Streamline Legal Workflows with Tailored AI

Automates routine legal tasks, enhances case analysis, and customizes to fit firm-specific workflows.
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Eve is a groundbreaking  AI legal assistant  that offers customizable features tailored specifically for legal professionals. Unlike traditional  AI tools for Legal  that automate basic tasks, Eve is designed to integrate seamlessly into a law firm’s workflow, allowing users to adapt its functions to suit specific needs and preferences. It comes pre-loaded with a wide range of legal skills, such as case analysis, document review, and legal research, making it immediately functional out-of-the-box.

Eve’s unique selling point is its capability to learn from its interactions, enhancing its performance and becoming more aligned with the specific workflows of the legal teams it assists. This adaptability means that Eve not only performs routine tasks but does so in a way that mimics the nuanced decision-making process of its human counterparts​.

The tool is particularly noted for its efficiency in processing tasks, significantly reducing the time required for complex legal work. This efficiency can translate into law firms being able to handle cases faster, ultimately leading to higher productivity and client satisfaction​.

Use cases

  • Case Intake and Evaluation: Eve accelerates the initial stages of legal cases by helping firms intake and evaluate new cases more efficiently. It enables legal professionals to ask better questions and gain a deeper understanding of cases quickly.
  • Document Drafting: Eve aids in drafting a range of legal documents—from simple communications like emails to more complex legal motions and demand letters. It adapts to the specific writing style and formatting preferences of a firm.
  • Discovery Process: The tool significantly improves the discovery process by assisting in the preparation and analysis of discovery materials and deposition transcripts. This functionality helps identify key information and inconsistencies quickly.
  • Customization for Specific Legal Practices: Eve is highly customizable, allowing firms to tailor its capabilities to fit specialized legal practice areas. This personalization extends to both the variety of tasks it can perform and the way it integrates with a firm's existing operational workflows.
  • Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency: By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, Eve frees up legal professionals to focus on more strategic work. This shift not only boosts productivity but also enhances the overall efficiency of legal operations.


Eve Legal is a customizable AI assistant designed to automate routine legal tasks and integrate seamlessly with law firms' existing processes​.

Eve automates time-consuming tasks like case analysis, document review, and legal research, allowing legal professionals to focus on high-value work​.

Yes, Eve offers extensive customization options to tailor its functions to fit specific legal practice areas, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Yes, Eve is designed to be easily implemented by law firms of any size, enhancing productivity and task management efficiently.

Eve is unique in its ability to learn and adapt to a firm's specific workflows and preferences, making it more than just an automation tool​.

Eve significantly reduces the time spent on routine tasks, allowing lawyers to handle cases faster and increase client satisfaction.

Pricing & Discounts

Currently, Eve Legal is available for free as it's in the demo phase, allowing potential users to explore its features without any cost. This free demo period is a great opportunity for law firms to assess how Eve can integrate with their practices and enhance productivity. After the demo, pricing details for continued service will likely be provided by the company, typically involving subscription-based models tailored to different sizes and types of users. For specific pricing updates and offers post-demo, interested parties should keep an eye on Eve Legal's official website or contact their customer service.


The Eve Legal team comprises a trio of experienced leaders in the field of AI and technology:

  • Jayanth Madheswaran is the Founder and CEO of Eve Legal. With more than 15 years in AI and machine learning, Jayanth has a rich history of technological development. Before starting Eve, he was an early stage investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners and played a foundational role at Rubrik as the first engineer and head of product engineering.

  • Matt Noe, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Eve, has dedicated the last decade to creating AI-driven products. His career before Eve includes being a founding engineer and product lead for AI products at Rubrik, and earlier, he developed data analytics systems for the Defense Department at Booz Allen.

  • David Zeng, also a Co-founder and the Head of Engineering, has been deeply involved in AI product development for ten years. Prior to his current role, David was the technical lead for AI products at Rubrik and earned a master's degree in computer science with a specialization in AI from Stanford University.

Together, they bring a blend of leadership, technical expertise, and innovative thinking to Eve Legal, aiming to transform legal workflows through advanced AI solutions.


Eve Legal successfully secured funding through a Seed Round on October 25, 2023. The round raised $14 million, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures. This investment reflects strong confidence from two prominent investors in Eve Legal's potential to innovate and transform the legal technology landscape. The funding aims to support the continued development and scaling of Eve Legal’s AI-driven solutions for the legal industry.



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