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Transform photos into lifelike videos for ads, education, and customer service, enhancing engagement with AI-driven avatars.
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D-ID emerges as a pioneering force in AI-driven video creation, revolutionizing how we interact with digital content. At its heart, D-ID excels in transforming still photos into dynamic, personalized AI videos, making it a cornerstone for businesses eager to engage with customers on a new level. Its Creative Reality™ Studio takes the spotlight, allowing users to craft animated speaking avatars with ease, blending deep-learning face animation with advanced text and audio processing capabilities​.

What sets D-ID apart is its Natural User Interface (NUI), designed to humanize digital interactions through face-to-face conversations, supported by high-fidelity voice generation and emotional intelligence. This groundbreaking approach extends across various applications, from enhancing customer experiences to personalizing educational content, making it versatile across industries​​.

For businesses and content creators, D-ID promises a fast and cost-efficient pathway to producing personalized video content, enabling scalability and localization of marketing and L&D efforts without the hefty price tag of traditional video production​​. Moreover, D-ID's commitment to ethical AI use, including privacy and transparency, reassures users of its responsible approach in the ever-evolving digital landscape​  ​.

In essence, D-ID is not just about creating videos; it's about forging deeper, more meaningful connections between technology and humanity, proving itself as an invaluable asset for anyone looking to leverage AI for creative and commercial success.

Use cases

  1. Marketing and Advertising: Companies can use D-ID to create unique and engaging video content for marketing campaigns. This includes creating talking avatars of brand ambassadors or fictional characters to deliver messages in a more interactive and personal way.
  2. Personalized Video Messages: D-ID can be used to generate personalized video messages for customers or clients. For example, a company can send custom birthday wishes or special occasion greetings featuring a talking avatar that addresses the recipient by name.
  3. Customer Service and Support: Integrating D-ID with chatbot technology can enhance customer service experiences. Businesses can create virtual customer service agents that interact with customers in a more human-like manner, providing a face and a voice to digital interactions.
  4. Educational Content Creation: Educators can utilize D-ID to create engaging educational materials. This could include an AI-generated avatar explaining complex concepts in a simple way, making learning more interactive and enjoyable.
  5. Entertainment and Media Production: In the entertainment industry, D-ID can be used to create digital doubles or AI-generated characters for movies, TV shows, and video games. This can reduce costs and time associated with traditional methods of content creation.
  6. Training and Development: Companies can use D-ID to create training videos with virtual instructors. These AI-generated avatars can lead training sessions, provide instructions, and interact with employees in a more engaging way.
  7. Healthcare Communication: Healthcare providers can use D-ID to create avatars that explain medical procedures or provide health advice, making information more accessible and less intimidating for patients.
  8. Real Estate and Virtual Tours: Real estate agents can use D-ID to create virtual guides that lead potential buyers through virtual property tours, providing information and answering questions in real-time.
  9. E-commerce and Retail: Retailers can create virtual shopping assistants that help customers with product selections and provide personalized recommendations.
  10. Language Translation and Global Reach: With its multilingual capabilities, D-ID can be used to create content in multiple languages, helping businesses reach a global audience without the need for human translators.

These use cases demonstrate the versatility of D-ID in creating realistic and interactive video content across various sectors, enhancing user engagement and providing innovative solutions to traditional challenges.


It's a self-service platform using AI to create videos with animated avatars.

It's designed for businesses and individual creators for various commercial and creative purposes.

D-ID generates videos in MP4 format with resolutions up to 1280×1280 pixels for standard presenters and 1080p for premium presenters.

Videos can be up to 5 minutes long.

Images should be up to 10MB in JPEG, JPG, or PNG formats.

You can type a script, upload a voice recording, or use voice cloning for enterprise customers.

Watermarks are used on videos to indicate their AI-generated nature, varying by subscription plan.

Audio formats like MP3, FLAC, M4A, MP4, and WAV up to 10MB and 5 minutes are supported.

Pricing & Discounts

D-ID offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs, ranging from individual content creators to large enterprises. Each plan has distinct features and capabilities to assist users in creating high-quality video content using generative AI technology.

1. Pro Plan: Priced at $16 per month when billed annually ($191 total for the year), the Pro Plan offers 60 credits, equivalent to about 15 minutes of video. This plan includes a commercial license, AI watermark, gold support, both premium and standard presenters, 100 AI presenter prompt generations, AI script generations, and a Canva plugin. Additional pricing options for the Pro Plan include $27/month ($323 billed annually) for 100 credits and $64.7/month ($776 billed annually) for 240 credits.

2. Advanced Plan: This plan has several pricing tiers:

  • $108/month ($1,293 billed annually) for 400 credits,
  • $162/month ($1,940 billed annually) for 600 credits,
  • $189/month ($2,263 billed annually) for 700 credits. The Advanced Plan includes a commercial license, custom watermark, premium support, both premium and standard presenters, 600 AI presenter prompt generations, AI script generations, Canva and PowerPoint plugins, and more video minutes (100 min, 150 min, and 175 min respectively for each tier).

3. Enterprise Plan: For businesses with larger-scale video production needs, the Enterprise Plan offers customized plans. This includes custom video minutes, a commercial license, custom watermark, enterprise support SLA, both premium and standard presenters, unlimited AI presenter prompts, AI script generations, Canva and PowerPoint plugins, custom HQ presenters, voice cloning, and multiple account seats. Specific pricing for the Enterprise Plan is available upon contacting D-ID sales.

All plans offer a range of features like AI prompt presenter generations, various included credits, access to different types of voices, AI script generations, and support for multiple languages. The plans also differ in the level of support provided, watermark options, and additional features like emotion and expression control, voice style control, and access to premium presenters.

These plans show D-ID's versatility and its capability to cater to various user requirements, from basic video generation needs to advanced, high-quality video productions for professional and enterprise use. For the most up-to-date information and to choose a plan that best fits your needs, it's recommended to visit the D-ID website or contact their sales team.


The leadership team of D-ID includes several experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds:

  1. Tomer Zuker: He is the Vice President of Marketing, with prior roles including Chief Marketing Officer of OPSWAT and Nintex Kryon. He also held positions at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.
  2. Yaron Bloch: Serving as the VP of Product, Yaron has experience as Co-Founder & CPO of Skillsup, CPO & GM at Wibbitz (acquired by Vimeo), and Head of Product Management at AOL On.
  3. Roy Shouchane Blum: As the VP Finance & Legal, Roy is responsible for the financial management of the company. He has over 15 years of experience in financial management.
  4. Or Gorodissky: The VP R&D at D-ID, Or is a skilled AI researcher and advocate, with a strong academic and practical background in Generative AI.
  5. Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech: The Impact Leader at D-ID, Shiran focuses on harnessing AI for social good, creating impactful partnerships across various sectors.
  6. Igor Hofman: Igor, the VP of Sales, brings over a decade of experience in sales within the technology sector.
  7. Matthew Kershaw: The VP of Commercial Strategy, Matthew has a 20-year background in digital media and content strategy.
  8. Yaniv Levi: As the VP of Product Operations & Customer Success, Yaniv brings over two decades of expertise in video and digital audio processing.

The board members and advisory board of D-ID include notable figures like Dan Phillips, Rami Kalish, Manish Agarwal, Adi Sharabani, Prof. Lior Wolf, and Benny Schnaider, who bring a wealth of experience from various sectors including AI, venture capital, cybersecurity, and digital media.

This diverse team, with their vast experience in technology, marketing, finance, and legal sectors, plays a crucial role in guiding D-ID's strategic direction and innovation in the field of AI-driven creative media.


Gil Perry

Co-founder and CEO


Sella Blondheim

Co-founder and COO


Eliran Kuta

Co-founder and CTO


Tomer Zuker

VP Marketing


Yaron Bloch

VP Product


Roy Shouchane Blum

VP Finance & Legal


Or Gorodissky



Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech

Impact Leader


Igor Hofman

VP Sales


Matthew Kershaw

VP Commercial Strategy


D-ID, a leader in AI-driven creative media, has successfully raised a total of $48 million in funding. This includes a significant $25 million from a Series B funding round. The round was led by Macquarie Capital and saw substantial contributions from other investors including Pitango, AXA Venture Partners, OurCrowd, OIF, Maverick, and Marubeni. This funding supports D-ID's expansion and development in various areas such as e-learning, corporate training, marketing communications, AI assistants, history and heritage, and more. The funding also facilitates the growth of their sales and marketing teams globally, in addition to doubling the number of experts on its deep-learning and computer vision teams. This financial boost indicates a strong market confidence in D-ID's innovative technology and its application across multiple industries.



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