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Create property listings with AI-generated descriptions, engaging more buyers and saving time.
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Overview is an innovative AI-powered platform designed specifically for real estate professionals to create compelling content for property listings, social media posts, and client communications efficiently and effectively. This tool utilizes advanced natural language processing and data-driven market analytics to streamline the content creation process, enabling users to generate personalized and engaging content that resonates with their target audience. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation without the need for advanced technical skills, catering to the needs of real estate agents seeking to save time and mental energy on writing tasks.

The platform is celebrated for its ability to quickly produce high-converting copy, a critical aspect for maintaining relevance and success in the fast-paced real estate industry. Users can input property features and preferences to craft content that not only attracts but also converts potential buyers. prides itself on blending real-time data, storytelling, and top-tier copywriting methods to deliver content that stands out in a competitive market. No technical skills are required to use this tool, making it accessible to a wide range of real estate professionals.

With, agents and brokers can significantly enhance their digital footprint by effortlessly generating property descriptions, blog posts, and market reports. The platform's efficiency in creating tailored, high-performing real estate content makes it an invaluable tool in the real estate marketing toolkit. By leveraging this AI-driven tool, professionals can streamline their listing process, create effective ad copy in seconds, and ultimately increase their listing response rate.

For real estate agents and brokers looking to amplify their marketing efforts and differentiate their listings in a crowded market, offers a potent solution that combines the latest technology with deep industry insights to produce content that not only engages but also converts.

Use cases

Here's a simplified overview of's use cases, condensed into brief descriptions for clarity:

  1. Property Listing Descriptions: Quickly generate engaging descriptions for property listings, highlighting key features and attractions to capture potential buyers' interest.
  2. Social Media Content: Craft tailored social media posts to showcase listings, share market insights, and engage with your audience, boosting online presence.
  3. Client Communications: Create personalized emails and newsletters to keep clients informed and engaged, ensuring your messages resonate and remain professional.
  4. Market Reports and Blogs: Produce informative market reports and blog posts that establish your expertise and offer valuable insights to your audience.
  5. Ad Copy for Real Estate Listings: Develop compelling ad copy for both online and print campaigns to effectively market properties and attract more inquiries.
  6. Enhanced Listing Presentations: Elevate your listing presentations with detailed narratives and data-driven insights to convincingly communicate the property's value to buyers.
  7. SEO-Optimized Content: Generate content optimized for search engines to improve your website's visibility and attract more visitors with relevant real estate content.

FAQ is a tool designed for real estate professionals to generate property listing descriptions, social media content, and client communications using AI technology.

Users input property details and preferences, and uses AI to create personalized and engaging content.

Real estate agents, brokers, and marketers looking to save time and improve the quality of their listings and marketing content.

It generates property listing descriptions, social media posts, client emails, market reports, and blog content.

Yes, offers a free trial, allowing users to test its features without needing a credit card.

Pricing & Discounts offers four subscription plans tailored to various needs, from individuals to larger teams.

  • The Starter Plan is priced at $19 per month, providing 15 monthly credits and 1 team seat.
  • The Basic Plan, at $49 per month, increases to 50 credits and 2 team seats.
  • The Agent Plan, costing $89 monthly, offers 100 credits and 5 team seats.
  • The Advanced Plan, at $199 per month, includes 500 credits and 15 team seats.

All plans feature unlimited generations and tool access​​.


Dennis Saglam, the Founder and CEO of, leverages his expertise in real estate and artificial intelligence to innovate the real estate listing process. With a background in Hamptons real estate and leadership in a top-producing sales organization, his insight into the industry's needs has been pivotal in developing This tool, powered by generative AI, streamlines the creation of real estate listings, making the process more efficient and effective. Under Saglam's guidance, has introduced a groundbreaking approach to real estate listings, showcasing the potential of AI to transform traditional practices.


Dennis Saglam

Founder & CEO

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