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Pump is an impressive AI tool designed to streamline and enhance daily tasks. Its primary feature, automation, effortlessly handles repetitive jobs, freeing up time for more creative endeavors. Pump stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to those new to technology. It effectively boosts productivity and reduces errors, proving invaluable in both professional and personal settings. This tool not only simplifies workflows but also enriches the quality of outcomes, making every interaction more efficient and impactful. Pump is a game-changer, turning complex processes into simple clicks.

Use cases

  • Customer Support Automation: Pump streamlines customer service by automating replies to common questions. This significantly cuts down on waiting times, boosting customer happiness. It also frees up customer service staff to tackle more complex issues that require a personal touch.

  • Data Entry and Management: Pump shines in its ability to process and sort large volumes of data swiftly and precisely. This feature is incredibly beneficial in sectors such as finance and healthcare, where both accuracy and efficiency are critical.

  • Content Generation: Pump supports the creation of various types of content, including reports, emails, and marketing materials. It leverages AI to generate text based on specified inputs, saving time and ensuring uniformity in communication.

  • Task Scheduling and Reminders: Pump enhances productivity by managing schedules, setting up meetings, sending reminders for important dates, and planning project timelines. This helps individuals and teams stay organized and productive.

FAQ is a tool that helps startups reduce their AWS costs by up to 60% through group buying and AI, without any direct charges for their services. is free to use. They earn revenue from the savings they generate for you by taking a percentage from the AWS volume discount.

Spandana Nakka is the CEO of, leading the company in providing cost-effective cloud management solutions.

Users can expect up to 59% in savings on various AWS services, which can be a significant cost reduction for startups.

Yes, secured $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to support their mission of reducing AWS costs for startups.

Pricing & Discounts offers a single, straightforward pricing plan: it's free for users. The platform generates revenue by taking a small percentage from the volume tier discount obtained through collective group buying. This model ensures that saving costs on AWS does not incur additional expenses for customers. Key features included at no charge are support for 12 AWS services, autopilot reserved instances, autopilot savings plans, group discounts, unlimited AWS accounts and users, 24x7 Slack support, monthly bill reviews, a 60-day cancelation policy, and a money-back guarantee in the form of AWS credits.


The team behind includes Omar Solis, who contributes as a Software Engineer, and Spandana Nakka, serving as the CEO. Their diverse expertise combines technical prowess with visionary leadership to drive's mission of enabling startups to significantly reduce their AWS costs through innovative, AI-driven solutions and group buying strategies. This duo exemplifies a blend of engineering excellence and strategic direction, aiming to make cloud costs more manageable and affordable for startups.


Omar Solis

Software Engineer


Spandana Nakka


Funding successfully secured $1.5 million in a pre-seed funding round on March 29, 2022. This initial round of investment underscores the market's confidence in's innovative approach to cloud cost management and its potential to support startups in optimizing their AWS expenditures.

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