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CallidusAI positions itself as a highly advanced legal AI platform designed to significantly enhance the productivity and outcomes of legal professionals. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the legal industry, supporting tasks like legal research, contract redlining, and drafting various legal documents. This platform is notable for its ability to handle complex legal issues, providing detailed analyses and generating extensive legal memos in a fraction of the time typically required. Users can expect to streamline processes such as drafting contracts and conducting in-depth legal research, transforming hours of manual work into minutes. CallidusAI is engineered to work alongside attorneys, enhancing their capability to manage higher work volumes more efficiently and with greater accuracy​ (CallidusAI)​​ (CallidusAI)​​ (CallidusAI)​​ (CallidusAI)​.

Use cases

  • Legal Research and Document Drafting: Quickly conducts thorough legal research and drafts extensive legal documents, such as memos and briefs, reducing time spent on these tasks from hours to minutes.
  • Contract Analysis and Drafting: Automates the drafting and redlining of contracts, significantly speeding up the review process and ensuring that terms align with legal standards and client needs.
  • Complex Legal Analysis: Handles intricate legal questions by analyzing detailed fact patterns and producing relevant legal summaries, which helps in understanding key legal positions or potential arguments.
  • Litigation Support: Generates robust analysis of legal arguments for litigation purposes, offering insights into relevant cases and statutes that might not be immediately obvious to human researchers.


CallidusAI is an AI platform designed to enhance legal workflows by automating research, document drafting, and contract analysis.

It speeds up legal research by quickly generating detailed legal documents and providing insights into relevant cases and statutes.

Yes, it can draft a range of legal documents, including contracts and litigation briefs, efficiently and accurately.

CallidusAI automates contract drafting and redlining, comparing terms with industry standards to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Yes, CallidusAI is scalable and can be used by solo practitioners, small firms, and large legal departments alike.

Yes, CallidusAI offers a trial period where users can test its features before subscribing​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Here’s a comparison of the subscription plans offered by CallidusAI, designed to cater to different needs, from individual legal professionals to small and mid-sized law firms. These plans are structured to provide varying levels of service, message credits, and features to suit the specific requirements of different legal environments.

Plan TypeMonthly CostAnnual CostFeaturesMessage CreditsAdditional Notes
Individual$149$999Access to all Consumer modules, 7-day free trial, billed monthly, no long-term contract2,000$788 savings on annual billing
AssociateRequest Pricing-Access to Consumer modules, centralized user management, enhanced customer service3,000Designed for small firms and in-house legal teams
Of CounselRequest Pricing-All Associate features, white-glove implementation, premium support, Azure private tenant for security6,000Suited for mid-size firms with heightened security needs

These plans offer a flexible approach, allowing legal professionals to choose a model that best fits their needs, with options for upgrading to accommodate growth or increased demand. The individual license is great for solo practitioners, while the Associate and Of Counsel licenses cater to larger groups requiring more robust support and security.

UX/UI review

After you log into your account, the tool's features become available to you. Right away, you'll see two categories to choose from, which helps you specify exactly what task you want to perform.


Welcome to Callidus

When you select the "Litigation" option, you can access several features: Legal Research (Gather information and case references for legal cases), Search/Query (Look up specific legal queries or find relevant legal information), Short Legal Hypo (Create brief hypotheses or summaries of legal scenarios), Proofreading (Check and correct legal documents for accuracy and consistency), General AI Assistant (Get help with a variety of other legal tasks)



When you choose the "Transactional" option, you unlock a variety of tools tailored for handling transactional legal tasks: Contract Comparisons (Compare different contracts to identify differences and similarities), Review Contract Terms (Examine the terms of contracts to ensure they meet your requirements), Short Legal Hypo (Create concise summaries or hypotheses related to transactional law), Draft a Contract from Scratch (Start and build a contract from the ground up, customizing it as needed), General AI Assistant (Assist with various transactional tasks that may not fit into the other categories), Proofread - Beta (Check contracts and other documents for errors and inconsistencies, still in testing to enhance accuracy)



You can also edit your profile, adjust your security settings, and invite friends with a custom link. Plus, when your friends start their subscription through your link, both of you will receive 1000 bonus credits!





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