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Monica is a versatile AI tool designed to enhance productivity and creativity for its users. This tool is powered by advanced AI models such as GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, making it a robust AI copilot available as a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as well as a web app.

Key features of Monica include its ability to assist with various tasks such as writing, summarizing, translating, searching, and generating images. Users can engage in contextual conversations with Monica, ask questions, and receive writing inspiration. It's equipped with over 80 templates, facilitating effortless copywriting and content creation. Monica can also process selected text on web pages with functions like summarization, translation, and rephrasing.

The AI tool operates using the ChatGPT API to understand and respond to chat messages and to generate copywriting based on provided templates. It's particularly useful for tasks like content creation and editing, quick translations, and summarizing lengthy articles. Monica is also capable of extracting video highlights and providing real-time web searches with accurate citations.

Use cases

Monica, as an AI tool, is tailored to boost productivity in various settings. It's powered by GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 and serves as a chat assistant that can aid in numerous tasks, such as writing, summarizing, translating, and image generation. Here are some of the key use cases for Monica:

  1. Content Creation and Editing: Monica is particularly helpful for content creators, including bloggers, marketers, and copywriters. It assists in generating creative content, providing AI-powered support for tasks like writing ad copy, articles, social media captions, and more. The tool offers over 80 templates to aid in effortless copy creation for various web pages.

  2. Academic and Research Assistance: Students and researchers can benefit from Monica's ability to summarize lengthy articles and academic papers, extract key information from texts, and assist in creating essays and reports.

  3. Business and Marketing Applications: In business settings, Monica can be used to brainstorm ideas, create engaging content for websites and blogs, and enhance productivity in content strategy and digital marketing. It helps in generating ideas, headlines, and draft excerpts for various themes.

  4. Translation and Language Learning: Monica is valuable for language learners and professionals who need quick translations and rephrasing assistance. It can explain and translate selected text on web pages, making it a useful tool for those engaging with content in different languages.

  5. Mobile Compatibility: Monica's functionality extends to mobile platforms, ensuring accessibility and utility across different devices. This is particularly beneficial for users who need on-the-go assistance.

  6. Voice Interaction: Monica supports voice input and can provide responses in audio format, which is useful for users who prefer auditory feedback or need hands-free operation.

  7. Video Content Summarization: The tool can summarize YouTube videos and other video content, extracting key highlights and information.


Monica is a versatile browser extension and web app designed to enhance productivity and creativity. It's powered by advanced language processing models and acts as a chat assistant, helping with tasks like writing, summarizing, translating, searching, and generating images.

Monica operates using the ChatGPT API, allowing it to understand and respond to chat messages and generate copywriting based on provided templates. It also offers functionalities like text translation, rephrasing, and summarization directly on web pages.

Yes, Monica offers a free plan with a daily limit of 30 queries. This plan allows users to access basic features and limited trials of advanced features.

Monica's main features include quick action chat and compose, one-click processing of selected text, real-time web search, instant article summaries, video summarization, AI-powered writing assistance, and more.

Yes, Monica is compatible with mobile platforms, ensuring users can access its functionalities on various devices.

Monica can be integrated into Chrome or Edge browsers. Users can start chatting with Monica or use it to assist with tasks like text processing, translations, and summarizations.

Yes, Monica is designed with security in mind. All user data is encrypted and stored securely, and users have the option to delete their data from account settings.

To cancel your Monica subscription, you can manage your subscription settings from your account on the Monica website. For detailed instructions, it's advisable to refer to the official website or contact Monica’s support.

Monica stands out due to its integration capabilities as a browser extension, its wide range of productivity features, and its versatility in handling various tasks like content creation, translation, and summarization.

Yes, Monica has the capability to summarize video content, extracting key highlights and information.

Pricing & Discounts

Monica offers several pricing plans to accommodate different user needs. Here's a comparison of their available plans:

  1. Free Plan: This plan allows users to access basic features with a limit of 30 queries per day. Users can try out Monica's capabilities under this plan, but access to some advanced features is limited.

  2. Monica Pro ($8.3/month): This plan includes 5000 queries per month, 100 GPT-4 queries per month, 30 GPT-4 queries, 100 Claude 100K queries, and 200 image generations. It also provides additional Pro features, making it suitable for users needing more extensive AI assistance.

  3. Monica Pro+ ($16.6/month): This plan offers 10000 queries per month, 200 GPT-4 queries, 200 Claude 100K queries, 400 image generations, and includes all features of Monica Pro. This plan is designed for users requiring an even higher level of assistance and more queries.

  4. Monica Unlimited ($24.9/month): The most comprehensive plan, it offers unlimited queries per month, unlimited GPT-4 queries, unlimited Claude 100K queries, and 600 images per month. It encompasses all the features of Monica Pro and is tailored for users who need extensive AI capabilities without any limitations.

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