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Enhance your online efficiency with AI-powered search, email assistance, and web summarization. Navigate faster, smarter.
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Halist Browser AI is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your browsing experience by integrating AI-powered tools directly into your browser. It leverages the OpenAI ChatGPT API to provide a range of functionalities aimed at making your online interactions more efficient and productive. Here's an overview of what Halist Browser AI offers, based on information from various sources:

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Search: Utilizes AI models to understand and process user queries, delivering accurate and relevant search results promptly.
  • Email Assistant: Offers assistance with email composition, employing AI to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Web Page Summarization: Quickly generates summaries of web pages, allowing for swift information scanning and consumption.

Use cases

Halist Browser AI, as an innovative tool integrated within the Chrome browser, offers a variety of use cases designed to streamline and enhance the online experience of its users. Drawing upon the capabilities of AI, Halist Browser AI provides solutions that cater to both personal and professional needs, aiming to make web navigation, information retrieval, and communication more efficient. Below are some of the primary use cases for Halist Browser AI:

1. Enhanced Web Search

Accurate and Relevant Results: By understanding and processing user queries with advanced AI models, Halist Browser AI delivers search results that are both accurate and highly relevant, reducing the time spent sifting through irrelevant information.

2. Email Assistance

Efficient Email Communication: Halist Browser AI assists users in composing emails by correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in real-time. This feature ensures that emails are not only error-free but also professionally composed, saving users time and improving their communication.

3. Content Summarization

Quick Web Page Summaries: For users looking to quickly gather information without reading through entire web pages, Halist Browser AI offers a summarization feature that condenses content into brief, easy-to-digest summaries, enabling faster information acquisition.

4. Research and Academic Work

Streamlining Information Gathering: Students and researchers can leverage Halist Browser AI to quickly find relevant academic papers, articles, and other resources. The tool's ability to summarize content can significantly aid in literature reviews and the synthesis of information.

5. Business Professionals

Enhanced Productivity for Professionals: For professionals across various fields, including marketing, legal, healthcare, and HR, Halist Browser AI can streamline tasks such as market research, legal research, patient information gathering, and employee communications.

6. Personal Use

Daily Life Assistance: Individuals can use Halist Browser AI for personal purposes, such as planning travel, understanding health-related information, managing personal finances, or even finding recipes, with the AI tool providing quick answers and summaries.

7. Content Creation

Aid in Content Writing: Content creators can use the tool to research topics quickly, verify facts, and get inspiration for writing articles, blogs, or social media posts, making the content creation process more efficient.


Halist Browser AI is a Chrome extension that uses AI to enhance browsing experiences. It offers features like improved search accuracy, assistance with email writing, and web page summarization to streamline your online activities​​​​.

It integrates with Chrome and utilizes AI, specifically leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPT API, to understand user queries and provide relevant information or actions directly within the browser. This means you can get instant answers, email assistance, and summaries of web pages without leaving your current tab​​​​.

The key features include AI-powered search for accurate results, an email assistant for grammar and spelling corrections, and a summarization tool for quick information scanning from web pages​​​​.

Yes, there is a free version available that offers basic features. However, for more extensive usage and access to advanced features like the GPT-4 model, subscription plans are available starting at $4 per month for the Starter plan and $9 per month for the Pro plan​​​​.

While it is designed to provide quick summaries of web content, the effectiveness and depth of summaries can vary based on the complexity and structure of the web page. It's optimized for easy information scanning​​.

The details on multilingual support are not explicitly mentioned, but given its integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT, which supports multiple languages, it's likely that Halist Browser AI can work with various languages to some extent. For specific language support, checking the official documentation or contacting support would be advisable.

While specific privacy policies were not detailed in the sources, products leveraging OpenAI's technology typically adhere to strict privacy and data protection standards. Users should review Halist Browser AI's privacy policy on their official website for detailed information​​​​.

Absolutely. Halist Browser AI is designed to cater to both personal and professional use cases. Whether you're conducting research, managing emails, or seeking efficiency improvements in your work, Halist Browser AI offers tools that can enhance productivity and streamline tasks​​​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Halist Browser AI offers a straightforward pricing model that caters to different user needs, ranging from casual browsing support to more intensive, professional use. Below is a comparison of their subscription plans, including what's included in each:

PlanUsageModelPrice (Per Month)Additional Info
Free30 usagesGPT-3-turbo$0Basic access for casual users
Starter300 usagesGPT-3-turbo$4Suitable for regular users with moderate needs
ProUnlimited*GPT-4$9Designed for heavy users or professionals requiring extensive assistance; GPT-4 for the initial 600k tokens, then GPT-3-turbo for additional usage
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