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Accelerates legal research and document drafting, ensuring precision and saving valuable time.
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Paralegal AI is a legal research and summarization tool designed to assist users by quickly providing reliable legal information. This AI tool streamlines the process of legal research by scanning web and case texts to identify relevant keywords and creating comprehensive summaries of the information. This capability makes it particularly valuable for legal professionals and students who need to access accurate legal insights efficiently.

The main features of Paralegal AI include its ability to perform advanced legal research, automate the drafting and review of documents, and provide detailed contract analysis and due diligence. It also helps with case management and organization, which are crucial for managing complex litigation cases effectively. Paralegal AI is noted for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for users without prior technical expertise.

Overall, Paralegal AI enhances productivity by reducing the time spent on manual legal tasks, allowing users to focus more on substantive legal work. It is currently offered for free, though future enhancements may be provided as paid services​.

Use cases

  • Legal Research: The tool accelerates the process of finding relevant legal information by scanning multiple sources quickly, which can be particularly useful for complex litigation cases or when staying current with the latest legal developments.

  • Document Drafting and Review: It automates the drafting and revision of legal documents, ensuring accuracy and professional formatting, which saves significant time and reduces the risk of human error.

  • Contract Analysis and Due Diligence: Paralegal AI excels in extracting crucial details from contracts, highlighting potential risks, and offering actionable insights, which is essential during legal reviews and transaction due diligence.

  • Case Management: For legal professionals handling multiple cases, the tool provides effective management solutions by organizing case-related information, tracking deadlines, and facilitating team collaboration.


Paralegal AI is an AI-driven tool that simplifies legal research and document management, making legal information accessible and easy to manage.

It scans a wide range of documents and databases to quickly find relevant legal information, saving time on manual searches.

Paralegal AI is currently free, but additional services and features may be offered at a cost in the future.

Yes, it provides tools for case management, helping legal professionals organize and track case-related information efficiently.

Paralegal AI ensures high standards of data security, protecting confidential information effectively.

Pricing & Discounts

Paralegal AI is currently offered free of charge, making it an accessible tool for anyone needing assistance with legal research and document management. This no-cost approach allows users to utilize advanced AI capabilities for legal inquiries without any financial investment, which is particularly beneficial for students, solo practitioners, and small firms looking to enhance their legal operations efficiently. While the tool is free now, there may be additional premium services and features in the future that could be offered at a cost.



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