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Create multilingual audio guides effortlessly. Enhance tourism, education, and accessibility. No recordings needed.
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Guide.AI serves as an audio guide platform facilitating the creation of smartphone-based guides, accessible to all. Employing innovative technology, the website and app assist users in crafting high-quality audio guides sans recordings or technical prowess.

With Guide.AI, individuals can generate guides in multiple languages for any locale at zero expense. Emphasizing inclusivity, the platform features automatic translation into 12 languages, broadening accessibility.

Beneficial for partially sighted visitors, Guide.AI furnishes clear and captivating audio content. Moreover, authors can capitalize on guide sales for revenue.

Guide.AI offers three audio guide formats:

  • Map Guides: Tailored for outdoor and expansive destinations, these guides utilize GPS functionality for navigation.
  • Floor Plan Guides: Ideal for compact indoor spaces where GPS isn't feasible, these guides employ static floor plan images to direct users.
  • Sign Guides: In the absence of GPS and floor plans, authors can employ signs to lead users to audio clips, akin to traditional audio guides.

Crafting guides is straightforward via the intuitive Author Portal website. Authors create "audio points" and position them on maps or floor plans. Each audio point includes a picture and text, seamlessly converted into audio. Authors can refine content and translate it into foreign languages effortlessly.

Guide.AI remains steadfast in its commitment to streamlining audio guide development, ensuring an engaging and accessible experience for all users.

Use cases

Here are some simplified use cases for Guide.AI:

  1. Tourism: Guide.AI can be used by tourist attractions and destinations to create audio guides for visitors. This could include historical landmarks, museums, or natural wonders. Visitors can listen to narrations about the attractions in their preferred language, enhancing their experience and understanding.
  2. Education: Schools and educational institutions can utilize Guide.AI to create audio guides for field trips. Teachers can provide students with informative content about historical sites, science museums, or art galleries, enriching their learning experience outside the classroom.
  3. Accessibility: Guide.AI can assist individuals with disabilities or special needs by providing audio descriptions and directions. This can make public spaces, events, and attractions more accessible to everyone, ensuring inclusivity for all visitors.
  4. Corporate Training: Companies can leverage Guide.AI to develop audio guides for employee training programs. These guides can deliver information about company policies, procedures, and product knowledge in an engaging and accessible format, facilitating effective training.
  5. Event Planning: Event organizers can use Guide.AI to create audio guides for attendees. This could include festivals, conferences, or trade shows. Attendees can access information about event schedules, speakers, and activities, enhancing their overall experience.
  6. Retail: Retail stores and shopping centers can implement Guide.AI to provide audio guides for shoppers. These guides can offer information about store layouts, promotions, and product details, improving the shopping experience for customers.
  7. Historical Sites: Guide.AI can be utilized by historical sites and landmarks to offer self-guided audio tours to visitors. Users can explore at their own pace while listening to narrations about the significance and stories behind each location.
  8. Nature Reserves: Nature reserves and parks can use Guide.AI to create audio guides for visitors. This could include information about wildlife, conservation efforts, and hiking trails. Visitors can learn about the natural environment while enjoying their outdoor experience.
  9. Cultural Institutions: Cultural institutions such as theaters, galleries, and performance venues can employ Guide.AI to provide audio guides for patrons. These guides can offer background information about exhibits, performances, and artists, enriching the cultural experience for visitors.
  10. Public Transportation: Guide.AI can be integrated into public transportation systems to provide audio announcements and directions for passengers. This can help commuters navigate routes, transfers, and stations more effectively, improving their overall travel experience.


Guide.AI is a platform that allows users to create audio guides for various locations, making them accessible through smartphones. These guides can be developed in multiple languages and cater to different types of destinations, such as museums, tourist attractions, and historical sites.

Guide.AI utilizes advanced technology to convert text into audio, eliminating the need for audio recordings. Users can simply provide pictures and a script, and the platform will generate high-quality audio guides. These guides can be accessed by visitors using their smartphones.

Guide.AI offers three pricing options:

  • Pay-Per-Download: Users pay a monthly fee plus a fee per download.
  • Subscription: Users pay a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access to audio guides, including free guides for partially sighted visitors.
  • Revenue Share: Authors earn a percentage of the revenue from guide sales.

Yes, Guide.AI allows users to create audio guides in multiple languages, making them accessible to a diverse audience of visitors.

Yes, Guide.AI offers free audio guides for partially sighted visitors, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Authors can earn revenue through the Subscription and Revenue Share models. In the Subscription model, authors receive a percentage of the revenue from guide sales. In the Revenue Share model, authors earn a fixed percentage of the revenue from each guide sale.

Yes, Guide.AI can be used in educational settings to create audio guides for field trips, enhancing learning experiences outside the classroom.

Guide.AI can be used to create audio guides for various types of destinations, including museums, historical sites, parks, tourist attractions, and more.

Pricing & Discounts

Pay-Per-Download ($5.36)

  • Free guides only

Subscription ($128.58)

  • Free guides
  • Authors earn 55% of revenue from guide sales

Revenue Share ($0)

  • Authors earn 40% of revenue from guide sales



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