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Streamline your job applications, perfect your resume, and receive tailored job suggestions with JobWizard AI – the ultimate assistant for your job hunt.
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JobWizard is like having a smart assistant by your side during your job hunt, using automation and AI to make the whole process smoother and more effective. Here’s a quick look at what it brings to the table:

  • Auto-Fill Applications: Say goodbye to the tedious task of filling out applications manually. JobWizard auto-completes forms for thousands of jobs every day by pulling your work history from LinkedIn, saving you time and hassle.
  • Customized Answers and Resume Boosting: It smartly crafts personalized responses to interview questions and tweaks your resume to align with job listings, helping you stand out to employers.
  • Track Your Applications: Keep an eye on your applications with real-time tracking, keeping everything neat and under control.
  • Works Across Many Platforms: Whether it's Workday, LinkedIn, Greenhouse, or Indeed, JobWizard integrates with a variety of job platforms and social networks, broadening your job search scope.
  • User-Friendly: With its simple Chrome extension setup, JobWizard is incredibly easy to use, running quietly in the background to lend a hand with your applications.

By taking over the repetitive parts of job hunting, JobWizard lets you focus on what really matters—landing that dream job.

Use cases

JobWizard AI is an all-around job application assistant, especially useful for:

  • Busy Job Seekers: Helps career movers swiftly navigate applications with auto-fill features and targeted advice, saving precious time.
  • Fresh Graduates: Equips new entrants with tools for standout applications and resume optimization, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Career Advisors: Enhances advisors' ability to guide clients through the job market with efficient application processes and progress tracking.
  • General Job Seekers and Career Changers: Automates the tedious parts of job applications, making the search strategy more precise and personalized.
  • Recruitment Professionals: Offers recruiters and HR experts a way to simplify the candidate application process, integrating seamlessly with major job platforms and LinkedIn.
  • Students and Internship Applicants: Supports newcomers in managing their job or internship applications with helpful tracking and analysis tools.
  • Freelancers: Aids freelancers in finding new projects by identifying and applying to opportunities with ease.

With its AI-driven approach and user-friendly design, JobWizard caters to a wide range of users, making it easier to tackle the job market's challenges.


JobWizard AI is a Chrome extension tailored to improve the job application process. Its capabilities include auto-filling forms, suggesting personalized answers, analyzing job requirements to better match your skills, and efficiently tracking your applications.

It streamlines the application process by importing LinkedIn data to autofill applications, creating customized responses, analyzing job descriptions for skill alignment, and recommending resume keywords for ATS optimization.

  • Busy job seekers aiming to simplify their application process.
  • Fresh graduates looking to differentiate themselves in the job market.
  • Career advisors enhancing their clients' job acquisition chances.
  • Recommendations for similar jobs based on your profile.
  • Keyword analysis for ATS-friendly resumes.
  • Resume customization for specific job matches.
  • AI-crafted cover letters.
  • A referral request feature for easier networking.

JobWizard AI's AI Chat allows for engaging discussions about resumes, positions, and career advice, boosting job search efficiency by providing relevant insights without the need to navigate away from your current task.

Pricing & Discounts

FeatureStandard Plan ($19/month)Free Trial
Auto-filling ApplicationsIncludedIncluded
Customizing ResponsesIncludedIncluded
Job Application TrackingIncludedIncluded
Job Requirements AnalysisIncludedIncluded
Personalization of Future ApplicationsIncludedIncluded
Subscription Fee$19 per monthFree


Leading the charge at JobWizard AI is a team of innovative individuals, including Yara N and Lucy Ye, whose diverse experiences fuel the platform's mission to transform the job application landscape. Yara, hailing from Harbin University of Commerce in Beijing, plays a pivotal role in ensuring users enjoy a smooth experience with JobWizard AI's suite of features, demonstrating a dedication to improving global job application processes. Lucy, the COO with an impressive background from Nanyang Technological University and roles at SHEIN and KPMG, leverages her deep knowledge in various fields to propel JobWizard AI forward. Together, they're not just developing the platform but actively showcasing its power to streamline job applications through social media and professional networks, emphasizing keyword optimization, resume enhancement, and efficient application procedures. Lucy's engagement with the Society of Women Engineers and her contributions to media operations at JobWizard AI highlight her innovative and community-focused leadership approach.


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