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CodeGPT - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace

Code smarter, not harder with AI-enhanced coding

Elevate your coding with AI-driven suggestions & optimizations in IntelliJ IDEs. Streamline development, boost efficiency.
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CodeGPT is an AI-powered plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, which serves as a helpful assistant for programmers. It enhances coding skills and streamlines the programming process. The plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA (both Ultimate and Community editions), as well as Android Studio, and a range of other IntelliJ-based IDEs.

One of the key features of CodeGPT is its integration with advanced language models like GPT-4 and Code LLama, offering state-of-the-art AI capabilities. This integration provides developers with a variety of functionalities, including code suggestions and optimizations, which can significantly boost productivity and efficiency.

CodeGPT stands out as a free, open-source solution in the JetBrains Marketplace, making it accessible for a wide range of developers. Its focus on enhancing coding skills and optimizing the development process makes it a valuable tool for both novice and experienced programmers.

Use cases

CodeGPT, integrated as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, unlocks a myriad of functionalities designed to elevate the coding journey and bolster developer efficiency. Here's a glimpse into the versatile applications it offers:

  • Intelligent Code Completions and Suggestions: CodeGPT streamlines the coding process by offering smart code completions, significantly reducing errors and accelerating development time. This feature is invaluable for developers aiming to enhance their productivity.

  • API Integration for Advanced Features: Through its integration with various APIs, including OpenAI's official API and Chat Completion, CodeGPT grants access to advanced functionalities such as chat-based completions, insightful code suggestions, and analytical commands, thereby embedding powerful AI capabilities directly into the IDE.

  • Enhanced Coding Experience: The plugin enriches the IntelliJ IDE environment by allowing developers to interact with multiple APIs through a simple right-click on the selected code, offering various commands and functionalities that make coding more efficient and interactive.

  • Optimizing Development Processes: CodeGPT plays a crucial role in identifying potential code optimizations, contributing to the enhancement of code quality. Its analytical capabilities offer deep insights into the code, proving essential for debugging and refining programming efforts.

  • Seamless Integration with Development Tools: Designed to complement existing tools within IntelliJ IDEs, CodeGPT ensures a seamless and cohesive coding experience without disrupting the development workflow.

  • Skill Enhancement for Developers: Leveraging CodeGPT's advanced features enables developers to elevate their coding prowess, fostering the acquisition of cleaner, more efficient coding techniques. This benefit extends across the spectrum, from novices sharpening their skills to seasoned programmers seeking further refinement.


CodeGPT is a free, open-source plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, designed to enhance coding skills and streamline programming processes.

It's compatible with IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate and Community editions), Android Studio, and other IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Key features include integration with advanced language models like GPT-4 and Code LLama, offering functionalities like code suggestions and optimizations.

No, CodeGPT is available for free on the JetBrains Marketplace.

CodeGPT is a community-driven project, contributed to by various developers including Carl-Robert Linnupuu, a Software Engineer at Topia.

You can install it directly from the JetBrains Marketplace on any compatible IntelliJ IDE.

For support, users might need to refer to the plugin's GitHub repository or contact the developers through the JetBrains Marketplace.

Pricing & Discounts

CodeGPT for IntelliJ IDEs is available as a free, open-source plugin. There are no subscription plans or pricing tiers for this tool. It's designed to enhance coding skills and optimize programming time, providing access to advanced language models like GPT-4 and Code LLama at no cost. For more detailed information, you can visit the JetBrains Marketplace website.


In addition to the community-driven nature of the CodeGPT plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, it's noteworthy to mention Carl-Robert Linnupuu, who appears to be a significant contributor to the project. According to his LinkedIn profile, Carl-Robert Linnupuu is a Software Engineer at Topia, where he has been working since October 2019.

His role at Topia involves developing microservices and user interfaces for a global talent mobility platform. He is responsible for designing, building, and configuring applications to meet business requirements. Additionally, his work includes writing testable, scalable, and maintainable code, leading code reviews, and interfacing with team leads, business analysts, and designers to refine project requirements, raise awareness of issues, and suggest possible solutions.

His expertise includes Java, Spring, TypeScript, React, Postgres, AWS, and Kubernetes, which indicates a strong background in software development and engineering.

The involvement of professionals like Carl-Robert Linnupuu in the CodeGPT plugin project highlights the collaborative and skilled nature of the open-source community driving this plugin's development.


Carl-Robert Linnupuu

Software Engineer



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