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Publer AI Assist

Publer AI Assist

Craft content seamlessly: AI-powered, human-crafted

Elevate your social media game with AI Assist: Generate, rephrase, and schedule posts effortlessly. Make every word count.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview
Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Publer AI Assist is a digital assistant designed to enhance social media management and content creation. It leverages the capabilities of GPT-4, a state-of-the-art AI, to help users quickly generate high-quality content for social media platforms and blogs. This tool becomes available upon subscribing to the Business Plan or by connecting your OpenAI account for those on the Free or Professional plans. Publer AI Assist features include generating text, rephrasing existing text, completing text, and creating AI-generated images. It supports multiple languages, allowing for the creation of social media posts in various languages. Additionally, it provides features for generating blog post content that is SEO-optimized and for engaging with your audience by personalizing responses to comments on your posts.

To activate Publer AI Assist, users can either upgrade to the Business Plan or connect their OpenAI account if they are using the Free or Professional plans. The key to making the most out of AI Assist lies in providing detailed prompts that outline the type of content needed, the tone of voice, and any specific details or goals for the post. This enables the AI to generate content that is closely aligned with the user's needs and brand voice.

Publer AI Assist stands out among social media tools for its ability to generate new post ideas, refine text for clarity and readability, produce content in multiple languages, maintain a consistent tone across posts, and create high-quality, AI-generated images. These capabilities are designed to save time, improve engagement, and increase the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

For those interested in optimizing their social media presence and streamlining their content creation process, Publer AI Assist offers a comprehensive solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance marketing strategies and engage audiences more effectively.

Use cases

Publer AI Assist, as a versatile tool, offers a range of use cases designed to streamline the content creation and management process for social media and blogging. Here are some practical applications of the tool that can benefit individuals and businesses alike:

  1. Content Generation for Social Media: Users can utilize Publer AI Assist to generate engaging and relevant content for various social media platforms. This includes crafting posts that are tailored to the interests and preferences of their audience, thereby enhancing engagement and reach.

  2. Blog Post Creation: For bloggers and content creators, the tool can generate SEO-optimized articles, making it easier to produce content that ranks well on search engines. This includes creating entire articles, generating ideas for blog posts, or expanding on given topics.

  3. Rephrasing and Rewriting Text: Publer AI Assist can help users rephrase existing text to improve its clarity and readability without changing the original meaning. This is particularly useful for refreshing old content or adapting content for different audiences.

  4. Generating AI-Generated Images: The tool can create high-quality images for social media posts, blog articles, and other digital content needs. This feature saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on graphic design.

  5. Multilingual Content Creation: Publer AI Assist supports multiple languages, enabling users to create and translate content into various languages quickly and accurately. This broadens the reach of social media campaigns and blog posts to a global audience.

  6. Personalized Engagement: It can be used to personalize responses to comments on social media, fostering better engagement and building a community around your brand.

  7. Idea Generation: By analyzing input and trends, Publer AI Assist can recommend new post concepts and instantly generate copy, helping users discover captivating content ideas.

  8. Scheduling Posts: Once content is generated, users can schedule their posts directly through Publer, streamlining the content management process and ensuring consistent online presence.

  9. Enhancing Brand Voice Consistency: The tool allows users to guide the generation process to ensure that the content aligns with their brand’s values and tone of voice, maintaining consistency across all communications.

These use cases demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of Publer AI Assist in addressing the diverse needs of content creation and social media management. By leveraging AI to automate and enhance various aspects of the content creation process, Publer AI Assist helps businesses and individuals save time, increase their online presence, and engage more effectively with their audience.


Publer AI Assist is a tool designed for social media management and content creation. It helps users generate high-quality content quickly for social media and blog posts. This feature is available to users who subscribe to the Business Plan or connect their OpenAI account​​.

To generate text using Publer AI Assist, you'll start by selecting the social media platform you want to post on and then clicking on the AI Assist button. You can either generate new text or complete existing text by writing a prompt. The tool offers several variations of the generated text for you to choose from​​.

Publer AI Assist also allows you to schedule first or follow-up comments and respond to comments on your posts. By enabling follow-up comments and using the "Comment with AI" option, AI Assist generates a comment based on the content of your post. You can also reply to existing comments on your posts using AI Assist, providing a seamless way to engage with your audience​​.

- Text Generation and Completion: Create new posts or complete existing ones with ease. - Rephrasing and Rewording: Improve the clarity and readability of your content. - AI-Generated Images: Enhance your posts with high-quality images. - Multiple Languages: Create content in various languages to reach a wider audience. - Scheduling and Posting: Efficiently plan and execute your social media strategy.

- Subscription Requirement: Access to AI Assist requires a Business Plan subscription or an OpenAI account connection. - Character Limit: There is a default character limit for generated content, which varies based on the platform.

Pricing & Discounts

Publer offers three main subscription plans tailored to various social media management needs, from individual use to businesses and teams. Here's a simple comparison of what each plan includes and their pricing:

Free Plan

  • Social Accounts: Up to 3, with 1 Twitter account due to API cost considerations.
  • Workspaces: 1
  • Scheduled Posts: 10 pending scheduled posts per account.
  • Saved Drafts: 25
  • Post History: 24 hours
  • Link in Bio for Instagram: Included
  • Free Trials on Paid Features: Available without credit card information.

Professional Plan

  • Monthly Price: Starts at $12.00 for 3 social accounts with $4 for each additional social account.
  • Features: Includes Twitter integration, unlimited workspaces, scheduling & drafts, media library storage, bulk scheduling, eternal post history, and unlimited RSS Feed automations.
  • Link in Bio for Instagram: Unbranded.

Business Plan

  • Monthly Price: Starts at $21.00 for 3 social accounts with $7 for each additional social account.
  • Features: Includes everything in the Professional Plan plus unlimited AI Assist prompts, analytics reports, best times to post, hashtag suggestions, automatic post recycling, and professional video design with VistaCreate integration.

Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of social media management needs. The Professional Plan is popular for its comprehensive support across all social networks and features like unlimited workspaces and media library storage. The Business Plan, on the other hand, offers advanced features such as unlimited AI Assist prompts and detailed analytics reports, making it suitable for businesses looking to leverage AI for their social media strategy.


The Publer team is a dynamic and innovative group led by Ervin Kalemi, focusing on empowering businesses' online presence through their flagship products, Publer and the upcoming Kibo. Operating out of Tirana, Albania, Kalemi Code, the company behind Publer, has grown significantly under Ervin's leadership. With expertise in full-stack development, including Ruby on Rails, Mongo, and ReactJS, Ervin has guided his team through both the challenges and successes of building software solutions that cater to a global audience.

The success story behind Publer is not just about the technological achievements but also the community and customer relationships it has built. The team at Publer, including key figures like Jetmir Lubonja, the Art Director, and Alkeo Taga, focuses on engaging with their community, offering insights, and continuously improving their product based on user feedback. This customer-centric approach has helped Publer reach significant milestones, such as expanding its user base to over 200,000 platform users.

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, including having to let go of several contractors and a key team member, Ervin and his team remain committed to their mission. They continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in social media management, with plans to further enhance Publer and launch Kibo, a CRM platform aimed at unifying customer communication across multiple channels.


Ervin Kalemi

Founder & Full Stack Engineer


Jetmir Lubonja

Art Director and Design


Alkeo Taga

Head of Marketing

Markus Ivakha

Published by: Markus Ivakha

12 September 2023, 12:00AM



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