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Leverage AI for rapid, in-depth market insights and smarter, quicker investment choices.
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Gorilla Terminal is a cutting-edge tool revolutionizing investment research by leveraging artificial intelligence to offer detailed insights, making the research process quicker and more efficient. It features real-time news, sector analyses, sentiment analysis of earnings calls, macroeconomic data analysis, financial statement reviews, and more, all through a user-friendly interface. The tool also integrates with platforms like StockTwits and EquBot for a holistic analysis experience, aiming to enhance investment strategies with in-depth industry insights and supply chain monitoring.

While Gorilla Terminal provides substantial benefits in terms of time efficiency and depth of analysis, it's important to consider its potential complexity for beginners and its pricing, which may not fit every budget. However, for those seeking alternatives or additional tools, the market offers a variety of AI-enhanced options such as Tradytics, Stocknews AI, and Altero AI for diverse investment research needs. Ideal for investors needing to navigate vast financial data quickly, Gorilla Terminal stands out for those aiming to elevate their investment research and strategy.

Use cases

Gorilla Terminal emerges as a pivotal tool for enhancing investment research and decision-making, thanks to its sophisticated use of artificial intelligence. It streamlines the process of analyzing vast amounts of data, from earnings calls to macroeconomic trends and financial statements, offering tailored insights for a variety of investment strategies. Here's a condensed look at its potential applications:

  • Earnings Call Analysis: It transforms the tedious task of combing through earnings call transcripts into a swift, insightful summary, enabling investors to make quick, informed judgments about a company’s outlook.

  • Macroeconomic Data Analysis: Users gain access to crucial economic indicators such as unemployment rates and consumer sentiment, facilitating a broader understanding of market conditions and their potential effects on investments.

  • Financial Statement Review: Simplifying complex financial data into actionable insights, Gorilla Terminal aids in evaluating a company’s financial health and identifying potential investment risks or opportunities.

  • Real-Time News Updates: The tool keeps users at the forefront of market developments, delivering news as it happens, which is essential for adapting to the fast-paced nature of investment markets.

  • Supply Chain Monitoring: By offering a lens into the operational facets of companies, including supply chain analysis, it helps in spotting both risks and opportunities that could impact investment profitability.

  • Sector-Specific Analysis: With detailed overviews and analyses across various sectors, the platform supports more nuanced and informed investment decisions.

  • Integration with Trading Communities: Its compatibility with platforms like StockTwits enhances collaborative research and strategy-sharing among trading communities.

  • AI-Based Investment Analysis: Through integration with tools like EquBot, Gorilla Terminal leverages AI to sift through extensive datasets, identifying trends and opportunities that may not be immediately obvious.

Overall, Gorilla Terminal stands as a robust, versatile platform suitable for individual investors, professionals, and businesses alike. It addresses a wide range of needs, from deep market analysis to operational insights, making it a valuable asset for elevating investment strategies and outcomes.


An advanced platform using artificial intelligence for in-depth investment research, offering tools for analyzing financial data, earnings calls, and macroeconomic trends.

It's suited for a wide audience, including individual investors, freelancers, startups, SMEs, and large corporations seeking insightful market analysis.

By employing AI and machine learning to sift through financial data, it provides sentiment analysis, risk assessments, and comprehensive market insights.

Features include earnings call and macroeconomic data analysis, risk management, supply chain insights, sector overviews, real-time news, and financial statement reviews.

No free trial, but there's a 7-day pass for $9.99. Subscription plans begin at $29/month for the Pro plan, with discounts available for Teams.

Yes, it's accessible on cloud, SaaS, web, and mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, as well as Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook desktops.

Through AI and machine learning algorithms, it analyzes data from credible sources, using statistical models for reliable insights.

Support includes email, online live chat, and a detailed FAQ section to assist users effectively.

Its AI-driven approach provides unique analyses like sentiment analysis of earnings calls and detailed macroeconomic studies, distinguishing it from competitors.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPrice (Discounted Price)UsersFeatures
7 Day Pass$9.991Unlimited searches, full macro data and quant access, custom text analysis
Pro Plan$49 ($29) per month1Unlimited searches, all macro data and quant options, advanced industry analysis, live market updates
Teams Plan$199 ($99) per monthUp to 5Same as Pro Plan, ideal for collaborative research
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