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Transform selfies into professional headshots with AI. Ideal for LinkedIn, portfolios, and branding—effortlessly.
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Headshot Pro is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the creation of professional headshots, offering a quick and efficient alternative to traditional photography sessions. This tool caters to a wide range of professionals, including corporate teams, actors, doctors, realtors, models, executives, and attorneys, providing them with high-quality, studio-grade headshots tailored to their specific needs. Users can select from over 120 styles, and the AI optimizes each photo for lighting, focus, and color, ensuring a polished and professional outcome.

One of the key advantages of using Headshot Pro is its speed and convenience. Traditional photo shoots can be time-consuming and expensive, whereas Headshot Pro offers a fast turnaround time and a range of pricing options to suit different needs. The tool is particularly beneficial for remote teams, ensuring consistent and professional headshots regardless of location. Additionally, Headshot Pro's advanced algorithms deliver high-quality images that can enhance online presence and personal branding across various platforms.

In summary, Headshot Pro stands out as a practical solution for individuals and organizations seeking to obtain professional headshots efficiently and affordably. With its AI-driven process, users can achieve studio-quality results without the need for a physical photo shoot, making it an ideal choice for today's fast-paced, digital-first world.

Use cases

Headshot Pro serves as a versatile tool catering to a broad spectrum of professional needs, streamlining the process of obtaining high-quality headshots. Its applications span various sectors and scenarios, each leveraging the technology to enhance professional imagery without the intricacies involved in traditional photography sessions. Here are some notable use cases for Headshot Pro:

  1. Corporate Teams: For businesses aiming to maintain a cohesive and professional online presence, Headshot Pro offers a seamless solution for generating consistent headshots of team members. These images can be used across company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and internal communication platforms, reinforcing the brand's professional image.

  2. Actors and Performers: In the entertainment industry, a striking headshot can be the difference between landing an audition or being overlooked. Headshot Pro allows actors to quickly obtain a variety of headshots that can be tailored to different roles and casting calls, saving them the time and expense of multiple photo shoots.

  3. Medical Professionals: Doctors and healthcare providers can use Headshot Pro to create professional portraits for hospital websites, medical directories, and social media, enhancing trust and credibility with potential patients.

  4. Real Estate Agents: For realtors, a professional image is crucial for first impressions. Headshot Pro enables agents to produce quality headshots that can be used on business cards, promotional materials, and online listings to attract and reassure clients.

  5. Models: Models needing to update their portfolios with fresh headshots can utilize Headshot Pro to experiment with various looks, backgrounds, and styles, making it easier to present themselves to agencies and clients.

  6. Executives: Business leaders looking to strengthen their personal brand across professional networks and company websites can rely on Headshot Pro for high-quality images that convey authority and professionalism.

  7. Legal Professionals: Attorneys and legal practitioners benefit from Headshot Pro by creating headshots that project competence and reliability, important for their profiles on law firm websites and legal directories.

  8. Educators and Academics: For use in research publications, university websites, and conference materials, educators can generate professional headshots that contribute to a polished and authoritative personal brand.

  9. Entrepreneurs and Startups: Startups needing to pitch to investors or present their teams on crowdfunding platforms can use Headshot Pro for professional portraits that help in making a strong first impression.

  10. Freelancers and Remote Workers: Individuals working independently across various industries can use Headshot Pro to easily update their professional profiles on job platforms, personal websites, and social media, helping them stand out to potential clients and collaborators.

These use cases highlight the flexibility and accessibility of Headshot Pro, offering individuals and organizations across different sectors the ability to easily obtain professional-grade headshots that meet their specific needs and enhance their professional image.


Headshot Pro is an AI-powered tool that creates professional headshots without the need for a physical photo shoot. It's designed for efficiency and quality, offering a fast turnaround time of just two hours for generating over 120 AI-generated headshots​​​​.

The process involves four simple steps: - Selecting a style that best represents you from various options. - Uploading your selfies. - Allowing the AI-photographer to generate headshots based on your selections. - Downloading your favorite headshots​​.

Headshot Pro serves a wide range of professionals, including corporations, actors, doctors, realtors, models, executives, and attorneys. It provides a versatile solution for anyone needing high-quality, professional headshots​​.

Headshot Pro offers three main packages: - Small Shoot: $29 for 40 headshots with one unique background and outfit. - Normal Shoot: $39 for 120 headshots with three unique backgrounds and outfits. - Premium Shoot: $49 for 240 headshots with six unique backgrounds and outfits​​.

Key features that distinguish Headshot Pro include its ability to generate headshots that are indistinguishable from real photos, the convenience of not requiring a physical shoot, and the flexibility in choosing matching photos for team consistency. It's also highlighted for its quality, offering 4K photo sizes and a variety of locations per shoot​​​​.

Yes, Headshot Pro offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that users can confidently explore the service and ensure they receive profile-worthy headshots that meet their expectations​​​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Headshot Pro offers a variety of pricing packages designed to meet the needs of both individuals and teams seeking professional headshots. Here's a comprehensive comparison of the subscription plans and what's included in each:

  1. Small Shoot (Individual)

    • Price: $29 per shoot
    • Inclusions: 40 headshots, 1 unique background, 1 clothing style, 2 hours turnaround time
  2. Normal Shoot (Individual)

    • Price: $39 per shoot
    • Inclusions: 120 headshots, 3 unique backgrounds, 3 clothing styles, 2 hours turnaround time
  3. Premium Shoot (Individual)

    • Price: $49 per shoot according to one source, but another source mentions $69 per shoot. It seems there might be a discrepancy or a recent update in pricing.
    • Inclusions: 240 headshots, 6 unique backgrounds, 6 clothing styles, 2 hours turnaround time
  4. Team Package

    • Price: $39 per person
    • Discounts: Available for teams of 5+ (20% off), 10+ (30% off), and 50+ people (50% off)
    • Inclusions: 120 headshots per person, 40+ different poses per shoot, 2 hours turnaround time

Additionally, Headshot Pro offers a "Profile-Worthy" Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee allows customers to receive a full refund if they do not find 3-6 profile-worthy headshots in their order, under certain conditions, such as not downloading any photos from the order and requesting the refund within 14 days of payment.

This pricing structure caters to a wide range of needs, ensuring that whether you're an individual looking for a few high-quality headshots or a large team needing a unified professional look, Headshot Pro has a package that suits your requirements. It's important to note the slight discrepancy in the premium package pricing between sources, which suggests checking the official Headshot Pro website for the most current pricing information.


The team behind Headshot Pro is spearheaded by its founder, Danny Postma, who is also the creative mind behind Headlime, an automated copywriting tool designed for busy professionals. Danny's vision for Headshot Pro was born out of the need to provide professional business headshots without the hassle and time commitment of a physical photo shoot. This innovative approach leverages advanced AI technology to generate high-quality headshots, simplifying the process for individuals and businesses alike.

Since its inception in March 2023, Headshot Pro has made significant strides under Danny's leadership. Within just 8 months, the team, working remotely, achieved a milestone by developing an in-house AI model capable of producing near-photorealistic images. This development was a source of pride for Danny, as evidenced by his rare LinkedIn update, where he shared his excitement and optimism for the future of Headshot Pro.

In essence, Headshot Pro's team, under Danny Postma's guidance, is dedicated to revolutionizing how professional headshots are created and delivered, leveraging AI to offer a convenient and accessible solution for today's digital and fast-paced world.


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