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Streamline your SEO with AI-powered keyword clustering and content optimization for superior online presence.
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Keyword Insights is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to streamline the content marketing and SEO process. It assists users in generating and organizing keywords, creating content briefs, and optimizing content efficiently. Here's an overview of its key features and capabilities:

  • Keyword Discovery: This feature enables users to input a single seed keyword and generate hundreds of related and similar terms, simplifying the keyword research process and reducing reliance on other tools.

  • Keyword Clustering: Keywords that share the same intent are grouped together, allowing for more targeted content strategies. This clustering helps in identifying when sets of keywords can be targeted on the same page or need separate pages, supporting up to 2.5 million keywords at once.

  • Search Intent Analysis: The platform uses advanced machine learning to quickly identify the search intent behind keywords at scale, distinguishing between informational, transactional, and other types of content.

  • Content Briefs: Users can outline comprehensive content briefs in minutes, ensuring that content covers important headings, answers key questions, and is more comprehensive than competitors' offerings.

  • Writer Assist: An AI-powered writing assistant helps in the writing, optimization, and publishing of content, providing valuable insights, engaging paragraphs, tone switching, sentence rewording, and metadata generation.

  • Cluster Analysis with an In-house Algorithm: An algorithm analyzes output clusters, selects the best keyword from each cluster for content briefing and writing, taking into account search volume and the potential for generating articles in Google SERPs

Use cases

Keyword Insights offers a variety of use cases that cater to content marketers, SEO professionals, and digital strategists aiming to enhance their online visibility and content relevance. Here's an overview of how Keyword Insights can be utilized effectively:

  1. Keyword Research and Discovery: At its core, Keyword Insights simplifies the keyword research process by allowing users to input a single seed keyword and generate hundreds of related and similar terms. This feature is crucial for expanding keyword lists and discovering new content opportunities without relying on multiple tools.

  2. Keyword Clustering: This tool groups keywords with similar search intent, making it easier to decide which keywords can be targeted together on the same page. This clustering aids in content strategy by identifying opportunities for topic consolidation and avoiding content duplication.

  3. Search Intent Analysis: Keyword Insights uses AI to quickly determine the search intent behind keywords, distinguishing between informational, transactional, and other content types. This analysis helps in tailoring content that matches user intent, increasing the likelihood of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

  4. Content Brief Generation: The platform enables users to create detailed content briefs in minutes, ensuring comprehensive coverage of important headings and key questions, thus facilitating content that is more in-depth than competitors' offerings. This streamlines the content planning phase, allowing for quick briefing to writers or teams.

  5. Optimized Content Creation: With the Writer Assist feature, the tool provides an AI-powered writing assistant that helps in crafting optimized content. This includes engaging paragraphs, tone switching, sentence rewording, and metadata generation, making the content creation process more efficient and effective.

  6. Identifying Content Gaps: Through keyword clustering and search intent analysis, Keyword Insights helps in identifying content gaps within your website or content strategy. This allows for targeted content creation that fills these gaps, improving overall content relevance and authority.

  7. Enhancing Internal Linking Strategy: By analyzing keyword clusters and associated URL data, the tool can suggest internal linking opportunities, speeding up and improving the website's internal linking structure. This is crucial for SEO, as it helps distribute page authority and improve site navigation.

  8. Content Strategy Development: Utilizing its hub-and-spoke clustering method, Keyword Insights aids in quickly finding content ideas and structuring them into central "hub" pages that link out to various "spoke" sub-pages. This method enhances the site's topic relevance and authority, potentially improving rankings and user engagement.

  9. Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization: The tool's clustering feature shows which keywords can be targeted on the same page, helping to identify and resolve keyword cannibalization issues. This ensures that multiple pages aren’t competing for the same keywords, which can dilute ranking potential.

  10. Content Optimization and Repurposing: By identifying the search intent and clustering similar topics, Keyword Insights provides insights into how existing content can be optimized or repurposed to meet current search trends and user needs, extending the lifespan and relevance of your content assets.


Keyword Insights is an AI-powered content marketing platform designed to streamline the SEO and content creation process. It helps users with keyword discovery, clustering, search intent analysis, content brief generation, and content optimization.

The platform works by allowing users to input a seed keyword, generating hundreds of related keywords, clustering them by intent or topic, analyzing the search intent behind keywords, and creating detailed content briefs. This process helps identify content gaps and opportunities for optimization.

Keyword Discovery: Generate hundreds of related keywords from a single seed keyword.

Keyword Clustering: Group keywords with the same intent or topic to target them effectively.

Search Intent Analysis: Understand whether a keyword's intent is informational, transactional, or other.

Content Briefs: Quickly outline comprehensive content briefs.

Writer Assistant: AI-powered writing and optimization aid.

Does Keyword Insights offer a free trial?

Yes, Keyword Insights offers a 4-day trial for $1, providing access to a limited number of keyword clustering credits, keyword searches, content briefs, and writer assists, along with PRO versions of some tools like SERP Similarity and SERP Explorer.

Keyword Insights offers free access to powerful SEO tools such as SERP Similarity and SERP Explorer, with enhanced capabilities unlocked in the subscription versions.

Keyword Insights offers several subscription plans, including Basic, Professional, and Premium, each with varying levels of access to keyword clustering credits, keyword searches, content briefs, and other features. The platform also provides bespoke packages for enterprise customers and agencies.

Yes, beyond its automated tools, Keyword Insights offers consultancy services where their team can carry out keyword research, content strategy, and even ongoing content creation, tailored to the needs of the client.

Keyword Insights focuses on providing innovative solutions for SEO and content marketing with features like keyword clustering and search intent analysis, designed by SEOs for SEOs. Its emphasis on creativity, customer feedback, and practical SEO application sets it apart.

Pricing & Discounts

Keyword Insights offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different needs, from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises and agencies. Here's a comparison of their subscription plans and what each includes:

Subscription Plans

  1. Basic Plan ($46/mo if billed annually):

    • 144,000 Keyword clustering credits per year
    • 60 Keyword searches per year
    • 120 Briefs per year
    • 120 Writer Assists per year
    • 600,000 AI Generated words per year
    • 1 User seat
    • Live Chat Support
    • Access to SERP Similarity LITE, SERP Explorer LITE, and Title AI LITE
  2. Professional Plan ($116/mo if billed annually):

    • 432,000 Keyword clustering credits per year
    • 120 Keyword searches per year
    • 360 Briefs per year
    • 360 Writer Assists per year
    • 3,000,000 AI Generated words per year
    • 2 User seats
    • Includes all PRO versions of SERP Similarity, SERP Explorer, and Title AI
  3. Premium Plan ($239/mo if billed annually):

    • 1,200,000 Keyword clustering credits per year
    • 240 Keyword searches per year
    • 720 Briefs per year
    • 720 Writer Assists per year
    • 60,000,000 AI Generated words per year
    • 5 User seats
    • Includes all PRO versions of SERP Similarity, SERP Explorer, and Title AI

Trial and Free Tools

  • Trial: A 4-day trial for $1, providing a taste of the platform's capabilities with 6,000 Keyword clustering credits, a few searches, briefs, and writer assists.
  • Free SEO Tools: Access to free tools such as SERP Similarity & SERP Explorer with limited functionalities compared to the subscription versions.


Keyword Insights is developed and maintained by Snippet Digital, a team described as small, bootstrapped, comprising SEOs, developers, and data scientists. The team is focused on building innovative tools for the SEO industry, emphasizing fair pricing, the creation of useful tools for companies, practicing SEO daily, offering creative solutions, and valuing customer feedback for continuous improvement.

The core team members include:

  • Andy Chadwick, a co-founder with a background in digital marketing and SEO. Andy has experience growing startups and working with international organizations, bringing a wealth of knowledge in SEO and content strategy.
  • Suganthan Mohanadasan, another co-founder specializing in Technical SEO with over 12 years of SEO experience and 19 years in digital marketing. Suganthan has worked with a diverse range of clients worldwide, including startups and political parties in Scandinavia.
  • Abdulqader, a software engineer with a passion for development and creativity. Abdulqader has been involved in various startup and bootstrapped projects.
  • Anton Kozionov, the lead UX/UI designer with over 8 years of experience in graphic, industrial, web design, and UI/UX, holding a master's degree with honors in industrial and graphic design.
  • Anna Sviatelyk, a front-end engineer specializing in React and React Native projects, focused on writing performant code and adhering to coding best practices.
  • Pavlo, another front-end engineer with 6 years of experience in web development, specializing in creating dynamic and user-friendly interfaces.

The team at Keyword Insights and Snippet Digital is characterized by their hands-on approach to SEO, continuous engagement with customer feedback, and dedication to solving real-world problems faced by SEOs and content marketers. They strive to maintain creativity and innovation while offering their clients tailored solutions based on extensive industry experience.


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