian Brown

Chief Business Officer


Bill Engles

Chief Financial Officer


Brave, the company responsible for Brave Search and the Brave Search Summarizer, has secured substantial funding through various rounds.

In total, Brave has received $42 million in funding from seven rounds of venture capital investments. This money has been crucial in supporting the development of Brave's different products, including the Brave Browser and Brave Search. Some notable investors in Brave include the Founders Fund and others.

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