LeaseLens: Immediate Insight, Effortless Simplicity

Revolutionize lease management with AI-powered abstraction. Experience fast, precise, and straightforward solutions for managing real estate and commercial leases.
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LeaseLens is an advanced AI tool that simplifies lease abstraction by efficiently extracting key data from real estate and commercial lease agreements. Utilizing AI and machine learning, including optical character recognition (OCR), LeaseLens quickly and accurately identifies over 200 critical lease fields such as dates, renewal options, and square footage.

The technology has been trained on thousands of documents over 12 years, ensuring high precision and reliability. Key benefits include faster due diligence, streamlined lease administration, and cost-effective contract management. Trusted by numerous top law firms, LeaseLens enhances privacy by deleting all data post-extraction and not sharing information with third parties, making it a secure and efficient solution for modern lease management.

Use cases

LeaseLens is an innovative AI tool transforming lease management across various industries, particularly in real estate and commercial leasing. Here are key use cases:

  • Property Management: LeaseLens streamlines the handling of lease agreements for property managers by extracting crucial details such as terms, payment schedules, and renewal options, enhancing the management of multiple properties.

  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions: In commercial real estate, LeaseLens accelerates the due diligence process by quickly summarizing lease agreements, helping professionals evaluate terms, liabilities, and opportunities.

  • Legal Review: Legal teams use LeaseLens to fast-track the review of lease documents, identifying critical clauses and terms quickly, which saves time and reduces legal costs.

  • Financial Analysis: Financial analysts employ LeaseLens to extract and analyze financial terms and obligations from leases for more accurate risk assessment and investment analysis.

  • Lease Renewal and Negotiation: LeaseLens helps landlords and tenants by outlining renewal options and negotiable terms, aiding in strategic negotiation and decision-making.

  • Compliance and Audit: LeaseLens supports auditing and compliance by organizing lease information swiftly to ensure adherence to standards like IFRS 16.

  • Portfolio Management: Real estate investors and managers utilize LeaseLens for a comprehensive view of their leasehold portfolio, optimizing real estate strategy by analyzing multiple leases.

  • Integration with Lease Administration Software: LeaseLens can export data in formats compatible with major lease administration systems, streamlining workflow integration and boosting operational efficiency.

These use cases demonstrate LeaseLens' versatility and its capacity to save time and reduce errors, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning across sectors by leveraging AI to automate lease data extraction and summarization.


LeaseLens automates the extraction of key information from lease documents using advanced machine learning. It quickly identifies and summarizes critical data from real estate and commercial leases, enhancing the lease abstraction process.

Users upload a lease document to LeaseLens, which then employs optical character recognition (OCR) and AI to analyze and extract relevant data. The summarized abstract of the lease can be viewed directly on the platform or exported to Excel or Word for a fee.

LeaseLens is free for viewing abstracted lease information. Exporting abstracts to Excel or Word incurs a $25 fee per abstract, allowing users to access and analyze their lease data without initial costs.

Currently, LeaseLens processes one lease at a time. However, future updates will include the capability to handle multiple leases simultaneously, catering to users with bulk abstraction needs.

LeaseLens can abstract both real estate and commercial leases, including property and equipment leases, making it versatile for various industry needs.

Pricing & Discounts

LeaseLens is available for free, allowing users to upload and view lease abstracts at no cost. This provides a convenient and cost-effective way for users to manage and review lease documents without any financial commitment. For users wishing to export the abstracts to Microsoft Excel or Word, there is a fee of $25 per abstract. This plan is well-suited for users with occasional export needs.


LeaseLens by Zuva AI is powered by a diverse and talented team, including machine learning scientists, designers, developers, and lawyers, many with extensive experience in their respective fields. The Zuva team is celebrated for their intelligence, collaborative spirit, care, and motivation, creating a workplace culture that emphasizes trust, iteration, collaboration, empathy, and fun. Key figures include CEO and Co-Founder Noah Waisberg and VP of Research & Technology Adam Roegiest, among others who drive the company's operations and innovative efforts.


Noah Waisberg  

CEO & Co-Founder, Board Member   at Zuva


Alexander Hudek

Co-Founder, Board Member at Zuva


LeaseLens by Zuva AI recently raised $20 million CAD in a Series A funding round in September 2021, led by Insight Partners, a prominent growth equity firm. The round also saw contributions from co-founders Noah Waisberg and Alexander Hudek. This funding will support the further development of Zuva AI's DocAI platform, designed to integrate AI into applications for analyzing business documents and contracts, enhancing its capabilities and reach.



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