Flyfin tax

Flyfin tax

Maximize Savings, Minimize Stress with AI Tax Deductions

FlyFin automates tax deductions for freelancers and self-employed, saving time and maximizing refunds.
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FlyFin is an AI-driven tax service that primarily targets freelancers and self-employed individuals, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to managing taxes. This service leverages the power of artificial intelligence to identify every possible tax deduction from the users' expenses, which significantly reduces the workload involved in tax preparation. The AI continuously scans for deductions, operating 24/7, which ensures a thorough and comprehensive detection of potential savings.

The key features of FlyFin include:

  1. AI-Driven Tax Service: The AI technology at its core enables the uncovering of a wide range of tax deductions.
  2. Automated Expense Analysis: Expenses are automatically scanned to identify potential deductions.
  3. Expert Tax CPAs: Professional tax CPAs are available for accurate tax reviews and filings.
  4. Customized Tax Reports: Users receive detailed tax reports, prepared by CPAs and powered by AI.
  5. Secure Account Linking: Financial accounts can be linked securely to the service.
  6. Flexible Deduction Management: Users have the flexibility to accept, reject, or consult CPAs on their deductions.
  7. Multiple Pricing Plans: FlyFin offers different plans including Basic, Standard, and Premium, catering to varied needs.
  8. Accurate Quarterly Tax Calculator: The service includes a precise calculator for quarterly tax estimates.

Use cases

FlyFin, a modern tax service, offers great benefits to a variety of professionals, especially those who work independently. Here's how different groups can use FlyFin:

  1. Self-Employed Individuals: FlyFin makes tax preparation easier and helps find more deductions for people running their own businesses. This means saving time and money on taxes.

  2. Freelancers: Freelancers can use FlyFin to make their tax filing easier and to find ways to save on taxes. The service helps sort through expenses to find deductions, making tax time less stressful.

  3. Gig Workers and Independent Contractors: FlyFin is also great for gig workers and independent contractors who want an easier way to file taxes. It helps manage deductions and prepare documents, simplifying the tax process.

  4. Multi-Faceted Professionals: For those with multiple jobs, like 1099 workers or W-2 employees, FlyFin can handle the complexity of different income sources, adapting to various tax situations.

  5. Remote and International Workers: FlyFin's team of tax experts understands both US and international tax laws, making it a good choice for people who work in different countries.

  6. Time-Saving: FlyFin saves time on tax preparation. Its automated features, along with expert guidance, make the tax filing process more efficient.


FlyFin is a tax service that helps freelancers and self-employed people to find tax deductions and makes tax filing easier.

While it's mainly for freelancers and self-employed individuals, anyone who wants to file taxes and get the most deductions can use it.

FlyFin uses advanced technology to look through users' expenses for possible tax deductions. Additionally, expert tax CPAs review and prepare taxes for accuracy.

Yes, FlyFin is secure. It lets users link their financial accounts safely to protect their data.

FlyFin has a 7-day free trial, and its paid plans start at $7 per month. The features you get depend on the plan you choose.

FlyFin offers support with its advanced technology and a team of CPAs. The technology identifies potential deductions, and CPAs help with accurate tax reviews and filings.

FlyFin is good for taxes for freelancers and self-employed people, including 1099 forms, and it follows both federal and state tax laws.

Yes, FlyFin can manage various incomes that freelancers and self-employed individuals often have.

Yes, FlyFin includes an accurate tool for calculating quarterly taxes based on your income and deductions.

FlyFin, with its technology and CPA team, helps find all possible deductions for freelancers, like home office costs, business travel, meals, vehicle, and mileage expenses.

Pricing & Discounts

FlyFin has three subscription options for their tax service, each with unique features:

  1. Basic Plan ($7.00 per month):

    • Tracks tax deductions.
    • Potential tax savings up to $3,700.
    • Unlimited advice from tax professionals.
  2. Standard Plan ($16.00 per month):

    • Includes everything from the Basic plan.
    • Complete tax filing assistance for both federal and state taxes by a tax professional.
    • Tax audit protection.
  3. Premium Plan ($29.00 per month):

    • Includes everything from the Standard plan.
    • Personal tax professional available for consultations over Zoom.
    • Support for all types of income, including S-corp, K-1s, etc.

Each plan is designed to meet different requirements, from basic deduction tracking to full support and tax filing by tax professionals. There's also a 7-day free trial available for trying out the service before subscribing.

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