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CoverLetterAI by Wonsulting

Craft your edge: AI-driven cover letters in seconds

Automate personalized cover letters for any job, enhancing your application with AI precision. Save time and stand out.
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CoverLetterAI, brought to life by Wonsulting, is revolutionizing how job seekers approach cover letter writing. With an AI-driven method, this tool demystifies the often complex process, enabling quick and straightforward creation of personalized and polished cover letters. It shines with its capability to produce custom letters with minimal effort, aligning each document closely with the job seeker's unique profile and the nuances of their job application. This ensures every cover letter not only highlights the individual’s skills and experiences but does so in a way that’s distinctively theirs.

At the core of CoverLetterAI is its dedication to accessibility. Offering a basic plan that includes the crafting of one cover letter at no cost, it opens doors for all users to experience its benefits firsthand. For those in need of deeper functionality, a premium subscription is on offer, granting endless possibilities for cover letter creation and additional access to essential job application tools like ResumAI and NetworkAI. This approach makes CoverLetterAI a valuable resource for a wide array of job seekers, from those making their first foray into the job market to seasoned veterans aiming for a competitive edge.

Use cases

  • Tailoring Cover Letters for Specific Job Applications: It crafts cover letters that are directly aligned with the job you're eyeing, pulling from the job description and your resume to spotlight your most relevant skills and experiences. This approach significantly boosts your chances of grabbing a recruiter's attention.

  • Assisting Job Seekers with Multiple Applications: If you're casting a wide net by applying to various jobs, CoverLetterAI efficiently produces distinct cover letters for each role. This not only saves precious time but ensures each letter feels personal and thoughtful.

  • Support for Career Changes: Navigating a career change? CoverLetterAI helps bridge the gap by eloquently translating your transferable skills to your new industry or role, smoothing the path forward.

  • Enhancing Letters for Non-Writers: Writing, especially the formal kind required for job applications, doesn't come naturally to everyone. CoverLetterAI steps in to help those who may struggle, offering a professional structure that showcases your strengths without the headache of drafting from zero.

  • Feedback and Improvements: Beyond creation, the tool provides valuable feedback on your cover letters, suggesting enhancements to elevate their impact, perfect for those aiming to polish their application to perfection.

  • Accessibility and Efficiency: In the fast-paced world of job searching, speed can be of the essence. CoverLetterAI enables quick cover letter generation, ensuring you can hit those tight application deadlines without sacrificing quality.


CoverLetterAI is a tool designed to automate the process of creating cover letters for job applications. It uses information from your resume and job descriptions to generate personalized and professional cover letters.

The process involves selecting your resume (either from ResumAI or uploading your own), reviewing your target job role and company, and then generating the cover letter with a single click. The AI takes care of tailoring the content to match your background with the job's requirements.

Yes, there is a basic plan that allows you to create one cover letter for free. For unlimited access and additional features, there is a premium subscription plan available.

The premium plan offers unlimited cover letter creations and access to other AI-powered job application tools developed by Wonsulting, such as ResumAI for resumes and NetworkAI for networking.

Yes, it is possible to create a cover letter without a resume, but for the best results, it is recommended to use a resume as it provides the AI with relevant information to personalize your cover letter.

The cover letters are highly personalized, as the AI uses the details from your resume and the specific job description to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences.

Yes, after the cover letter is generated, you can review and make any necessary edits to ensure it perfectly matches your expectations and the job application's requirements.

It takes just a few seconds to generate a cover letter once you've provided the necessary information and clicked the generate button.

Yes, CoverLetterAI is designed to cater to various industries and job roles, making it a versatile tool for job seekers in any field.

You can access CoverLetterAI through the Wonsulting website or directly via the WonsultingAI platform.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPriceIncluded Features
BasicFree- Craft 1 cover letter
Premium$19.99/month- Unlimited cover letter creations, Access to other AI-powered job application tools (ResumAI, NetworkAI)


Founded in 2019 by Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee, Wonsulting has a clear mission: to turn "underdogs into winners." This dynamic team is passionate about helping individuals from non-target schools and unconventional backgrounds achieve their career dreams. Their efforts have led to thousands securing coveted positions at leading firms like Google, Facebook, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, among others.

Jonathan Javier, the CEO and Founder, is renowned for his deep understanding of job search tactics and career mentoring. Co-Founder and COO Jerry Lee complements this with his industry experience, providing holistic career advice and support. Together, they helm a team committed to demystifying the job search process with WonsultingAI, offering bespoke career coaching services and tools designed for job seeker success.

At the heart of Wonsulting's approach is empathy, ensuring every strategy and conversation is grounded in understanding and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Their dedication to fostering equal career opportunities shines through their comprehensive offerings, from resume enhancements to strategic job search advice and career consulting, all aimed at empowering clients to land their dream roles.


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