Elevate Diagnostics: Precision AI for Radiology

Transform radiology with AI: Enhance X-ray/CT accuracy, streamline lung nodule tracking, and expedite COVID analysis.
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Rayscape is an innovative AI tool specifically designed for radiology, aimed at enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of X-ray and CT imaging through advanced deep learning algorithms. It provides radiologists with an AI assistant to aid in various diagnostic processes. One of its primary functions is the automatic detection and tracking of lung nodules, which is crucial for early detection and management of lung cancer. Additionally, the platform can be integrated seamlessly into a hospital's existing infrastructure, whether on-premise or cloud-based, to improve the daily workflow and patient experience.

The tool offers a significant advantage in the detection and management of lung cancer by tapping into a vast database of medical images, providing valuable insights that can lead to faster, more accurate diagnoses and improved patient outcomes. By utilizing Rayscape, radiologists can enhance their expertise and efficiency, leveraging AI for better results in radiology and oncology.

Use cases

Rayscape's AI radiology tool is designed for several key uses within the medical field:

  1. Radiological Analysis: It provides precise detection of over 148 pathologies, offering additional visualizations for comprehensive radiological analysis.
  2. Lung Cancer Detection: The Rayscape Lung CT tool optimizes the detection and management of lung nodules, a critical aspect of lung cancer care.
  3. Workflow Integration: It can be seamlessly integrated into a hospital's infrastructure, improving daily workflows and the overall patient experience.
  4. Expedited Reporting: Leveraging its experience from a vast library of medical images, Rayscape AI aids in reducing the time required to generate reports.

For medical professionals, Rayscape offers a revolutionary approach to radiology, improving patient outcomes through the power of AI.


Rayscape focuses on AI-powered radiology, enhancing the analysis of X-rays and CT scans, particularly for lung cancer detection​  ​.

Rayscape uses AI to detect a wide range of pathologies, providing precise visualizations and comprehensive analysis​  ​.

Yes, Rayscape is designed to seamlessly integrate into hospitals' infrastructures to improve workflows and patient experiences​  ​.

Trained on a vast number of images, Rayscape offers experienced insights, leading to quicker, more accurate diagnoses and efficient report generation​  ​.


The Rayscape team comprises a group of co-founders with diverse expertise, positioning the company as a leader in AI-driven solutions for radiology. Stefan Iarca serves as the CEO, bringing strategic vision and leadership to the forefront of the company's operations. His role is pivotal in steering the company towards its mission of revolutionizing radiology with AI technology.

Cristian Avramescu, as the Head of Engineering and a co-founder, oversees the development and maintenance of Rayscape's technological infrastructure. His expertise ensures the platform's reliability, scalability, and security, enabling it to meet the demanding needs of radiology professionals.

Bogdan Bercean, the Head of AI and another co-founder, leads the team responsible for the core AI technologies that power Rayscape. His work involves developing and refining the deep learning algorithms that enable accurate and efficient analysis of radiological images.

Andrei Tenescu, the Head of DevOps and also a co-founder, focuses on the systems and processes that allow for the seamless deployment and operation of Rayscape's solutions. His role is crucial in ensuring that the platform remains robust and responsive to the needs of its users.

Together, this team combines its expertise in AI, engineering, and system operations to deliver a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of radiology diagnostics. Their collaborative approach to innovation is aimed at improving patient outcomes and transforming the way radiological imaging is interpreted.



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