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Create bespoke voiceovers for podcasts and books effortlessly. Authentic voices, rapid delivery.
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Overview offers a platform where users can create AI-generated audio voiceovers for various long-form content like podcasts, presentations, and social media. Users upload an audio sample and text, which the AI then processes to produce a voiceover, often in English with a British or American accent. The service emphasizes privacy, with data deletion after processing and a 14-day retention policy.

Use cases is designed for creating personalized voiceovers for various applications, including podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning materials, video narrations, and personalized messages or greetings. It enables users to generate voiceovers that mimic specific vocal tones or styles, suitable for content creators seeking unique and engaging audio outputs without needing professional voice actors. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for producing high-quality, customized audio content across different media platforms.


For $14.99, you can clone one voice and get up to 120 minutes of audio voiceover tailored for your podcasts, audiobooks, or presentations.

Yes, there are monthly plans: Premium at $99.99 for 1,200 minutes, and Enterprise at $199.99 for 2,400 minutes of audio voiceover.

The service offers a trial, allowing you to test the features before committing to a plan.

All plans offer unlimited voices, complimentary re-creations, privacy and security, accuracy and pitch, and fast turnaround times.

The service boasts a fast turnaround, typically under one hour on average.

Pricing & Discounts

The monthly subscriptions for the voiceover service include two tiers beyond the pay-as-you-go option:

  1. Premium Plan: Priced at $99.99 per month, this plan offers 1,200 minutes of audio voiceover with the option to clone up to 10 different voices. Features include unlimited voices from any short audio sample, premium support, API access, high accuracy and pitch, fast turnaround (under 1 hour on average), and a commitment to privacy and security.

  2. Enterprise Plan: For $199.99 per month, the Enterprise Plan provides 2,400 minutes of audio voiceover and the ability to clone up to 20 different voices. It includes all the features of the Premium Plan with the addition of unlimited API access and hands-on enterprise support for maximizing the benefits of the service.

Each plan appears to come with a trial option, allowing potential users to test the service before fully committing. For more information, you should visit the website directly.



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