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Overview is an AI-driven email campaign tool designed to automate and enhance email outreach efforts. It offers features like an AI email writer, unlimited email accounts, and detailed analytics to help businesses grow. The platform focuses on increasing deliverability and reply rates while maintaining the sender's reputation. is suitable for sales teams and businesses aiming to improve their email marketing campaigns' impact

Use cases serves several use cases, including automating cold email campaigns, ensuring high email deliverability, and scaling email outreach without compromising sender reputation. It's particularly useful for sales and marketing teams looking to efficiently manage multiple email accounts, automate follow-ups, and enhance engagement through personalized, AI-generated content. Additionally, provides advanced features like email and campaign warmup to improve inbox delivery rates, making it a versatile tool for businesses aiming to maximize their email marketing ROI

FAQ is an automated email tool designed for scalable cold email outreach, integrating with any email service provider.

Yes, allows connecting unlimited email accounts without additional charges. automates email campaigns and follow-ups with features like AI email writing and daily limit setups. offers a free plan with basic features and more comprehensive features in paid plans starting from $24/month.

By providing services like email warmup and AI-optimized sending patterns to maintain sender reputation.

Pricing & Discounts offers several subscription plans including a Free, Startup, Growth, and Pro plan. The Free plan is limited to Gmail & Google Workspace accounts, offering unlimited email accounts and warmup. The Startup plan starts at $24/mo, including 1,000 active contacts per month and unlimited emails. The Growth plan, at $49/mo, allows for 5,000 active contacts. The Pro plan, starting at $99/mo, offers unlimited active contacts. All paid plans include unlimited email accounts, warmup, an AI writer, and more


Nicholas McDonald, the Digital Marketing Manager, and Richard T, the Owner/Managing Director, form the backbone of the team, bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to the table. With their combined efforts, is poised for remarkable growth and success in the realm of email outreach campaign automation and optimization.

As the Digital Marketing Manager, Nicholas McDonald plays a pivotal role in crafting and executing digital marketing strategies that elevate's visibility and attract new users. With his keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, McDonald ensures that remains at the forefront of the industry, reaching the right audience through targeted campaigns and compelling messaging.

On the other hand, Richard T, in his capacity as the Owner/Managing Director, provides overarching leadership and strategic direction to His managerial expertise and entrepreneurial acumen drive the platform's overall growth strategy, guiding decisions that propel towards greater market penetration and success.

Together, McDonald and Richard T spearhead's mission to automate and optimize email outreach campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Their collaborative efforts underscore a strong commitment to innovation, efficiency, and delivering value to users.

With McDonald's digital marketing prowess and Richard T's managerial prowess, is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and success in empowering businesses to streamline their email marketing efforts and achieve tangible results. As integral members of the team, McDonald and Richard T exemplify the dedication and expertise driving towards a bright future in the digital landscape.


Nicholas McDonald

Digital Marketing Manager


Richard T

Owner/Managing Director

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