Chart your success: data visualization with AI precision

Transform text into dynamic charts for real-time insights, forecasting, and data analysis. Perfect for all data-driven decisions.
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Highcharts excels as a data visualization tool, effortlessly transforming complex datasets into interactive charts and graphs. It's indispensable for data analysts, business experts, and developers, offering a diverse range of chart types and advanced customization features. Its capacity to incorporate real-time data makes it ideal for live dashboards and timely updates. Highcharts also enhances collaboration and presentation, thanks to robust exporting and sharing capabilities. One of its key highlights is the natural language processing feature, allowing for the creation of intricate visualizations with straightforward text commands. This feature positions Highcharts as not only a powerful tool but also an exceptionally user-friendly resource, crucial for anyone aiming to present data in a clear, captivating, and interactive format.

Use cases

  • Data Visualization with Natural Language Input: Highcharts simplifies the visualization process with an intuitive feature that converts simple text inputs into complex charts, ideal for those less experienced with data tools or coding.

  • Custom Chart Development: It offers extensive customization, enabling the creation of charts tailored to unique projects or specific visualization requirements, making it highly adaptable to individual needs.

  • Insightful Data Analysis: Highcharts excels in turning data into visually engaging insights, aiding in the comprehension of complex information and facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Comparison and Benchmarking: The tool is adept at crafting charts for comparing metrics or benchmarking against competitors, providing valuable insights for businesses assessing their market standing.

  • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics: Highcharts supports forecasting and predictive analytics, allowing users to input prompts for future trend predictions, thereby offering a glimpse into potential future scenarios.

  • Sentiment Analysis and Visualization: It can also analyze and visualize sentiment data, useful for tracking sentiment trends over time from sources like customer reviews, enhancing understanding of customer perceptions.


Highcharts is a JavaScript library for creating interactive charts and graphs for web applications.

Highcharts offers a free trial, but its full features require a paid license, with different plans available depending on the usage.

Yes, Highcharts can be used for commercial purposes, but it requires a proper license suitable for commercial use.

Yes, Highcharts supports real-time data visualization, allowing you to integrate live data streams into your charts.

Highcharts offers integrations with various frameworks, including Angular, React, and Vue.js.

Highcharts requires JavaScript support and is compatible with most modern browsers.

Technical support is available with certain paid license plans.

Yes, Highcharts provides extensive customization options for charts, including styles, colors, and interactivity features.

Yes, Highcharts is designed to be responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Yes, charts created with Highcharts can be exported in various formats like images or PDFs.

Pricing & Discounts

Highcharts offers different pricing plans for various needs. The plans include:

  1. Internal Use: Priced at $168 per seat annually. This plan is suitable for internal applications and private websites.

  2. SaaS: This plan costs $332 per seat annually and is ideal for SaaS and web applications.

  3. SaaS+: At $827 per seat annually, this plan is an advanced version of the SaaS plan, offering more features and capabilities.

  4. OEM: This plan is for those who need to install their product on third-party platforms. The price for this plan is available on request.

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