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QuickVid is a tool designed to make it easier for individuals and brands to create engaging short videos, particularly YouTube Shorts. This tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and streamline the video creation process. Here's a simplified overview:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: QuickVid is crafted to be accessible, allowing users to quickly generate videos without needing extensive video editing skills or experience.

  2. AI-Powered Editing and Creation: By uploading brand assets and voice recordings, users can trigger the AI to produce a continuous stream of YouTube Shorts. These videos are tailored to various topics, each uniquely customized to match the user's brand identity and preferences.

  3. Efficient Content Production: QuickVid significantly speeds up the creation of YouTube Shorts. It offers a one-stop solution for crafting captivating content, making it an efficient tool for anyone looking to engage their audience through short videos.

  4. Brand Personalization: The tool allows for high levels of customization, enabling users to infuse their brand's unique voice and style into the videos created. This ensures that the content not only stands out but also resonates with the intended audience.

  5. Streamlined Workflow: With QuickVid, the process from concept to creation is simplified, facilitating the rapid production of high-quality videos. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for digital marketers and content creators who need to maintain a consistent stream of engaging content.

In summary, QuickVid is positioned as an innovative solution for anyone looking to leverage short-form video content to boost their digital presence. Its AI-driven capabilities reduce the complexity and time investment typically associated with video production, making it a valuable tool for brands and individual creators alike.

Use cases

QuickVid serves as an AI tool that greatly benefits various groups by automating and enhancing the video creation process. Here are some of its key use cases, simplified and with AI aspects subtly integrated:

  1. Content Creators: QuickVid is a boon for creators aiming to post high-quality shorts regularly. It helps them gain more views, accelerate their growth, and effectively monetize their content without getting bogged down in the technicalities of video production.

  2. Busy Creators: For those who have a packed schedule but wish to maintain a consistent content output, QuickVid's AutoPilot mode offers a hands-off solution. This mode enables creators to produce content continuously, ensuring their channels remain active and engaging.

  3. Marketers: Marketers find QuickVid invaluable for crafting dynamic, brand-aligned short videos. These videos are designed to keep viewers interested and drive organic growth, essential for successful digital marketing campaigns.

  4. Diverse Industries: QuickVid's versatility shines across various sectors. Whether for showcasing real estate properties, creating digital course materials, or generating eye-catching social media posts, QuickVid facilitates visual storytelling that captures and retains audience attention.

  5. Social Media Influencers: Influencers looking to broaden their reach will find QuickVid's capability to produce captivating content crucial. It simplifies the creation of engaging videos, helping influencers strengthen their presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

  6. Educational Content Creators: For those focused on educational content, QuickVid aids in producing engaging, bite-sized tutorials. This makes learning accessible and enjoyable for audiences, potentially transforming the educational landscape.

  7. YouTube Content Creation: Specifically for YouTube content creators, QuickVid streamlines the process of creating engaging Shorts. This is particularly beneficial in leveraging the platform's massive audience and the growing popularity of short-form content.

In essence, QuickVid democratizes video production, allowing individuals and organizations to craft compelling videos with ease. Its AI-driven approach removes technical barriers, making professional-quality video content accessible to all, regardless of their experience in video editing.


QuickVid is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating short-form videos by automating various aspects of the video production process, including scriptwriting, overlay image generation, and voiceover creation. It's designed to help content creators efficiently produce high-quality videos for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat​​​​.

QuickVid was founded by Daniel Habib, an ex-Facebook engineer with expertise in live video, generative AI, virtual reality, and scalable systems. The company was established with the goal of automating short-form video creation and is based in New York​​.

Users provide QuickVid with a prompt or a small amount of information about the video they want to create. The platform then utilizes AI to generate a script, select background videos from a library, create overlay images, and produce a synthetic voiceover. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing creators to quickly generate videos without extensive video editing experience​​.

QuickVid is ideal for creating content across several social media platforms, including YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Snapchat. Its automation features are tailored to meet the demand for consistent and engaging short-form video content on these platforms​​.

While QuickVid aims to automate the video creation process, it also focuses on maintaining a high-quality standard for the videos it generates. The tool provides options for personalization and branding, ensuring that the videos produced are not only efficient but also align with the creator's voice and style​​.

As of the information available, QuickVid does have subscription plans starting from $10 per month, which varies based on the features and level of video production capabilities required by the user. There are different plans to cater to the needs of individual creators, ranging from basic to unlimited video generation options​​.

Pricing & Discounts

QuickVid offers various subscription plans tailored to different user needs, from basic to extensive video production capabilities. Here's a simplified comparison of the available plans:

  1. CoPilot Plan:

    • Monthly Price Equivalent: $20/month (billed annually at $120)
    • Features: 200 processing minutes per month, up to 1080p video quality, auto-reframe, subtitles, support for over 10 languages.
    • Ideal for: Users who prefer hands-on control over their video content.
  2. AutoPilot Plan:

    • Monthly Price Equivalent: $200/month (billed annually at $1200)
    • Features: Automated video creation, editing, and posting, weekly recaps, completely hands-off operation, premium support, includes everything in CoPilot.
    • Ideal for: Busy creators looking for a completely automated video production process.

Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of user engagement and video production needs, from individuals just starting with video content creation to those requiring high-volume production​  ​​  ​​  ​.


QuickVid, a platform focused on automating short-form video creation, was founded by Daniel Habib, a former Facebook engineer with expertise in live video, generative AI, virtual reality, and scalable systems. The company, based in New York, operates with a small but efficient team, having a team size of just two members as of its last update. Habib, leveraging his background and skills, has positioned QuickVid as a generative AI tool designed to help content creators produce videos quickly and efficiently, addressing the growing demand for consistent, high-quality video content across various social media platforms.

The involvement of a seasoned professional like Daniel Habib in QuickVid underscores the company's focus on leveraging advanced technology to simplify the content creation process. By focusing on automation and AI, QuickVid aims to solve common problems faced by content creators, such as the time and expense associated with producing short videos, making it a promising tool for the creator economy.


Daniel Habib



QuickVid, a company that specializes in video creation technology, secured its initial funding through a Pre-Seed round on March 22, 2021. This early investment stage was aimed at helping the company develop its innovative platform designed to streamline the video production process. QuickVid successfully attracted the attention of Y Combinator, a well-known accelerator that provides funding, advice, and connections at the early stages of startup development. Y Combinator was the sole investor in this round, highlighting its confidence in QuickVid's potential to disrupt the video content creation market.

This financial backing is particularly significant for QuickVid as it underscores the trust and support from one of the most influential startup accelerators globally. Y Combinator's involvement often signals strong potential in a startup's team, idea, and growth prospects, offering not just capital but also valuable mentorship and access to a vast network of technology experts, potential customers, and further investors.

The Pre-Seed funding round is typically critical for startups, enabling them to move from concept to initial development, refine their product offerings, and begin to tackle market challenges. For QuickVid, this investment likely served as a crucial launchpad for developing their AI-driven video creation tool, designed to make it easier for users to produce engaging video content without needing extensive editing skills or resources.

As of the last update, QuickVid has completed this single round of funding, with Y Combinator as its key supporter. The company's progress post-funding, including any advancements in technology, market reach, and user base growth, would be important indicators of how effectively it has utilized the initial investment to achieve its objectives in the competitive landscape of video content creation tools.



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