Lindy AI Legal Assistant

Lindy AI Legal Assistant

Streamline Legal Tasks with AI Precision

Enhances legal workflows by automating document management, research, and client communications efficiently.
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Lindy AI Legal Assistant is an advanced  AI tool for Legal  designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of legal professionals. This tool seamlessly integrates into existing legal software frameworks, enabling it to handle a wide range of tasks such as document organization, appointment scheduling, and conducting comprehensive legal research. A standout feature of Lindy is its customization capability, allowing users to tailor the assistant to specific needs of their legal practice. This makes Lindy particularly valuable for managing repetitive tasks, thereby freeing up time for more complex legal work that requires expert attention​​.

Overall, Lindy's use of  ai legal assistant  represents a significant advancement in legal technology, promising to transform the traditional approach to legal task management through AI-driven solutions.

Use cases

  • Document Organization: Lindy automates the organization of legal documents, streamlining case management and ensuring that important files are easily accessible.
  • Appointment Scheduling: The tool handles the scheduling of appointments, coordinating timings based on the availability of all parties involved and even managing rescheduling needs autonomously.
  • Legal Research: Lindy assists with legal research by rapidly aggregating relevant information, thus saving time and enhancing the preparation for cases.
  • Client Communication: It automates routine client communication, ensuring timely updates and responses, which helps in maintaining professional relationships.
  • Custom Workflow Integration: Lindy can be tailored to specific legal practice needs, integrating over 3,000 tools to automate tasks from simple reminders to complex legal analyses.


Lindy's AI Legal Assistant is an AI assistant designed to automate routine legal tasks such as document management, scheduling, and client communications, enhancing productivity for legal professionals.

Lindy streamlines case management by organizing documents, automating appointment setting, and conducting legal research, allowing lawyers to focus on high-value tasks.

Yes, Lindy can be tailored to meet specific legal practice needs and integrates with over 3,000 tools to adapt to various workflows and tasks.

No, setting up Lindy does not require any coding skills. It offers a user-friendly platform that legal professionals can configure easily.

Yes, once set up, Lindy is available around the clock to handle legal tasks and respond to new client inquiries automatically.

Pricing & Discounts

Lindy offers a range of subscription plans tailored to various needs, each providing a certain number of credits and queries across different versions of GPT technology, along with a character knowledge base.

PlanPrice per MonthCreditsGPT-3.5 QueriesGPT-4T QueriesCharacter Knowledge Base
Free$0200Up to 500Up to 501M
Starter$49600Up to 1,500Up to 15020M
Standard$991,250Up to 2,750Up to 27520M
Pro$1993,000Up to 5,500Up to 55020M

This structured pricing allows users to select a plan that best fits their usage needs and budget, starting from a basic free plan to more advanced options for heavy users.


Lindy has received substantial funding over a series of investment rounds in 2023, totaling $49.9 million. The funding journey began with two Seed Rounds on January 1 and 2, raising $3.9 million from one investor initially and two in the subsequent round. The momentum continued with a Series A round on January 3, bringing in an additional $11 million from three investors. The most significant boost came from the Series B round on January 5, where Lindy secured $35 million from three investors, led by Battery Ventures. This robust financial backing underscores investor confidence in Lindy's potential to impact the AI assistant market significantly.



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