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Cryptohopper is a handy automated trading platform tailored for those interested in cryptocurrencies. It enables users to trade around the clock by linking up with their preferred crypto exchanges. Thanks to its user-friendly strategies and templates, even beginners can fine-tune their trading efforts without needing to constantly check in. This platform simplifies the trading process, making it more accessible to everyone. The tool includes features like backtesting, which lets users test strategies using historical data to gauge effectiveness. Its real-time performance tracking helps users make informed decisions quickly. Cryptohopper transforms trading by reducing the complexity and time needed to analyse markets, making it accessible and efficient for everyone interested in maximising their crypto investments. For those looking to dive deeper into AI  tools for crypto trading , why not explore a dedicated page on this topic? It’s a valuable resource for anyone serious about trading smarter and not harder!

Use cases

  • Automated trading: Cryptohopper is great at automating trading strategies, making it possible for users to take advantage of market opportunities anytime, without needing to be hands-on. This feature is particularly valuable for those who can't watch the markets all day and night.

  • Strategy designer: Users can craft custom trading strategies using simple or advanced technical indicators. This feature is a boon for traders looking to implement unique tactics based on market conditions without needing deep programming knowledge.

  • Backtesting: Before committing real money, traders can simulate their strategies against historical data. This functionality helps refine tactics and boost confidence by showing potential outcomes without financial risk.

  • Mirror trading: Beginners can mirror the moves of experienced traders. This means users can benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals, making it easier to enter the trading world with a higher chance of success.

  • Market arbitrage: Cryptohopper offers the ability to exploit price differences between exchanges, providing a straightforward way to potentially increase returns without extensive market analysis.

For those curious about more financial tools and resources, visiting the  Finance  category page can be incredibly beneficial. It offers a comprehensive list of tools tailored to meet a wide range of financial needs. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their financial toolkit!


Yes, backtesting tools are available to test strategies using historical data.

Yes, it includes a strategy designer for creating and testing custom trading strategies.

The Hero plan offers up to 500 open positions, AI strategies, market making, arbitrage, and more.

Yes, Cryptohopper provides a free trial of the Explorer package immediately after registration, without needing payment details.

Depending on the plan, Cryptohopper checks strategies as frequently as every 2 minutes in the Hero plan.

The platform allows users to manage and trade from anywhere, implying mobile accessibility.

Pricing & Discounts

Cryptohopper offers a variety of subscription plans to accommodate the needs of different traders, from beginners to experienced users. Each plan is tailored with specific features to enhance trading efficiency and potential profits. Below is a detailed comparison of the available plans:

PlanMonthly CostSavings AnnuallyFeatures
PioneerFree-- 20 open positions per exchange - Portfolio management - Free manual trading on all exchanges
Explorer$24.16$58- All features from Pioneer - 80 open positions - Strategy check every 10 min - 15 bots - 2 event-based triggers - Backtesting - Strategy designer - Paper trading - Trading signals
Adventurer$57.50$138- All features from Explorer - 200 open positions - Strategy check every 5 min - 50 bots - 5 event-based triggers
Hero$107.50$258- All features from Adventurer - 500 open positions - Strategy check every 2 min - 75 bots - 10 event-based triggers - AI strategies and designer - All coins for trading signals - Market making & Arbitrage - Additional technical indicators

Prices listed do not include VAT if applicable. A 3-day free trial of the Explorer package is offered immediately after registration.

UX/UI review

Once you log into Cryptohopper, you'll land on a user-friendly Dashboard that serves as your control center. Here, you can immediately view and manage your Open Orders and check the Summary of Open Positions to stay on top of active trades. The dashboard also displays the Latest 5 Sells, providing a quick snapshot of your most recent transaction outcomes.

Dashboard that serves as your control center

For deeper insights, there are the Cryptohopper Output and Activity sections, which show real-time performance and bot actions. The Stats area offers a comprehensive view of overall trading metrics. Additional tools like Signal Output, Manual Buy Order, and Current Target options are neatly positioned for quick access, allowing for tailored trading strategies. Messages and alerts keep you informed of crucial account activities, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced world of crypto trading.

Dashboard that serves as your control center. Other possibilities


Cryptohopper was founded by Ruud and Pim Feltkamp, who brought the platform to life from a unique startup story that began in an actor’s dressing room. Ruud Feltkamp, formerly an actor, serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Cryptohopper. His public profile highlights his role in steering the company towards becoming a globally recognized automated cryptocurrency trading platform, with an emphasis on innovation and expanding developer resources.

Pim Feltkamp, initially the Co-Owner and CTO until November 2021, is noted for his technical expertise and contributions to the platform's development. His background as a senior developer and Joomla evangelist reflects his deep involvement in the tech community and commitment to advancing Cryptohopper as the leading crypto trading bot worldwide.


Ruud Feltkamp

CEO and Co-Founder


Pim Feltkamp

Co-Owner and CTO



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