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Transform designs into photorealistic renders in seconds. Ideal for architects, designers, and creatives.
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ReRender AI is a tool created to assist architects and designers in improving their projects created in AutoCAD, Blender, or SketchUp. This innovative tool simplifies the process of generating photorealistic renders of architectural designs and projects. It operates in a straightforward manner: users upload a picture of their project to ReRender AI, select from over 50 unique design styles offered by the platform, and within seconds, they receive high-quality, photorealistic images. This rapid processing and versatility in design styles make it an attractive option for professionals looking to visualize their projects in a more lifelike manner.

The key appeal of ReRender AI lies in its ability to deliver these photorealistic renders quickly and efficiently, bypassing the need for complex rendering software or lengthy processing times. This feature is especially beneficial in the architectural and design industries, where visualizing a project as realistically as possible can significantly impact design decisions, client presentations, and project development.

In summary, ReRender AI stands out as a user-friendly, efficient tool for architects and designers, streamlining the journey from conceptualization to visualization. Its capability to produce instant, high-quality renders helps professionals save time and enhances the overall design process.

Use cases

ReRender AI serves as a versatile tool with a broad range of use cases, particularly benefiting the fields of architecture, design, real estate, and even film and animation. Here are some notable applications:

  1. Architectural Presentations: Professionals can use ReRender AI to create lifelike visualizations of architectural projects, significantly enhancing the quality of presentations and communications with clients or stakeholders. These photorealistic renders help convey design concepts more effectively, facilitating better understanding and engagement.

  2. Interior Design: The tool is invaluable for interior designers, enabling them to generate immersive, detailed renders that accurately represent materials, lighting, and space. This capability allows designers to experiment with different aesthetics and materials, providing clients with a clear vision of proposed designs.

  3. Real Estate Visualization: Real estate businesses can leverage ReRender AI to produce realistic visualizations of properties, offering potential buyers a vivid glimpse into available homes or commercial spaces. This use case helps in marketing properties more effectively by allowing buyers to visualize spaces before they are built or renovated.

  4. Film and Animation: For studios working in film and animation, ReRender AI offers a solution to drastically reduce rendering times and costs associated with computer-generated imagery (CGI). This efficiency can make high-quality CGI more accessible for smaller studios or projects with tighter budgets.

  5. Design Exploration and Comparison: Designers can quickly generate multiple renders in various styles with ReRender AI, making it easier to explore different creative directions and compare design options. This flexibility is crucial for iterating on design projects and making informed decisions.


ReRender AI is a tool designed to help architects and designers create photorealistic renders of their projects easily and quickly.

It's suitable for architects, designers, real estate professionals, and anyone interested in visualizing architectural and interior designs.

Users upload a project image, choose from various design styles, and receive a high-quality, photorealistic render in seconds.

ReRender AI offers a free plan with basic features, a Monthly Pro Plan for $45/month, and a Yearly Pro Plan for $450/year, catering to different user needs.

Yes, commercial use is allowed under all subscription plans, including the free option.

Only the free plan produces images with watermarks; the Pro Plans offer watermark-free images.

Pricing & Discounts

ReRender AI offers three main subscription plans designed to cater to different needs, ranging from casual users to professional businesses. Below is a comparison table of the available plans, including the free trial and both the monthly and yearly Pro Plans, along with the additional information provided:

Free Plan

  • Renders per Day: 3
  • Commercial Use: Allowed
  • Image Quality: Basic quality images
  • Watermarks: Images come with watermarks
  • Render Visibility: Renders are available for public viewing
  • Lighting Styles: Standard lighting only
  • Rendering with Themes/Prompts: Limited to themes

Monthly Pro Plan

  • Price: $45/month
  • Renders per Day: Unlimited
  • Commercial Use: Allowed
  • Image Quality: Enhanced image quality (2 times better)
  • Watermarks: No watermarks on images
  • Render Visibility: Private mode is available
  • Lighting Styles: Access to all lighting styles
  • Rendering with Themes/Prompts: Both themes and prompts can be used

Yearly Pro Plan

  • Price: $450/year (providing a cost-saving option for long-term users)
  • Features identical to the Monthly Pro Plan but offers a discount for annual commitment.

These plans cater to a wide range of users, from individuals exploring the tool for personal projects to businesses seeking a robust solution for commercial purposes. The free plan offers a great starting point for users to test the capabilities of ReRender AI, while the Pro Plans provide more flexibility, higher quality, and additional features suitable for professional use.



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