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MaskMyPrompt is a tool designed to help users maintain their privacy and protect confidential data while interacting with AI models such as ChatGPT. It does this by anonymizing the user's prompts, automatically replacing names of people, organizations, and locations with fictional counterparts. This ensures that any sensitive information is not inadvertently shared during the interaction.

The primary feature of MaskMyPrompt is its ability to prompt anonymization. Users can highlight names or sensitive information in their prompts that they wish to mask. The tool then automatically substitutes these with made-up, fictional names, thus preserving the user's privacy. This feature is particularly valuable for users who are concerned about data privacy and wish to engage with AI technologies without risking the exposure of personal or confidential information.

Developed with the help of advanced technologies like Transformers.js, MaskMyPrompt is a collaboration between Mike Ushakov and ChatGPT. This partnership highlights the tool's robust foundation in AI technology and its commitment to enhancing user privacy in the age of teractions.

Use cases

MaskMyPrompt serves a variety of use cases, catering to a broad audience who require privacy and data protection while interacting with AI models.

  1. Researchers and Developers: Professionals in research and development fields often need to interact with AI models while discussing sensitive or confidential information. MaskMyPrompt allows them to protect the privacy of individuals or organizations mentioned in their prompts by anonymizing names, locations, and other identifiable information.

  2. Personal Data Anonymization: Users who wish to maintain their privacy or protect personal details can use MaskMyPrompt to anonymize sensitive information. This includes names, addresses, account numbers, or any other data that they prefer not to disclose when generating responses from AI models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard.

  3. Compliance with Data Policies: For individuals and organizations that are obligated to comply with strict data protection policies and regulations, MaskMyPrompt offers a straightforward solution to ensure that interactions with AI do not compromise privacy or confidentiality.


MaskMyPrompt is a privacy-focused tool designed to help users anonymize sensitive information in their prompts before interacting with AI models like ChatGPT. It automatically replaces names of people, organizations, and locations with fictional counterparts to protect user privacy.

Users can highlight sensitive information in their prompts that they wish to anonymize. MaskMyPrompt then substitutes this information with made-up, fictional names and details, ensuring that personal or confidential data remains protected.

Yes, MaskMyPrompt is completely free to use. It was created to enhance user privacy without any cost to the user, making it accessible to everyone.

MaskMyPrompt was developed by Mike Ushakov, in collaboration with ChatGPT, utilizing advanced technologies like Transformers.js to ensure effective anonymization of user data.

Users can reach out to the MaskMyPrompt team for support, feedback, or suggestions through email or Twitter. The team is responsive and open to hearing from users to improve the tool.

While MaskMyPrompt is designed with general teractions in mind, it is especially useful for users of models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard, ensuring that sensitive information is anonymized before being processed by these AI models.

MaskMyPrompt can anonymize names of individuals, organizations, locations, and potentially other types of sensitive data. The tool is designed to protect user privacy by replacing identifiable information with fictional alternatives.

No installation is required to use MaskMyPrompt. It operates directly within the browser, ensuring ease of use and that all data remains private, never saved or sent to any server.

Pricing & Discounts

MaskMyPrompt is offered as a free tool, designed to enhance user privacy and security by anonymizing sensitive information in prompts. It allows users to change the names of people, organizations, and locations in their prompts to fictional ones, ensuring that personal and confidential data is protected when interacting with AI models like ChatGPT.


The team behind MaskMyPrompt is led by an innovative entrepreneur named Mike Ushakov. With a strong foundation in startup culture, particularly in the health tech sector, Mike has an impressive track record. He is the founder of Undermyfork, a company dedicated to improving the clinical outcomes of diabetes patients through a top-tier companion app. This venture is the latest in a series of successful projects that Mike has been involved in.

Previously, Mike founded Metabar, a company that developed a price-comparison e-commerce application. This app quickly gained traction, amassing over 50 million users, and securing $1 million in funding. Just three years after receiving funding, Metabar successfully concluded a merger and acquisition deal with Yandex, a leading technology company. His involvement didn't stop there; Mike played a pivotal role at Runa Capital, where he was instrumental in setting up and organizing the initial deal flow for what is now considered one of the best early-stage venture capital firms in Europe. Additionally, his efforts at Yandex contributed to the company's growth, helping it achieve a valuation of over $10 billion.

Mike Ushakov’s expertise spans strategic planning, innovation management, digital transformation, and developing a long-term product vision within the consumer tech and health tech industries. His skills in strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, product innovation, and brand perception are notable, showcasing his ability to lead projects from conception to completion. The MaskMyPrompt initiative is yet another testament to his dedication to creating and managing products that significantly impact people's lives.


Mike Ushakov


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