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DreamStudio is an online creative tool developed by, utilizing the Stable Diffusion technology at its core to generate images using artificial intelligence. This platform is particularly suitable for creators looking to effortlessly generate art, photographs, and illustrations in any style they can imagine.

Key Features of DreamStudio:

  1. User Interface: DreamStudio offers a clean and intuitive user interface. It simplifies the image creation process by providing easy-to-use tools like style options, text prompt box, negative prompt, image upload, and image settings.
  2. Image Generation Process: To create an image, you enter a prompt into the prompt box, choose the style, set your image preferences, and click the 'Dream' button. The platform generates high-quality images swiftly, even for complex prompts.
  3. Style Library: DreamStudio boasts an extensive style library, allowing users to experiment with various creative styles like cinematic, anime, photographic, and origami.
  4. Edit Mode and Multi-Generations: These features improve the creative workflow, enabling users to edit images and explore different creative variations simultaneously.
  5. Upscaling and Masking: These functions allow users to enhance image resolutions and edit images with precision.
  6. History Feature: This feature keeps track of all the images created, although it doesn’t store them on the server. You can view previews and generation parameters and “Redream” images to retrieve them in high resolution.
  7. Prompt Guide: DreamStudio provides a comprehensive guide to help users craft effective prompts, which is crucial for generating the desired images.

Application Areas:

  • DreamStudio can be used for various purposes, including creative endeavors, educational content, marketing campaigns, and professional branding. It is a versatile tool for individual creatives, educators, marketers, and graphic designers.

In summary, DreamStudio stands out as an innovative and user-friendly AI image generation tool that offers high-quality, customizable, and versatile image creation capabilities. It caters to both beginners and experienced users, providing a platform for creative expression and practical applications across various fields.

Use cases

DreamStudio, developed by, is an AI-driven web app that excels in generating images from text prompts. This tool is particularly user-friendly, making it accessible for a wide range of users, from artists and designers to businesses and content creators. Here are some key use cases and features of DreamStudio:

  1. Artwork Creation for Artists: DreamStudio is an excellent tool for artists to create visual art. It allows artists to generate unique images quickly, which can be used or sold commercially. This tool is also helpful for editing existing images.
  2. Business Visuals and Advertising: For businesses, DreamStudio serves as a resourceful tool for creating logos, banners, and realistic images for websites and marketing campaigns. This can be particularly cost-effective as it reduces the need for hiring external design services.
  3. Educational Purposes: In educational settings, DreamStudio can be a useful tool to teach students about AI's role in art and design. It helps in understanding and analyzing different styles and how AI is transforming artistic creation.


DreamStudio is an online creative tool developed by, utilizing Stable Diffusion technology. It's designed for generating art, photographs, and illustrations in various styles, catering to artists, designers, businesses, and educators.

To create an image, input a prompt into the prompt box, choose a style, set image preferences, and click the 'Dream' button. The platform quickly generates high-quality images, even from complex prompts.

DreamStudio offers a user-friendly interface, a comprehensive style library, edit mode, multi-generation capabilities, upscaling, masking, a history feature, and a prompt guide.

DreamStudio operates on a credit-based system. It's not free; users need to purchase credits after using their initial free allocation. The cost is approximately $1.18 per 100 generation credits. There's also API access with specific pricing.

Yes, users have the right to sell images created in DreamStudio, even for commercial use.

It's used for various purposes, including creative projects, educational content, marketing campaigns, and professional branding, by individual creatives, educators, marketers, and graphic designers.

DreamStudio is notable for its innovative AI image generation capabilities, user-friendly interface, and versatility. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced users across various fields.

Pricing & Discounts

DreamStudio operates on a credit-based pricing system, which makes it quite flexible for different types of users. The platform is not entirely free, but it offers an affordable model for generating high-quality images. Here's a simplified comparison of the different plans available:

1. Free Plan:

  • This plan is ideal for users who want to explore DreamStudio's capabilities without any financial commitment.
  • It allows the creation of up to 5 projects and exporting videos up to 2 minutes in length.
  • Basic editing tools are available, but exports will have a watermark.

2. Basic Plan:

  • Suited for users needing more advanced features and flexibility.
  • Offers unlimited projects and the ability to export videos up to 10 minutes.
  • Includes a larger library of royalty-free music and stock footage.
  • Removes the watermark from exports.

3. Pro Plan:

  • This is DreamStudio's premium offering with all the features of the Basic Plan plus more.
  • Includes priority customer support and access to premium video templates.
  • Allows exporting videos in 4K resolution.

For purchasing credits, each credit is valued at approximately $0.01, and you can buy a minimum of 1000 credits for $10. The number of credits consumed per image generation depends on your chosen settings. New users are provided with 25 free credits which can generate up to 30 images using default settings or up to 50 images using the API’s default settings.

Remember, the more detailed or high-resolution your project is, the more credits it may consume. This system provides a good balance for both occasional and regular users, allowing them to scale their usage according to their needs.


The team at DreamStudio comprises three key members and one advisor. Cyril Diagne serves as the Co-founder and CEO, leading the company's vision and operations. Working alongside him are Damien Henry, the COO & Co-founder, and Jonathan Blanchet, the Co-founder and CTO, contributing their expertise to the company's growth and technological development. Additionally, Sara Du is involved as an advisor, offering guidance and insights to support DreamStudio's strategic decisions.


Cyril Diagne

Co-founder and CEO


Damien Henry

COO & Co-founder


Jonathan Blanchet

Co-founder and CTO


Sara Du



Stability AI, the company behind DreamStudio, has secured significant funding through multiple rounds. They've raised a total of $173.8 million over three rounds. Their latest funding, a Convertible Note round, was in November 2023, where they raised $50 million from Intel Corporation. Prior to that, they had another Convertible Note round in May 2023, securing $25 million. Their Seed round in October 2022 saw them raise £89 million, led by investors including Coatue, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and O'Shaughnessy Asset Management.

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